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Subject: Re: Arabic form of "Hannah"?
Author: Summer   (Authenticated as Summer)
Date: August 15, 2010 at 6:37:23 AM
Reply to: Arabic form of "Hannah"? by funinthesun19
In the book 'The stories of the Prophets" by Ibn Kathir (famous Islamic scholar) there is a list of people and places that are in the bible and what there name is in Arabic. According to this list Hannah is ꊃ (unfortunately I can't get the Arabic script right in the message. You can see what it's supposed to be on this website
The first letter (from right to left) is de ha, that is pronounced as a 'h' with to much air. It's almost like the 'ch' in Loch Ness, but less hard. The second letter is pronounced as our 'n' and the last is an 'a' sound.
The problem is that the first vowel is not vocalized. So I'm not totally sure if it should be an 'a'. However, I have an idea. In a book I read by Dutch writer Joris Luyendijk (Een goede man slaat soms zijn vrouw, p.17) he writes about a woman he met in Egypt called Hinè (pronounce HEE-ne (last 'e' as in bed)). According to him it is the Arabic form of Hannah. He has written the book after learning Arabic and living in Egypt for a year, so I think he knows what he's saying.

So I think that the Arabic form would be Hina or Hine (with the 'h' with to much air). Hana is an Arabic name as well, but it has a different meaning in Arabic as you can see in the database.
At the other hand, Hanna seems possible to as the Arabic form.
I hope this information helped you!

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