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Subject: Re: Mar's Keep Up Yourself Congrats Game (7th round)
Author: PeachyGirl86   (Authenticated as BuckeyedPeach86)
Date: March 17, 2018 at 5:32:12 AM
Reply to: Mar's Keep Up Yourself Congrats Game (7th round) by Mar
DW [68] Sofia Juniper Doyle, nee Ahlstrom
DH [69] Ian Elliott Doyle

DD [48] Addison Melody Perez, nee Doyle
DH [51] Martin EmilioMartyPerez

DD [28] Bridget Dominga McLeod, nee Perez
-DH [27] Marcus Yancy McLeod
--DS [10] Nathaniel EmilioNatePerez
--DD [4] Katherine SofiaKitty” McLeod

DS [26] Jonah Sergio Perez
-DW [20] Georgia May Perez, nee Farrell

DD [22] Naomi Gabriel Perez

DS [46] Nicholas HowardNickDoyle
DW [47] Giovanna FrancescaGigiDoyle, nee Castagnoli

DS [23] Jesse Adriano Doyle

DD [23] Francesca Brigitta Okorie, nee Doyle
-DH [22] Chima Talip Okorie

DD [19] Natalia Hazel Doyle
DD [19] Gabrielle Felicia Doyle

DD [40] Phoebe Claudette Waters, nee Doyle
DH [43] Kaleb Blake Waters

DS [18] Theodore Alexander Waters
DD [14] Martina Elizabeth Waters

DS [30] Maxwell JonathanMaxDoyle
DW [30] Aisling Fawn Doyle, nee Brady

DS [7] Jasper Nathaniel Doyle
DD [7] Daphne Eleanor Doyle

Bridget and Marcus have added their own child together—a girl! Her name is Katherine Sofia McLeod, but her parents call her Kitty as an affectionate nickname. Her middle name, of course, honors Great-Grandma Sofia.

Bridget’s younger brother Jonah has gotten married! Her name is Georgia Farrell, and she was Jonah’s childhood bestie. Georgia had moved away when she and Jonah were in seventh grade, but she had come back to town because her grandma was ill and needed in-home care. It was an awkward transition from friends to lovers, but by their wedding day, they’d gotten used to it.

Also having tied the knot is Francesca, the girl from Nick and Gigi’s first set of twins. Her husband, Chima Okorie, is an immigrant like Gigi, except he’s from Nigeria. His English upon meeting Francesca wasn’t all there yet, but Francesca was more than happy to help. Now, Chima is almost fluent, and their wedding was last week.


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