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Subject: Re: Erb816’s Academy Award Nominations Congrats! (Part 7 of 11)
Author: Emaleigh   (Authenticated as Lilly-Elise)
Date: January 24, 2020 at 6:19:36 PM
Reply to: Erb816’s Academy Award Nominations Congrats! (Part 7 of 11) by erb816
DH: Louis Theodore March
DW: Margaret Emma March (nee Dashwood)

DS: Aldo Vincent Simmons-March
-DH: Fraser Beckett Simmons-March
--DS/DD: Milo Baldric Simmons-March/ Cecily Jade Simmons-March
--DD: Roslyn Clair Simmons-March “Ros”
--DD: Nova Peyton Simmons-March
--DD/DD: Linnaea Bethany Simmons-March “Lin”/ Heaven Fern Simmons-March
--DS: Peregrine Carl Simmons-March “Pippin”
--DD: Maja Edith Simmons-March
--DS: Ronan James Simmons-March

DS: Elliot Martin March
DD: Lydia Harriet March
DS: Michael Walter March
DS: Jamie Owen March

Louis & Margaret March: Aldo, Elliot, Lydia, Michael, & Jamie
Aldo & Fraser Simmons-March: Milo, Cecily, Ros, Nova, Lin, Heaven, Pippin, Maja, & Ronan

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