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Subject: Re: Belphoebe's NTNB [4]
Author: Mar   (Authenticated as X-Mar)
Date: March 16, 2018 at 1:13:47 PM
Reply to: Belphoebe's NTNB [4] by Belphoebe
Four years later
Marcus Siegfried [34] ♥ Lilly Daphné [35]
Thierry Siegfriend [10] [Bitey]
Heidi Liselotte [6] [NobodyOfConsequence]
Tuva Noomi [4] [cranberry]
SON [3]

expect a daughter

Marcus & Lilly; Thierry, Heidi, Tuva and Lucien Dietrich

Not long after Tuva was born, Marcus made his dream move to play at Real Madrid. His growing family of course moved with him to Spain. Not long after their move to Madrid Lilly was pregnant again; a boy this time. He has his mother's initials (or the initials DL) and his name should be unusual like his siblings.

Luke Brian [33] ♥ Holly Isabel [32]
Indira Amala [10] [Evey]
Suraya Nura [5] [Mar]
Ravi Jamal [4] [Julia]

expect a daughter

Luke & Holly; Indira, Suraya, Ravi and ?Mariko Aina

Another few years passed. Unfortunately Luke's grandfather passed away. Knowing his grandson's love for travel he left round the world tickets which made it possible for Luke and Holly to make their dream come true. In Japan Holly found out she was expecting again, and with their love for other cultures, the family decided to stay in Kagoshima, Japan for now. They want her to have a Japanese name.

Chase Richard [29] ♥ Kendall Anne [27]
expecting a daughter
McClaire Elizabeth [10] [Ninor]
Romielynn Jude [6] [Bitey]
Martha the Cat

Chase & Kendall; McClaire and Romielynn and Lennox James
and Martha the cat

Chase and Kendall are excited to be expecting again! It will be a boy. They want his first name to contain the letter 'x'. His middle name is a filler.

Hugo Patrick [37] ♥ Darcy Georgina Elizabeth [35]
Olive Harriet [14]
Florence JuneFlo” [10] [Julia]
Oscar DarraghOzzy’ [7] [Evey]
Verity Arabella [4] [cranberry]
GIRL [1]

welcome a daughter

Hugo & Darcy; Olive, Flo, Ozzy, Verity and ?Lacey Alison and Midnight the dog

Unfortunaly for Ozzy his newest sibling is another girl - he was so hoping for little brother! Luckily it didn't take long for him to adjust to another sister. And when the family got a dog (female) he was over the moon! Ozzy named the dog, how would he name the black labrador?

Hugo and Darcy's daughter has a surname as first name (like her mother), but one that doesn't stand out with her siblings names.

Honor Philip [41] ♥ Sally Irene [40]
Jasper Pyrrhus [10] [saphirdufeu]
Jude Hawthorn [6] [molly]
Harvey Percival [4] [Mar]

expect a son

Honor & Sally; Jasper, Jude, Harvey and ?Forrest Benjamin

Another boy for Honor and Sally! His first is a nature name and his middle name is a long and classical.

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