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It actually means “Handsome” not “Beautiful”, for “Beautiful” it would be “Belle”.
President Biden’s son Beau Biden. The president also has a young grandson named Beau after his uncle.
Much better then Bo.
Beautie_ is a streamer, her name is Beau.
"beau" is also an English word (taken from French "beau" = "beautiful", masculine form). In English speaking countries it means "boyfriend" or "male admirer": a "name" I'd want as a girl.For boys it is a bit odd but okay.
Thanks to "Gone with the Wind" it gives me this Southern gentleman sort of vibe. I find it very odd on a girl. This name is incredibly popular for dogs, by the way. I know lots and lots.
I don't know any boys with this name but I do know two little girls called Beau and it is so cute on them.
I love this name for both boys and girls. I know it is traditionally masculine but the spelling, for me, makes it suit girls just as much.
I love this name, it's so cute and simple and would suit a baby as much as an older person.
This is kind of irrelevant, but I noticed that usually with ambiguous names in America it tends to be unisex while in other countries it’s exclusively masculine, but in this case in America it’s exclusively masculine and in other places unisex. Just something I felt like pointing out.
I like this name a lot for a boy! It has a southern sporty vibe to it. It’s getting a lot more popular too. Between Beau and Bo almost 4000 baby boys were given this name in 2020 in the United States.
As someone who is half-French I find it incredibly weird. Imagine being named Beautiful. "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Beautiful". "Hi, my name is Beautiful". It's just so weird. And I can't really decide what is worse, being unattractive as someone named Beau (would be awkward) or being really handsome (would seem kind of haughty). It is okay in English speaking countries but if he ever travels to French speaking countries this might be pretty weird for him.
Don’t all names have some sort of meaning? There are very popular names that have not so pleasant meanings...Leah means “weary,” Cameron means “crooked nose,” Kennedy means “odd shaped head,” and even one meaning of the very popular name Olivia means “elf army.” “Beautiful” doesn’t strike me as weird or bad.
Beau is an actual French word that is used in every day conversations. It's like actually being named Beautiful in an English speaking country, as in "Hi, I am Beautiful". It is not like Cameron, people only know what Cameron means when they look it up.
Beau is gentle and non threatening. I like it!
I'm surprised nobody mentioned Beau Biden. He is the late son of 46th US President Joe Biden and he died at the age of 46 of brain cancer.
I think it's ridiculously handsome. And very sweet.
I prefer the spelling Bo.
Beau is another word for a male escort.
Reminds me of the words beautiful & bureau.
Beau is an Animal Crossing villager first appearing in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
I think of Beau from "The Dukes of Hazzard". That's a very good show. You should totally watch it.
Wait, people use this on girls? You guys know "Beau" is a masculine adjective, right? Belle is the feminine version.
It's also can be FEMININE as seen in the popularity charts of UK and the NetherlandsIt's ranked #169 in FEMININE names in UK in 2012
It's also ranked #157 in FEMININE names in the Netherlands in 2018. [noted -ed]
This name can be UNISEX (See my previous comment below).
This name sounds nice. Also, I see this name as strictly masculine.
I wouldn't name my child this, but I feel like it would fit with the personality of an Australian explorer/adventurer. Also, I find Beau to be much easier to be taken seriously rather than just Bo or Boe.
In 2018, 30 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Beau who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1314th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name can also be a feminine name.In the UK, it was given to 302 girls in 2012.
In Netherlands, it was also given to 68 girls in 2017.
Alternate spelling, Bo.
Well I have a grandson and his name is spelled Beaux. I love it and he's perfect and Beau and Bella are great names together.
Honestly some people are taking this to the limit, A lot of names are made up as the parents like the sound. My name is Sara (English - pronounced to rhyme with Tara ) so its *Sara Beau* and I adore my name. My nickname is BoBo. But as the great Bard said "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
My AUNT was named Beau Daniels, real name. She was an actress on the London West End stage.
Beau means beautiful in French, but only as a masculine adjective. Feminine is belle. But no one in France names their son Beau, we only see that in US TV series. No one would ever name their daughter Beau, because it's male. And no one calls their daughter Belle because it would sound too pretentious and is the name of a famous dog (in Belle and Sebastian).
