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Subject: Re: Ingrid, Juno, Jove, Lucien
Author: humblebee   (Authenticated as humblebee)
Date: October 11, 2012 at 8:40:48 AM
Reply to: Ingrid, Juno, Jove, Lucien by Effie
I LOVE Ingrid! If I had to rename myself for some reason, Ingrid would be the name I'd pick. I think it's strong, feminine, interesting, and unusual but very accessible.

Juno - Eh. I can take or leave it. I liked it more pre-stupid movie. Now, it's such a strong association. I prefer June and Junia.

Jove - "By Jove!" No.

Lucien - Depends on the pronunciation. I think "loosh" is...well, gross, to be honest. It's an icky sound, and I dislike Lucien/Lucian, Lucius, Lucia, and other Luc- names when it shows up in the pronunciation. Pronounce Lucien loo-syen or loo-see-en, and I'm on board. I like it.

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