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Subject: Re: Erb816’s Academy Award Nominations Congrats! (Part 7 of 11)
Author: Zhara   (Authenticated as lunarangel13)
Date: January 24, 2020 at 2:03:19 PM
Reply to: Erb816’s Academy Award Nominations Congrats! (Part 7 of 11) by erb816
The Fanshaw Family

DH: Henry Adam Fanshaw
DW: Scarlett Nicole (Barber) Fanshaw

DD: April Madeleine Jane Fanshaw-MacDonald
-DH: Clyde Patrick MacDonald Sr.
--DS: Clyde Patrick MacDonald Jr.
--DD: Madeleine Cecily MacDonald
--DS: James Neville MacDonald
--DS: Bryant Edward MacDonald
--DS: Benjamin Terell MacDonald
--DD: Bethany Kristine MacDonald
--DS: Carter Herbert MacDonald
--DS: Cassidy Lewis MacDonald
--DD: Claire Estelle MacDonald
DD: Odette Farrah Wren Fanshaw
DD: Charlotte Olivia Rachel Fanshaw
DS: Allen Forrest Paul Fanshaw
DD: Laura Susan Delilah Fanshaw

Henry & Scarlett Fanshaw;
April, Odette, Charlotte, Allen & Laura
April & Clyde MacDonald;
CJ, Maddie, Bryant, Benji, Beth, James, Carter, Cass & Claire

"I have nothing to prove to you." - Carol Danvers
"Be with me." - Rey Skywalker

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