Subject: Seamus Philip and Mariela Grace
Author: Mara   (Authenticated as miakendall1075)
Date: April 17, 2021 at 2:42 PM
Reply to: Generation Count-Along CAF [3 of 8] by PeachyGirl86

DH (80): Marcas Caden Gallagher
DW (83): Kathleen Olivia Pruitt Gallagher

DS1 (60): Nelson Charles Gallagher
DD1 (56): Daniella Angelica Gallagher
DS2 (56): Jadon Kevin Gallagher
DD2 (53): Kristen Halle Gallagher
DD3 (49): Savannah Lillian Gallagher
DD4 (47): Caroline Lindsay Gallagher
DS3 (44): Abel Chase Gallagher

DS1 (60): Nelson Charles Gallagher
DW (59): Adrianne Lily McCormick Gallagher

DS (36): Samuel Hunter Gallagher "Sam"
-DW (36): Morgan Ainsley Wise Gallagher
--DS (12): Jude Vaughn Gallagher
--DD (8): Beatrice Natalia Gallagher "Bean"
--DD (6): Lily Juliette Gallagher

DD (32): Cheyenne Abigail Gallagher Giles
-DH (35): Quinton Maverick Giles
--DS (10): Cameron Aarav Giles "Cam"
--DS (10): Jacob Jeremiah Giles "Jake"
--DD (7): Sienna Riley Giles
--DS (6): Graham Everett Giles
--DD (4): April Katherine Giles

DD (32): Camilla Jade Gallagher Lloyd "Cami"
-DH (31): Victor Schuyler Lloyd
--DD (9): Dahlia Mckenna Lloyd
--DS (5): Maxwell Marcas Lloyd "Max"

DD1 (56): Daniella Angelica Gallagher Wilkerson
DH (53): Quincy Clarence Wilkerson

DS (33): Lee Jonathan Wilkerson
-DW (34): Ali Adrienne Gould Wilkerson
--DD (14): Ainsley Emma Wilkerson
--DS (11): Jackson Marcel Wilkerson "Jack"
--DS (7): Darien Keegan Wilkerson
--DD (3): Selina Lilian Wilkerson
--DD (3): Jaylee Simone Wilkerson
--DS (0): Evan Mathew Wilkerson

DS (30): Seamus Philip Wilkerson
-DW (28): Jayda Victoria Hendricks Wilkerson
--DD (8): Sophie Pamela Wilkerson
--DD (4): Mariela Grace Wilkerson
--DS (3): Brandon Spencer Wilkerson
--DD (1): Lorelei Lisa Wilkerson

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