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Subject: Re: Combo Generation CAF |10.19.19|
Author: Julia   (Authenticated as JuliaF)
Date: October 19, 2019 at 8:36:36 PM
Reply to: Combo Generation CAF |10.19.19| by miss_lolita143
DH[94]: Ian Bryce Miles
DW[90]: Isabel Mattea [Gentry] Miles

DD[71]: Eleanor Araminta Miles
DS[67]: Benjamin Theodore Miles
DS[63]: Luke Terrell Miles

Ian & Isabel; Eleanor, Benjamin, and Luke


DD[71]: Eleanor Araminta Miles
-DH[76]: Matthew Abram Porter

Eleanor & Matthew; Anya

-DD[48]: Anastasia Michelle Porter "Anya"
--DH[52]: Samuel Calvin Nixon "Sam"
--DS[23]: Leo Zedekiah Nixon
--DS[21]: Joshua Dylan Nixon

Anya & Sam; Leo and Joshua


DS[67]: Benjamin Theodore Miles
-DW[63]: Johanna Serena Miles

Benjamin & Johanna; Andrew, Alyssa, Colin, and Hannah

-DS[37]: Andrew Grady Miles
--DFiancee[33]: Rosalie Frederica Blackwell

Andrew & Rosalie

-DD[33]: Alyssa Corinne Miles
--DFiance[34]: David Philip Rojas
--DD[16]: Madeline Susannah Rojas
--DD[11]: Calista Natalie Rojas "Callie"
--DD[7]: Genevieve Diana Rojas
--DS[4]: Paul Jarvis Rojas

Alyssa & David; Madeline, Callie, Genevieve, and Paul

-DS[29]: Colin Thaddeus Miles
--DW[27]: Caroline Kate Flores
--DS[4]: Isaac Frazier Flores
--DS[1]: Jonathan Glenn Flores

Colin & Caroline; Isaac and Jonathan

-DD[28]: Hannah Melody Miles


DS[63]: Luke Terrell Miles
-DW[58]: Anna Leslie Davies

Luke & Anna; Josie and Katherine

-DD[34]: Josephine Jane Miles "Josie"
--DFiancee[38]: Naomi Patricia Hendricks

Josie & Naomi

-DD[34]: Katherine Emily Miles
--DH[39]: John Kelvin Holt
--DS[9]: David Irwin Holt
--DD[5]: Sylvia Willow Holt

Katherine & John; David and Sylvia

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