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Subject: Olive the Other Reindeer...
Author: Serafina Starstrider   (Authenticated as Serafina Starstrider)
Date: October 3, 2012 at 2:37:13 PM
Reply to: gosh, sorry by mirfak
I didn't comment earlier but I really like Olive. It reminds me of olives and I love olives. I actually don't automatically think of the peace meaning or of the tree, which is weird. I probably don't automatically think of the tree since olive trees don't grow here. I probably don't usually think of the term olive branch for the same reason. Doves remind be of olive branches.

Maybe I will try to get my brain to associate Olive with the tree and with peace, because I like those associations. Oh Olive also reminds me of Olive the Other Reindeer children's book which was later made into a movie where Drew Barrymore voiced the dog Olive. Maybe that's what originally put Olive on her radar and why she loves the name so much that she used it.


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