I also advise not to use it as short for Beauford, as Beaufort (with a t) is a cheese.
Beau Merrick from the The Sims 3: Late Night is a bearer of this name.
I absolutely love this name... for a BOY. It does irk me a bit when I come across a girl named "Beau" because someone thought it meant "beautiful" which it does, but it is the MASCULINE meaning of beautiful while "Belle" is the feminine. So if you are looking at "Beau" for your girl, DON'T. Quit trying so hard to make everything "gender equal."
The name Beau was given to 44 girls born in the US in 2015.
My daughter was born in 2005 and I named her Beau. I am from the South and Beau has a very southern sound to it. It is not a family name, as I am asked that a lot. I picked this name because I spent a month in Paris and fell in love with the city and everything French. Beau is French and the meaning is beautiful. I also wanted to give my child a unique name. My mom hated this name, by the way. As soon as I had my daughter, you knew she was a Beau (beautiful) and her middle name is Grace. Beautiful Grace is what I sometimes call her. The name grew on my mom after my daughter was born. A name does not make a person, rather a person can make a name. Just my opinion on the name Beau.
Can also be used as a short form of Beauregard.
DON'T NAME YOUR SON BEAU!Whatever this name means in French, the English dictionary describes it as a "fop" or a "dandy." I've had to endure being referred to as a borderline homosexual every day of my entire life. Did my parents hate masculinity, or did they just hate me?It'll damage your son's sense of virility if you name him this. He'll be teased as "gay-bo" in school, and he'll someday turn round and say, "ma, da, I hate you both and think you're incredibly stupid people."This name is literally misandry, and if you hate masculinity that much then it'd be kinder to give your son up for adoption BEFORE you name him.
I named my son Beau, and have had nothing but lovely comments about his name. I knew no other Beau's when I named my son, but now know of 3 other little boys. It is French for handsome, and my nan said it was used as a term for their male admirers/boyfriends. I don't understand how people think it's unisex when spelt "Beau".. Belle is the female equivalent.
I've once thought this name was Hawaiian in origin, as well as French. Have an old school friend named Beau, and his parents are from Hawaii, but lives in the Vania now. Like Boou, instead of the usual Boh.
Namesake is Pittsburgh Penguins right winger Beau Daniel Bennett.
I happen to LOVE my name regardless of what all the dullards think of it. My actual name is Beauregard but I go by Beau. It is my first name, not my middle name (Beauregard/Beau Alan). My last name is three syllables. I like the flow no matter if I use Beau or Beauregard.Beau is NOT unisex! It is masculine. Got it? Belle is the feminine form. Understand?I agree with some people, Beau is best suited for a nickname since it seems very informal to me. You don't do your child any favors in life by dumbing down his/her name since your name goes where your face cannot, especially in business or professional situations.
I AM Southern, and I currently hold two doctorate degrees. Please stow that BS about it representing ignorant rednecks since that is not the case. Now if you want to talk about "Bubba" on the other hand... LOL.
Some folks simply don't know how to behave, especially online. The very idea of being so rude! O-M-G! Trashy people would not be welome no matter where they go or what name they use!
Now there's a unisex name I actually like on both! :) Simple but classy and unusual. And the proper way to pronounce it, of course, is "bow" as in "bow and arrow."
Love the name Beau. It's my daughters' middle name.
As someone with the first name Beau, I was not a big fan of it at first. So many people mispronounced it. However, over time, I grew to like it very much. I've only met a handful of other people named Beau, so I've come to enjoy its relative uniqueness. One of the only drawbacks about it that I'm still not a fan of, is that I've had quite a few instances of when people first hear my name, they exclaim: "Oh! I named my dog Beau!" (sighs).
I love the name Bo or Beau as a middle name. We are considering naming our baby (if it's a girl) Macy Bo or Macy Beau or Macy Belle. So, I am a huge fan!
I love this name for a boy or a girl. I had Beau Lily picked out at one point, but decided on something else. It is a gorgeous name, though.
I used to like this name because I thought it was pronounced like the beginning of beautiful. But when I found out it was said like boo I stopped liking it.
