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Middle name combinations for Helena? Also, how would you pronounce Helena?
Helena is my favorite girl's name as of now, and I like the combinations Helena Maria and Helena Alexandra. Also, how do you pronounce Helena? Personally, I prefer "Heh-lay-nuh", but what about you?
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I do pronounce as heh-leh-nuh.My combinations will be:Helena Brigid .... means "Strong Torch"
Helena Doubravka .... means "Torch from Forest"
Helena Edeltrud
Helena Freya .... means Freya's torch"
Helena Freydís
Helena Tórdís .... means "Thór's torch"
Helena Zorja .... means "Zorja's torch"

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Hell-lehn-uh. Helena Maria
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I’d pronounce it as he-LE-na. HEL-uh-na sounds a little weird and not very pretty to me.
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I can't see the -lay- part, therefore it has to be Helayna.
Helena for me it' s HEHL-LEH-na.Helena Anjali
Helena Aurelia
Helena Beatrice
Helena Cassandra
Helena Octavia
Helena Sibylla
Helena Thessaly
Helena Victoire
Helena Willemijn
Helena Xaviera
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In English, I pronounce it HEL-ə-nə, in Polish, I use heh-LEH-na. Helena Jane, Helena Marigold, and Helena Lysandra immediately come to mind.
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I don't like it, I've often heard the hell ay na pronouciation, I prefer the mn not to end in a Helena Marie would be ok, Alexis, Catherine, Elizabeth, Grace Josephine, Juliet Maeve Odette Ruth
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