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Subject: Re: Spelling
Author: Sigrid   (Authenticated as Beautiful Victory)
Date: April 1, 2013 at 2:25:48 PM
Reply to: Spelling by Isis
Isabelle -- Isobel looks incomplete.
Clare -- I like them both, but this spelling looks "cleaner".
Catherine -- Looks very sophisticated.
Kaye -- I like the E at the end. I also prefer Faye over Fay (but Fae beats them both).
Evelyn -- Mostly because I'm not sure how to pronounce Aveline. AH-ve-leen? AH-veh-lyn? ah-veh-LEE-neh? What? (edit: I see it's supposed to be ah-veh-LEEN. It sounds a bit awkward to me.)
Sara -- Looks better.
Mark -- I just don't like the look of Marc.
Jack -- Assuming you mean to pronounce it the English way. I'd pronounce Jaques the French way (like Jacques ZHAHK)
Neve -- Neve is more intuitive to someone who might be unfamiliar with Irish.
Sean -- Shawn is a thug (yo dawg!). Sean is an ordinary kid. In my mind.
Kristina or Christina -- Indifferent
Alan or Allen -- Indifferent

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