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Subject: Re: Combo Generation CAF |10.19.19|
Author: Emaleigh   (Authenticated as Lilly-Elise)
Date: October 20, 2019 at 7:53:02 PM
Reply to: Combo Generation CAF |10.19.19| by miss_lolita143
DH[94]: Jonathan Parker Banks “Jon”
DW[90]: Rue Lynette Banks (nee Gentry)

DD[71]: Denise Patrice Banks
DS[67]: Anson Nathan Banks
DS[63]: Darien Newt Banks

Jon & Rue Banks: Denise, Anson, & Darien
DD[71]: Denise Patrice Porter (nee Banks)
-DH[76]: Tyrone Fulton Porter “Ty”

-DD[48]: Clarice Parker Nixon (nee Porter)
--DH[52]: Rosewell Miles Nixon
--DS[23]: Alfred Syd Nixon
--DS[21]: Chet Isaiah Nixon

Denise & Ty Porter: Clarice
Clarice & Rosewell Nixon: Alfred & Chet
DS[67]: Anson Nathan Banks
-DW[63]: Ricki Lyn Banks (nee Fleming)

-DS[37]: Andy Grady Banks
--DFiancee[33]: Glenna Etta Acosta

-DD[33]: Amber Kristi Banks
--DFiance[34]: Montgomery Nikolas Foley “Monty”
--DD[16]: Harriette Trudie Foley “Harrie”
--DD[11]: Mathilda Beckah Foley
--DD[7]: Nance Yolanda Foley
--DS[4]: Ansel Elmer Foley

-DS[29]: Collin Todd Banks
--DW[27]: Bernice Calla Banks (nee Payne)
--DS[4]: Ansel Peyton Banks
--DS[1]: Celestine Rick Banks

-DD[28]: Carissa Anita Banks

Anson & Ricki Banks: Andy, Amber, Collin, & Carissa
Andy Banks & Glenna Acosta
Amber Banks & Monty Foley: Harrie, Mathilda, Nance, & Ansel
Collin & Bernice Banks: Ansel & Celestine
DS[63]: Darien Newt Banks
-DW[58]: Nan Starr Banks (nee Davies)

-DD[34]: Autumn Kenya Banks
--DFiancee[38]: Lorri Stace Ewing

-DD[34]: Ally Jess Buck (nee Banks)
--DH[39]: Jack Kelvin Buck
--DS[9]: Albin Darell Buck
--DD[5]: Aileen Harriett Buck

Darien & Nan Banks: Autumn & Ally
Autumn Banks & Lorri Ewing
Ally & Jack Buck: Albin & Aileen

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