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What a dark and dreamy name!
Also Dutch:
Very cool name for a boy. :)
I prefer the French pronunciation. Either way, the name is real nice.
Also Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Casimir is also a Catalan name.
This name is cool, but I prefer it spelled with a K.
I know a Casimir! It's a really cool name, though people call him Cashmere/Kashmir... a lot. I like the spelling Kasimir better.
I love this name so much, it might be one of my biggest guilty pleasure names right now. I just love the sound of it. Too bad it has a terrible meaning though. But the meaning is perfect for a literary character. I actually picture a "villain" who turns out not to really be the villain in the story (like a huge plot twist). Most of all I think this name is inspirational.
Love the sound of the name, though considering the meaning, maybe not a great choice for a child. :P But I agree with those who say it would make a great villain name! Perhaps an evil sorcerer, or a tyrannical baron with a curly mustache?
The name Casimir was given to 33 boys born in the US in 2015.
Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre is a famous entomologist.
Indeed, mostly not used in France. Maybe cause it's forever associated with an enormous orange dinosaur on a kid's tv program (L'île aux enfants). So it evokes a nice but ridiculous creature.
This name is also rarely used in France. [noted -ed]
This is an awesome name. Where I'm from, we pronounce the name KAZ-meer, omitting the i. I prefer that pronunciation, personally.
I really love this name and plan to use it for a character in my story.
I don't care if it does mean destroying peace, it's such a cool name, and a great name for a villain.
I think Casimir is an EXCELLENT name for a villain in a story, because of its "villainous" sound (to me at least) and its meaning of "destroying peace". I also think it would be a great name for a heavy metal band. It sounds like something a metal band might call themself, as well as the fact that "destroying peace" is what heavy metal bands do best. Though, both ways, I prefer it spelled Cazimir. I do not know if anybody actually spells it this way. It just looks better to me that way.
The more common pronunciation is KAH zee meer.
This name is actually more commonly believed to be a Slavic form of Polish Kazimierz, meaning "famous/great destroyer." Kazimierz is a Polish name derived from Polish kazic "to destroy" and Slavic meri "famous, great." Another very common meaning for this name is the opposite of what this site says. It is keeping the peace, proclamation of peace, bringer of peace, peacemaker.
Reminds me of "cashmere" which is "a type of wool made from fibers obtained from the Cashmere goat, or Pashmina. The name derives from an archaic spelling of Kashmir." (thanks,!) I actually like the sound of both names but would worry that it might make the child feel like he was named after a breed of goat. Pashmina for a little girl is nice though. Hmmm. Twins named Cashmere and Pashmina?
Kazimierz Pu³aski (usually spelt Casimir Pulaski in the US) was a famous Polish-American soldier who fought and died during the American Revolutionary War. There are many roads, parks, monuments, schools and towns named after him. Illinois recognizes the first Monday of March as Casimir Pulaski Day, a state-wide holiday, so anyone from Illinois will probably have that association. Musician Sufjan Stevens has a song with the title Casimir Pulaski Day on his Illinois album (it is about his girlfriend dying of cancer on the holiday).
I would be very sad to be named Casimir! But then again, if that WAS my name I guess I wouldn't care and be a rebel, because a lot of times names reflect on the way one acts. But I sure think it sounds cool!
The meaning of this name is horrid! It has a nice sound and delicate look though.
Ok first I didn't think much of this name. Then I came across a young man with this name and I thought it didn't sound or look so bad. Now that I've found out that it means "destroy peace" uuuhhhh... not so sure I like that! But KAZ-i-meer sounds good--maybe I can forget about the meaning!
I knew I girl who had this as last name. I think it's a cool name, but better as a last name.
It took me a few minutes to let it sink in, but after better understanding the pronunciation, and thinking about all the potential middle names to go along with it, I'm really starting to find a warm spot for it. What a nice (elegant) name!
The son of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of Orange-Nassau is called Claus-Casimir. Count Claus-Casimir is currently 6th in line for the Dutch throne.