Subject: Oops...not *that* much trouble.
Author: Lilith   (guest)
Date: October 10, 2001 at 3:43:25 PM
Reply to: Meh...had trouble answering some. by Lilith
1. Have others ever referred to you as a witch?

Yes, actually. Some boy in my English class started randomly saying that I was a witch (yes, he meant the occult type, not the politer version of female dog). And other people have said things like "You're quiet and mysterious" (quiet, yes, except w/my friends...mysterious, I wish). Quite bizarre. Am I making sense?

2. Do you have an ancestor or relative who was or is a witch?

Not sure. Sorry!

3. Are you better off today than you were a year ago?

Sort of. Hard question.

4. Do you feel you have supernatural forces working against you?

I have been known to be paranoid...but usually I don't believe in the supernatural. Which probably means I'm *not* a witch...

5. Is black your favorite color?

No, silver. Black is second.

6. Do others seek out your company without your trying?

Not really...

7. Do you ever have fits of jealousy?

Extremely rarely.

8. Have you experienced what you would consider E.S.P.?


9. Are you strict in your attention to feminine hygiene? (For guys, make it "masculine hygiene".)

Hehe. Yes.

10. Do you find others going along with what you want of them?

Depends on who! I'm not really sure.

11. Were your born under any of these signs: Leo, Scorpio, Pisces?


12. Have you ever been considered "cheap"?

Er...I have no idea.

13. Have you experienced anything of a mystical nature while using drugs?

Hey, I 'just said no'! This doesn't apply!

14. Do you have an interest in movies and TV shows with an occult theme?


15. Do you often wear undergarments that are black in color or of a flashy nature?

Sometimes...I'm guessing this is one of the unimportant ones.

16. Are you accomplished in commonplace skills?

Yeah, I think. Are typing, writing, drawing, music, and other art things considered commonplace skills? Those are the sort of things my skills lie in.

17. Would you consider yourself to be intellectual?


18. Is there anything you would fear as a consequence of your practice of applied witchery?

Yeah...if I thought supernatural/gods existed, I would be concerned about using witchcraft. Wouldn't want to hurt anyone. And "The Craft" creeped me out...

19. Do you find that men often make passes at you? (For guys: Do you find that women often come on to you?)

No, for several reasons...such as I'm in the high school GSA...(gay/straight alliance) and no one notices the "straight" part! Meh.

20. Do you wear any kind of amulet or charm that has occult significance?


-Lilith, who guesses that she has little or no aptitude

Well, even if I'm not very witchy, I'm still the Co-Empress of Hell! My friend and I took over...installed air conditioning, a pool, the works. And whenever we begin to discuss this during school people get scared and edge away.

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