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message boards.
Can I use this alternative account (now my main) for posting on the Opinions message board? I’ve already done it a few times but I just want to make sure I have permission to. I want to focus on opinions on names on this website instead of ‘trolling’ :)
For the lounge, you have put timeout until 2025. Should it be longer?


Why 2025?
I know, right?
I’m one of those ugly creatures :D
ughwhy did you put a link to my alt account publicly on the lounge? I don’t want posters spam reporting my alt. if you want to ask stuff like that, pm Mike c.

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How did you find out if you're banned?
lol... easy.
I can’t explain. But anyone can see Lounge posts.
Yeah but how did you see that Jenkowelten posted your alt account when you can't go on The Lounge?
Anyone can see The Lounge
But since you're on time out, how would you see it. So you can lurk around The Lounge, just not post?

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So...I made a new account that wasn’t verified and went to the Lounge.
It was that simple.
2025? LMAOOOdamn why 2025
I’m a ‘troll’I don’t think I am a troll, but for everyone else here it seems like I am. Maybe going to a more age-friendly message board would be a good idea.
The reason why I’m banned till 2025 was because I posted on this account during 2 weeks timeout from the message board.

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Basically an ugly creature who lives under a bridgeThat’s who I am

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Don't trolls live under bridges
oh yes!!I live under a bridge then