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Why are some positive comments downvoted?
If you look at the comments section for the name Jacob, a lot of the recent positive comments have downvotes and I don't understand why.


When I get a chance, I'll check to see if it seems like a single person is attempting to influence the votes unfairly.
Maybe someone decided to sign up for 100 BtN accounts and downvote all the comments. lol
I can't speak for Jacob, but comments should be a) true b) useful. So a comment that said "Jacob means strong warrior, which is why I chose it for my son" or "my cousin's name is Jacob and he's so kind!" should get down voted.
But don't those belong under the impressions tag in a roundabout way? Especially the latter one as their cousin clearly influenced their impression of the name just as much as X celebrity would make an impression on their associated name. So long as they're under impressions, I don't see an issue
Edit: Seems like all of the votes are back to normal now.

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