I like it more for a girl.
I really love this name for a boy! It's so cute for a little baby but would fit him for the rest of his life.
I like this name because it reminds me of my neighbor who also bears this name. Even though it's slang for a boyfriend, people might put that in the past, or at least hopefully. I'm glad it's not overused like Daniel, Michael, and Jacob.
Beau is NOT used as a given name in France. If you are considering this for your son, just be aware of that.
Beau Brummell- He was an influential English gentleman and was quite the dandy. He hung about with the Prince Regent and Lord Byron. His real name was George but he went by Beau.
Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and her partner Jade Jones named their son Beau Lee.
I'm not against this name, but I'm not really with it, either. But it is an old name, a name that you don't hear anymore. At least I don't. And I have to disagree; you aren't nuts just because you like this name. Different people like diferent names and this is it. :)
Beau is Natalia Wood's (Judy's) brother's name in "Rebel Without A Cause."
I think this name is a bit pretentious, and not very nice-sounding. Also, if it's the masculine equivalent of "beautiful", doesn't it just mean "handsome"? Ah, well.
Ah well, I guess it's not that bad, and it does beat the spelling Bo, as this variant actually has a meaning and looks more mature and sophisticated. But somehow the name just makes me think of guys that aren't very bright. Some people have named their daughters this, or plan on doing so, because of the meaning. I suppose they don't get that this is the masculine equivalent of the word for 'beautiful', and Belle is the feminine equivalent. This is a very masculine name by all means.
Actor Beau Bridges, son of Lloyd Bridges and brother of Jeff Bridges.
Beau Burchell, guitarist of Saosin.
I think the name Beau sounds a little odd for a full name, but it's not a paticularly bad name. Better suited for a nickname in my opinion.
I think of /Auntie Mame/ immediately. I don't like the way the name looks, so it's not a favorite name for me, but it has loads of positive associations.
Beau can also be short for Beaucephus.
My boyfriend's name is Beau and I'm Bella. Beau & Bella sound great together, don't you think?
Unfortunately, it seems like this name is a victim of the "redneck" stereotype propagated by popular entertainment. It just reminds me of the characters on "Mama's Family" or a one-liner from Jeff Foxworthy.
Usage is French.
I really like the name Isabeau. It's a legitimate old name. What holds me back is that Beau is the masculine form and Belle is the feminine for of beautiful. But I hear "BOW' and "BELL" like she Is-a-bell and she Is-a-Beau. I don't think I'll choose it if everyone things I'm nuts. :( But what about for a middle name? On husband's side of the family it's a crazy tradition to call everyone by their middle name, even more so then their first, and is a little out of hand and confusing, but that's the way it is!
I'm sorry, but I think of this name as obnoxious.
Who would ever name their son Beau? You must be nuts if you like this!
My Mom named her son Beau. She's also quite sane. I've never had anyone tell me it's bad. They usually tell me how unique and nice it is. I'm also not obnoxious. And it's also not a nickname. My full name is Beau. If I was obnoxious, my name might be Elizabeth or Ouaie.
Libby, I don't like the name Beau either, but you certainly don't have to be nuts because you like it! That's a very rude comment.
This is the kind of nickname that I would give a child but not a real name.
I believe this name means "BEAUTFUL" because if you add TIFUL to BEAU you get BEAUTIFUL.
Beau is a cute name for a boy, but it seems more like a nickname than a real name.
A "beau" is also a word for a dandy or a boyfriend. For that reason, I really dislike it for a child!
In Gone with the Wind, Beau is the son of Ashley and Melanie Wilkes.
In "Gone with the Wind", Beau was short for Beauregard.
Actually, the son of Melanie and Ashley IS just Beau - I reread the novel recently and checked just because I had to be sure. But he is Beau and not Beauregard.
BEAU, BEAU, BEAU... likable that's for sure! But I think this name is GREAT!
I think this is an adorable name for a boy.
Means 'Handsome' in French.
An alteration of Beau is Beauford or Beuford.
Love this name for a boy or girl, don't like the alternative spelling of BO though. (abbreviation for body odour!)