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Subject: Re: Meaning of the name Orhan?
Author: Ivayla   (Authenticated as Ivayla)
Date: October 12, 2006 at 4:36:14 PM
Reply to: Meaning of the name Orhan? by Ylva
The original Orhan -- son of Osman I and a ruler of what would later become the Ottoman empire -- was Orkhan. So maybe it's derived from or = something + khan = ruler (?)

Edited to add: this site: , which I have found to be fairly reliable, says Orhan means 'great ruler/khan'. So maybe or = 'great'. I haven't been able to find a Turkish or Arabic name on BtN which has or as an element, so I have no idea how accurate that meaning is.

And edited once again to add that pamuk means 'cotton' in Turkish. I know you didn't ask about that, but it's something I know for sure, and it's a name, so...

~ Ivayla,
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