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I know two people with this name, one girl and one guy. However, I do think it sounds more feminine because it sounds like Emily or Mallory.
I adore this name. I think it is sweet and strong all at once. I have read through a lot of other reviews where users express strong hatred for this name on a boy/girl, and I would like to remind everyone else that while their opinions are valid, they are still opinions. I like this name for anyone, so don't feel bad for liking it one way or another.
Emery is more of a girl's name. I personally wouldn't use it on a boy. It doesn't work well on a boy. Anyway I love this name! It's so pretty and magical. I love the nickname Emer which is also so pretty ❤️! Don't like Em for a nickname though. If I were to use this on my daughter someday, then I would consider looking at some more girly spellings but I still want to be able to have Emer as the nickname 😁. Very pretty name 😍!
Oh my god I love this name so much. I adore how androgynous/unisex it is - it could work on someone of any gender, honestly! The sound is so great, and the meaning rocks too. The name is really magical to me - and I mean that literally, like, it's very witchy iykwim. Anyway that's enough rambling, point is I really enjoy this name!
I love Emery! It's probably my top name choice for a girl, and I think it's super beautiful. It works well for a boy, too, but I would prefer the Emory spelling, or the name related Emrys.
I really like the combo Emery Jade.
I mean, it's a fine name, but sounds really 'of the moment'.
My cousin's name is Emery and she is the sweetest little girl. Still, I like the name on either gender, but I think it suits a girl better.
In my opinion, Emery is a beautiful name that would suit any gender wonderfully. I think it sounds very sweet and melodic, like a gracefully flowing river. For a girl, I like Emery Rose and Emery Ocean; for a boy, I like Emery Michael and Emery James; for unisex options, I like Emery Kai and Emery Jordan. Emily, Emerson, Emric, Emerald and Elizabeth would be cute sibling names.
Overall, I think Emery is a gorgeous name.
In 2019 the name Emery was given to 60 girls and 19 boys in Ontario, Canada.
It's unisex. It derives from a surname and a word. Surnames are unisex because everyone has one, not just men. Most word names are unisex too even though some sound more masculine and some more feminine.This can definitely work for both as it sounds like the feminine Emily or Cecily but also like the masculine Jeremy or Gregory so sound-wise it works for everyone and the origin is unisex too so just use it for your son or daughter.
Emery is for a boy. Not a girl.
I don’t like this name. Prefer Avery much more!
Girl's name ONLY!
A girl's name... NOT A BOY'S NAME.
Okay for a boy...
Ugly for a girl!
Definitely like it on a boy, but can be used for both genders. I don't like how "-y" ending male names sound "too girly" nowadays, for example Avery or Riley. I think people give the name Emery to their daughters because it is similar to Emily. However, I don't hate the name Emery on a girl, but I like it on a boy more.
I think this is more feminine than masculine because there is another spelling ‘Emory’ and the O in it sounds masculine.
Strong name that isn’t so girly and isn’t so boyish. Gonna keep this name in mind for my kid, Emory or Emery.
I personally feel like this name is unisex, but I'm leaning more to the feminine side. I personally like Emory more for boys. I like Emmery, or Emery for girls. But it's nice on boys as well. But it's getting popular as a girl name now.
I think Emery and Emory are feminine. That's my opinion.
These comments are quite mean. I like this name, to me it’s 60% feminine and 40% masculine, but it’s definitely unisex. It sounds cute yet strong I see it on both a girl and a boy like Emerson. This name might be getting popular, but Emery and Emerson are both underrated.
Emery sounds very masculine to me. It's also too trendy on girls right now.
I like it as a unisex name, leaning more toward the feminine side in my mind. It’s cute, it’s simple, it’s strong, and it has a good meaning. It’s a wonderful alternative to the overused Emma and Emily, and here are still a lot of good nicknames you could make out of this. It’s awesome!
I'm a guy and I chose my name growing up. I love my middle name Emery, it's a classic German name and it gives off a handsome, brave lad vibe. For a girl? I don't know, maybe go with Emily or something. I'd hate to diminish the masculinity of the name Emery by changing it up like that.
Sounds strange on a girl.
Your kid: "Hi, I'm Emery!"
Everyone else: "Emily Marie?"Your kid: "No, Emery- like the nail file."
Everyone else: "Oh... that's... nice..."
I think the name Emre used in Turkey is related with these names and should be in this list.
I like it only for a boy. For a girl it's the classic trashy name that some USA citizen love like Madison, Harper, Paisely, Aubrey etc...
The one and only, Emery Bingham.
This is one of my favourite girls’ names. I like the spelling Emerie better than Emery or Emory. I just can’t imagine a boy with this name.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Emery who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 200th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Emery who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 355th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I think people have been naming their daughters this name because it sounds similar to Emily.
Not bad.
I thought this was only a boy's name, it sounds very masculine. I like it.
Pretty nice for a boy, though don’t really like it for a girl. If you want something with a similar meaning, try Melanie, a pretty name that is made for a female.
