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Subject: Re: gosh, sorry
Author: Caprice   (Authenticated as Caprice)
Date: October 3, 2012 at 11:10 AM
Reply to: gosh, sorry by mirfak

Well, you see, in Swedish, "oliv" simply means "olive" like the fruit (?) you eat. Olive like the tree is "olivträd" (olive tree, simply). So I haven't really thought about it being the name of a tree, too. Actually, I haven't thought of it as food either. I mostly wrote it because I thought it was...well, the thing you "should" think of the name.
Also, I associate Olivia with a cute little girl who liked me a lot. I'm usually so awkward when I meet little children, so I felt so happy when this little girl liked me and wanted to hug! That's why Olivia sounds better than Olive to me.

But Olive isn't that bad. At least it's a proper name, far better than atrocities like Audio Science...

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