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Absolutely gorgeous name. Could work for both a person or a pet :)
I think Apollo is a very refined and charming name! Probably my favorite male name in Greek Mythology. I think it can work on either a person or character each.
Best name for a handsome boy! Elegant, strong and super unique with a great history behind it! This name will make your little boy very proud of his name.
A very handsome name for a boy!
It’s a nice name for a dog.
Good dog name.
I don't really know which one to pick. Apollo or Leo? I like both, a lot, I find them really fascinating and cool.
I think I'm gonna ask my siblings.
This was what I went by at the camp I worked at this past summer. It really fit me because I do archery, I love art, I play several musical instruments, and I plan on going into the medical field. Though one of my coworkers liked to joke around and call me "pollo" which is Spanish for chicken but the guy was going by "Tiny Tad" I laughed in his face called him "the monster of waterfront" which was where he worked and told him to go clean and polish his canoes if he needed something to do.
I love this name! Makes me think of a really handsome muscular man when I pronounce it!
I don't really like this name.
I LOVE the Greek god Apollo, especially the one in Rick Riordan's books. Also, I agree that he's bi because he can't just DEPRIVE one gender of his beauty.
Reminds me of Apollo from Aquarion.
Gwen Stefani named her youngest son Apollo Bowie Flynn.
2013 I had a son. I named him Apollo. I have read the comments on this name and most of them are ignorant. Apollo is a strong name, it has many different meanings. I picked this name because it's different and unique. Also I'm tired of Jaden, Aden, Joshua, and all the popular names that people name their sons. I know that my son's name (Apollo) is a name that fits him. The men in my family are tall, also on his dad's side. When he was born he was 8 pounds and 6 ounces. He is now 3 and he is tall and strong. Also he is very smart and handsome. The comments made about being a homosexual and being a dark muscular male is so crazy. I have no worries about my son and naming him Apollo. The devil is always doing his work. My faith is in God. God kept showing me this name the whole time I was pregnant. So when I named my son Apollo it's because it's meant to be and I always pay attention to God's signs and the hints he sends me. Like I said to everyone I know, Apollo was sent to me for a reason and God is with us because I believe in God and have faith. For all you evil Devils that have something bad to say, stay in your misery or put your trust and faith in God. Living in hate is no way to live. You will hear about my son Apollo, he will do great things. God has his hands on my son Apollo.
Captain Apollo is a major character in the 1978 TV series "Battlestar Galactica".
I like Apollo better for a cat. (-;
As a transgender male (female to male) that has adopted this name as my new one, I absolutely love it. I think it sounds heroic and masculine and brave, but still soft and gentle. It reminds my of a starry, galaxy filled sky at night. It's full of curiosity, but it remains a name that sounds intelligent and unique.
Sorry for the rant, haha. But yeah, even before I identified as male, this name stood out to me, and I was more than happy to take it as my own. :D.
●Apalon is Belarusian
●Apolon is Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, and Serbian
●Apol•lo is Catalan
●Apolono is Esperanto
●Apolo is Filipino, Galician, Macedonian, Portuguese, and Spanish
●Apollon is French, Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian
●Apóllon is Modern Greek.
I find it a very strong, regal name. Whenever I hear it, I picture a muscular, dark-skinned man with fiery eyes. I wouldn't use it on a child, of course, but I still think it's a jewel of a name.Also, to lillyanna: No one has said anything derogative toward homosexuals on this page. There is no need to get so worked up.
This is one of my absolute favourite boy names! The first thing I imagine when I hear this name (besides the Greek God) is the sun! It sounds so handsome and masculine but also is soft sounding at the same time! I LOVE IT!
Actually, the god Apollo was BIsexual, not just homosexual. Because he was so smokin' hot, both genders wanted him. May have gotten laid even more often than his dad, though a lot have sad endings, perhaps due to his making fun of Eros when he was a kid.
ACTUALLY I think Apollo would be a rather cute name for a girl.
Alright people, I knew this would come up sooner or later. Apollo was homosexual. BIG DEAL! There is nothing wrong with that! Who the hell cares what people's sexual preferences are!? Some people say Jesus is homosexual! WHAT NOW!? Have you all had your little bubbles of denial burst!? Good! I am sick and tired of people making fun of other people for being homosexual. It makes me sick how narrow-minded we are!
He was well-known for being bisexual.
Wish this was my birthname, it's just not the same having to change to it.
Apollo is a gorgeous name. It makes me think of a very complex, intelligent character. That's why I named my horse Apollo!
Apollo Justice is the name of the Ace Attorney series's second protagonist. :D
The actress Olympia Dukakis has a brother named Apollo.
This name was an epithet apparently given to a handsome young man in the 18th through early century. There is a brief reference in the Magnificent Ambersons (1942) by Orson Welles. "Apollo" was also a famous music company in the 1930's. The Waltons also named their kitten this in the episode "The Fastidious Wife" which kinda gets me because I don't know what they meant by naming such a small kitten a name with such an extravagant association or implication such as this lol. I always thought it was pronounced a-POH-loh until I heard people say it.
It is supposed to be pronounced a-POH-loh never a-PAW-loh otherwise it sounds sound like polly with an O at the end and A at the beginning.
I also pronounce it a-POH-loh instead of a-PAW-loh.
The name of a famous theater in New York City. It comes on that hiphop show "It's Showtime at the Apollo." This name also happens to be referenced a lot for some reason in classic films.
Boring yet interesting. It looks like it has to do with apples or horses.
The NASA missions to the moon were called the Apollo missions. The most famous of these was Apollo 11, the first to actually land on the moon. Apollo 13, another famous mission, has had a movie made about it bearing that name.
I pronounce it a-PAWL-lo.
Apollo sounds like something to do with chickens.
Apolo (spelled with one l) Anton Ono is an American Olympic speed skater.
It's Apolo Anton Ohno.
Actually Apolo Anton Ohno's first name is not in reference to the Greek God Apollo. His father, Yuki, named him, using the Greek "ap" and "lo". The "ap" meaning to lead, and the "lo" meaning "away from" or "steering away from". The "o" connects them, making his name mean "to lead away from."
Apart from the obvious Greek mythology son of Zeus, another "famous" bearer is the fictional character "Cpt. Lee 'Apollo' Adama" from the 2003 TV-series "Battlestar Galactica". Although it's only his nickname and pilot-name, he is almost only called Apollo. Also because it fits him better than Lee.
Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers, was the name of a boxer Rocky fought in the movie "Rocky."