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Re: Wedding Bells (10)
DH: Micah Ethan Montgomery
DW: Cassandra Allison (Morgenstern) MontgomeryDD: Isolde Guinevere (Montgomery) Martinson
-DH: Cameron Alexander Martinson
—DD: Iris Vivienne Martinson
—DS: Luca Louis Martinson
—DD: Zara Charlotte MartinsonDD: Cleo Hyacinth Montgomery-Favreau
-DW: Virginie Emma Montgomery-Favreau
—ADD: Marigold Verity Montgomery-Favreau
—ADD: Ida Esther Montgomery-Favreau
—ADS: Solomon Eugene Montgomery-FavreauDD: Delphine Nova Montgomery “Delphi”
-DH: Logan Adam O’Malley
—DD: Evelyn Anastasia O’Malley
—DD: Pearl Beatrice O’Malley
—DD: Louise Celia O’MalleyDS: Raymond McCoy MontgomeryRay
DS: Emmanuel Josiah Montgomery
DD: Juliette Estelle MontgomeryMicah & Cassandra; Isolde, Cleo, Delphi, Ray, Emmanuel, & Juliette
Isolde & Cameron; Iris, Luca, & Zara
Cleo & Virginie; Marigold, Ida, & Solomon
Delphi & Logan; Evelyn, Pearl, & Louise
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