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Tuesday's Instruction CAF (Week 3)
LN: Both their last names are color related ( DH ❤️ DW Coincidentally both DH & DW have Golden Girls character names (
- Her first name ends in the letters "CE" (*ce)
- Her middle name is an unusual virtue name (e.g. Merit or Divinity) (
- Her first name is a diminutive of the name Elizabeth (
- Her middle name was in the top 10 in France at one point (
- DD3 has a hyphenated first name, but she goes by the second part of the name (e.g. Tommie-Jean "Jean"). The first part of her hyphenated name honours her father somehow, the second part honours her mother's maiden name. You can be creative here!
- Her middle name is related to someone with a prominent role in Black History (
- Her first name is the same as a member of the Swedish Royal family (
- Her middle name ends in the letters "IA" (*ia)DDOG*
- His name is the name of another animal (e.g. Goose or Bear)*A cross St. Bernard and Retriever

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Surname: RussellDH: Elliot Douglas
DW: Alma Lucille (née Rose)DD1: Florence Verity
DD2: Lillian Jade
DD3: Elli-Rose Katherine
DD4: Estelle LuciaDDog: ChickadeeElliot & Alma Russell; Florence, Lillian, Elli-Rose, & Estelle (and American Bulldog Chickadee)

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DW: Elise Leroux
DH: Harold LerouxD1: Grace Cornelia Leroux
D2: Ellie Camille Leroux
D3: Lisa-Marie Harriet Leroux
D4: Anna Cordelia Leroux
DBeagle: Duck
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DH: Milton Lucas Blackwood
DW: Eva Magda AlbuDD1: Clemence Integrity Blackwood
DD2: Lillian Sylvie Blackwood
DD3: Millicent-Alba Cicely Blackwood
DD4: Birgitta Elodia BlackwoodDDog: Dragon
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DH: Floyd Thomas Russell
DW: Gladys Rose Kelly DD1: Bernice Jewel Russell
DD2: Bettina Camille Russell
DD3: Flora-Kay Rosa Russell
DD4: Silvia Maria Russell DGoldenBernard: Mammoth
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Ida Apollonia Rubio & Malcolm Leonard Gray
Constance Vivacity
Liza Camille
Ruby-Lenore Josephine
Estelle Valencia
Badger the St. Bernard-Retriever cross

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Hunter Adam ❤️ Anne Coco né Arany
France Modesty
Elo Sylvie
Thora-Arany Ambre "Arany"
Ulrika Altagracia Rook, the St. Bernard/Retriever cross[Hunter & Anne || France, Elo, Arany, Ulrika || Rook]
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DH: Rex Miles Silver
DW: Emma Elizabeth Silver (née Scarlett)DD1: Constance Glory Silver
DD2: Liana Isabelle Silver
DD3: Mila-Scarlett Venus Silver "Scarlett"
DD4: Astrid Lydia SilverDDog: Monkey Silver [St. Bernard and Retriever mix]Rex & Emma; Constance, Liana, Scarlett, and Astrid, + Monkey*
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DH: Arthur Kendall Black
DW: Alma Serafina (Rosa) BlackDD1: Grace Epiphany Black
DD2: Elise Sylvie Black
DD3: Kendall-Rose "Rose" Althea Black
DD4: Madeleine Aurelia Black
DDog: FoxArthur & Alma with Grace, Elise Kendall-Rose "Rose" and Madeleine, and Fox
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DH: Harvey Steven Hargrave
DW: Eileen Anne CorcoranDD1: Leatrice Merit Hargrave "Lea"
DD2: Elyse Ambre Hargrave
DD3: Harley-Clíona Blanche Hargrave "Clíona"
DD4: Birgitta Delphia HargraveDDog: Ladybug
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LN: Greene
DH: Bryant Frank
DW: Elizabeth Claire (Pink) "Eliza"
DD1: Peace Charity
DD2: Libbie Camille "Lib"
DD3: Frankie-Pink Ida "Pink"
DD4: Estelle Victoria
DDog: Crow
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DH: Isaac George Donnelly
DW: Lillian Magda (McGuire) DonnellyDD: Alice Kismet Donnelly
DD: Betsy Jacqueline Donnelly
DD: Isa-Lilac Rosetta Donnelly
DD: Leonore Celia DonnellyDog: Fox
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Sal Dominic Fusco
Philomena Tracy DonneLuce Revel
Isa Manon
Salomé-Donatella VenusDoña
Ingrid BetâniaBuffalo the dog
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Boris Duncan Huang ❤️ Katherine Mary Jane Huang (nee Silver)DD1: Luce Modesty Huang
DD2: Elsa Rose Huang
DD3: Donnie-Silver Josephine Huang “Silver”
DD4: Ingrid Lillia HuangDDOG: DuckBoris & Katherine Huang: Luce, Elsa, Silver, & Ingrid
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DH: Victor Oliver Gold
DW: Elsie Gunilla Gold (nee. Blake)DD1: Unice Favor Gold
DD2: Lise Camille Golde
DD3: Olivia-Blake Rosa Gold "Blake"
DD4: Désirée Felicia GoldDDOG: Junebug(Thank you for making these instruction CAFs--they are so much fun lol!)
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DH: Simon Chester Gray
DW: Alma Daisy {Rose} GrayDD: Alyce Dharma Gray
DD: Eliza Sylvie Gray
DD: Simone-Rose Althea Gray 'Rose'
DD: Leonore Georgia GrayDog: Fox
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Anna Augusta Roux Li & Thomas Milo LiFlorence Reverie Li
Elsie Marguerite Li
Mila-Rue Simone Li "Rue"
Madeleine Sequoia LiCrane (St. Bernard/Retriever mix)
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DH- John Burt Fox
DW- Janet Virginia (Zielinske) FoxDD- Shanice Remember Fox
DD- Leanna Rose Fox
DD- Johnna-Chloe "Chloe" Wilma Fox
DD- Louise Galia FoxDDog- Ferret
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DH: Curtis Jean Li
DW: Ulla Tamara [White] Li- DD: Joyce Honor Li
- DD: Isabel Marie Li
- DD: Courtney-Olwen Serena Li 'Olwen'
- DD: Lilian Ilaria Li DDog: HawkCurtis & Ulla Li: Joyce, Isabel, Olwen, & Lilian Li
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H: Sidney Arnold "Sid" Rose
W: Zelda Clarisse Goldman D: Beatrice Pleasant Rose
D: Lilian Marguerite Rose
D: Sidda-Goldie Althea "Goldie" Rose
D: Ingrid Eugenia RoseDog: Pheasant "Fez"
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