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Genesio is a Greek/Italian origin meaning birth, origin/beginning. I quite like this name, opinions please? (Jeh-NEH-zyo)

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Although it's old-fashioned and unpopular, to me the name Genesi sounds solemn and I love its meaning. I will add it to my name list.
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Hi !!!Here in Italy this name is very dated and especially used by elderly people.I can imagine a Genesio born ... before the 1950s, not after. Italian statistics say that since 1999 each year have been born less than five babies so it is quite rare and I doubt that it will have a peak of popularity again. Another statistic says that in 2019 it was #4,705 most popular for newborns plus that all over Italy live about 3,000 Genesio. If meet a Genesio (Italian or foreigh) I would assume that his name is honoring and it was actually his great-grandfather's name.What I personally think about it? Well.. I generally like rare name. This one is quite plain and boring. However I would prefer more Genesio than 6,000 Francesco born each year (in Italy it is in the Top3).It is pronounced jeh-NEH-zyo.
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Never heard of it before. I don’t really like it. Maybe another name meaning beginning?
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