My father in law is Emory Eugene, his brother is Emory Ellis and their father was Emory Lee however my first granddaughter will be born in August and she will be Emery Danielle. The name is not often heard and was mainly in male roles however I know that in recent years it has gained popularity in female names! For us it is a family name and matched with her aunt's middle name Danielle- we love it.
We have decided on Emersyn Josephine for a girl. RemyJoe for short. Had a tough time with Emery sounding like a nail file.
An Emery board is a board covered with an abrasive material that cats can scratch their claws on.
I like the fact that it is a strong name. I think it works for both sexes.
So handsome for a boy. For a girl? It's an old fashioned man's name used on a girl at the present. Such an unoriginal idea.
The name Emery was given to 337 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Emery are male.
"The name Emery was given to 337 boys born in the US in 2016."You are correct - according to the US Social Security Administration, the name Emery *was* given to 337 boys born in the US in 2016. It was also given to 2,410 girls.So if you're trying to claim it's a boy's name, the facts say that's no longer true.
Sounds too feminine to be a boy's name. I love this name on a girl. It's a perfect nickname for Emerson!
I like Emery as a unisex name. I can just as easily see it on a boy or a girl (or any gender identity, really), but then again, I also love traditionally male names for girls (Ryan, Dylan, etc.). I particularly like it as a nickname for Emerson, which I also love as a unisex name.
Much better on a girl but spelled Emerie. I like it only on girls. Emerson on boys, but Emerie on girls.
I've only heard this name said as 'Em-ree' but I guess you can say it as two different ways depending on your accent and where you're from.I prefer this name for a boy only (Emory included) and I don't see it unisex or suitable to a girl at all and it's so sad how many people think this is a feminine name just because it's so close in sound to the name "Emily"
How about this:
Emily: girl
Emery\Emory: boy. Emerson as well.Emery\Emory & Emerson are ridiculous on a girl.
I was once in summer camp with girls named Emma, Emily, and Emery. It was confusing. Call anyone in the cabin Em, and you'll probably be right.Emery is a very nice name, but I somehow can't think of it on a boy. Be careful though, people are going to confuse it with Emily whatever you do.
This name is so pretty on a girl! I love it! This is one of those names where strangely people argue about this but this is a very beautiful FEMININE name. It's much too... dainty for a boy, same with Emerson in my opinion.
This name meaning universal power is a strong, handsome name for a boy. Perhaps a bit tacky for a girl.
This was originally a boy name, it should remain that way. I would've never thought of it as feminine, it's actually a very nice, masculine sounding name that you probably won't hear very often.
Hmm. It's different. Reminds me of Henry and Ebony... I kind of like it.
Sounds like an Asian person saying "Emily".
Still love it.
I absolutely love this name for a girl. I think it needs a feminine middle name, but it's gorgeous.
This is my name and I really like it. People tell me that it is unusual and pretty. I am female, but I don't think that the gender matters because most people have never heard of it so they don't associate the name with a certain gender. It is often confused with Emily and Annemarie.
I don't think this name is feminine at all, but Emery was a popular boys name where I grew up.
Reminds me of a person with an Asian accent mispronouncing Emily.
Good one Vergewatiger! I'm Asian and you've cracked me up! XD Anyway, although Emery does resemble "Emily" one way or another and I do like the name "Emily", I don't feel like using this name. Emerson sounds much better.
It also reminds me of an Emerald, which I believe a girl would be wearing, not a boy. I'm thinking about naming my first girl this. I think it's most lovely on a GIRL.
I would name either a boy or a girl this. I think for one gender you can look at it one way and for the other a completely different way. For a boy I think it's a very sweet and masculine name but for a girl I think it's very pretty. I know it seems odd to be two different ways, but I think it works.
On December 18, 2008, actress Angie Harmon and husband Jason Sehorn welcomed their third child, a daughter named Emery Hope Sehorn.
I think this is a lovely name on a boy, but if I were to meet a girl with this name I'd think her parents hated that she was a female.
Makes me think green. I don't know why. But it does.
This is a lovely name. On a BOY.
The instant association for me is "Emery board", i.e. the type of nail file made out of cardboard and Emery paper (similar to sandpaper). For this reason, it seems odd and unsuitable as a given name for either sex - who'd name their child after a nail file?
Unfortunately, it's used more often on girls now, and its popularity is increasing! I prefer it for a boy.
My friend named her daughter Emery Janei and it's beautiful on her. Cute and spunky just like she is!
I have seen this name used for a female, and it was spelt Emari.
I like the name Emery! I prefer it on a boy. Although I know people have been using it on girls which isn't bad. It's just a masculine name to me that does have enough sensitivity in it to use for a girl. But I just prefer it on a boy!
Pixar Animation Studio is in Emeryville, California.
I prefer this name for a boy. It is a nice masculine sounding name.
I love this name for a little boy. It works great as a middle name.
There is a band named Emery.
Personally, I would like this more as a girls name and not a boys name. To me it sounds pretty feminine and not one a boy would like to grow up with.