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Subject: Re: Generation CAF (3 of 9)
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: October 18, 2019 at 3:58:11 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF (3 of 9) by Belphoebe
DH: Elias Victor Wexler
DW: Greta Juniper [Williams] Wexler

DD: Holland Amalia [Wexler] Pennington
-DH: Callum Beckett Pennington
-DS: Rex Dorian Pennington
-DS: Vance Jericho Pennington
-DS: Leif Simeon Pennington
-DS: Clark Raphael Pennington

DD: Flora Jordana Tobin-Wexler
-DW: Michaela Bethany Tobin-Wexler
-DS: Zachary Jarrett Tobin-Wexler
-DD: Cassandra Paige Tobin-Wexler
-DD: Alyssa Jasmine Tobin-Wexler

DD: Avalon June Wexler
DD: Raina Ariadne Wexler
DD: Matilda Celeste Wexler
DD: Elodie Arden Wexler
DD: Dagny Francesca Wexler
DD: Lark Emmeline Wexler

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