Subject: Counting Backwards: Nightingale Ava & Paterson Creed (DisHon: Goldie Poppy & Ice Bode)
Author: MasonThursday   (Authenticated as MasonThursday)
Date: January 1, 2021 at 6:42 PM
Reply to: Count-Along-CAF with Celebrity Baby Names 2020 by Uilos

DH: Franklin David Perry
DW: Rose Charlotte (Grint) Perry

DS: Paterson Creed (Perry) Turner
- DH: Ford Bo Turner
-- DD: Elliot Tyler Turner
-- DS: Carter Ace Turner
-- DS: Otis Beckett Turner
-- DS: Eduardo Apollo Turner
-- DD: Baby Army Turner

DD: Jill Monroe Perry-Tarantino
- DW: Rell Ellen Perry-Tarantino
-- DS: Augustine Antoni Perry-Tarantino
-- DD: Marion Josephine Perry-Tarantino
-- DD: Carter Alma Perry-Tarantino
-- DD: Charlie Diamond Perry-Tarantino

DS: Donald Matthew Perry
- DW: Bo Bloom (Hilton) Perry
-- DS: Samuel Aiden Perry
-- DS: Jude Callum Perry
-- DS: Jonathan Bryson Perry

DD: Edith Vienna Perry
- DW: Brenda Jovie (Williams) Perry
-- DD/DD: Nightingale Ava Perry/Hadley Lark Perry

DD: Sophia Cassidy (Perry) Englefield
- DW: Athens Hope Englefield
-- DS: Loren Bridgemont Englefield
-- DD: Dior Chapel Englefield
-- DD: Goldie Poppy Englefield

DS: Ice Bode Perry
- DW: Ellie Lily Ferguson
-- DD: Masha Tyler Perry
-- DD: Liberty Mayzie Perry

Franklin and Rose with Paterson, Jill, Donald, Edith, Sophia, and Ice
Paterson and Ford with Elliot, Carter, Otis, Eduardo, and Baby
Jill and Rell with Augustine, Marion, Carter, and Charlie
Donald and Bo with Samuel, Jude, and Jonathan
Edith and Brenda with Nightingale and Hadley
Sophia and Athens with Loren, Dion, and Goldie
Ice and Ellie with Masha and Liberty

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