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Also Basque, pronounced /i.'ɣoɾ/. [noted -ed]
Igor was the husband of Saint Olga, not the wife. You might want to fix that in the next update. [noted -ed]
Also Estonian: French: German, Bulgarian, Lithuanian and Georgian:
It is my name and I like it very much. It is short, strong, classic, medieval, and used in a variety of languages and cultures along the centuries. It is pagan in origin but also a saint's name. In English some people mispronounce it as "EYE"-gor instead of EE-gor. At least it's easy to spell when someone does ask me to spell it out.
Hideous name.
Also used in Basque.
Igor is my name, nickname is Igi (Iggy), and I like it!
A robust and fine name. Personally one of the best names that start with the letter "I".
In English, it's pronounced EE-gawr, and not and never will be IE-gər.
Igor is the the name of the newest Tyler the Creator album. I personally think it is his best albums.
Sounds very rough to me, and while I love Igor Stravinsky, my first association is Frankenstein's henchman.
Why the hell is this name listed as feminine?! This name is not the least bit feminine. Feminine form would be Igora, but Igor is masculine, through and through.
Name - Igor
ORIGIN - Russian, Norse
Usage - worldwide
Gender - Boy
In Indian script = इगोर
Meaning =" protected "
This is absolutely not a feminine name.
This name is also sometimes used in Latin America and Portugal. [noted -ed]
Igor Smolnikov is a Russian footballer who plays for Zenit in the Russian Premier League.
Igor Vladimirovich Akinfeev is a Russian international football goalkeeper who is the captain of PFC CSKA Moscow in the Russian Premier League. He has spent his entire career at CSKA, making over 450 official appearances.
Igor is the name of Catherine Deneuve's oldest grandchild. He is the son of her son Christian. He was named after his Russian great-grandfather.
I propose to change the description as follows:
Slavic form of Yngvarr (see INGVAR). The Varangians brought it to Kievan Rus' around 10th century. It was borne by two Grand Princes of Kiev. A famous bearer was Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), a Russian composer whose most famous work is 'The Rite of Spring'. Another famous bearer is inventor of helicopter Igor Sikorsky (1889–1972). [noted -ed]
In Russia and some other Slavic countries it is pronounced with a light /r/ - /Igor'/. Hard to reproduce the sound in English-speaking countries.
This name is also in use in Georgia.In Georgian, Igor is written as: იგორ.A known bearer of this name is Georgian politician Igor Giorgadze (b. 1950).
As the page mentions, Igor Stravinsky is a famous bearer of the name.
Hurricane Igor was a large hurricane that hit Newfoundland in September 2010. Because it was the costliest hurricane in Newfoundland on record (by the time I posted this comment), the name Igor was retired and replaced by Ian for 2016.
Igor Olshansky is an American football player.
The name originates in Israel.
Igor has absolutely nothing to do with Israel uneducated one. Plus the way Igor is pronounced in Russian is E gahr very soft with a very soft R at the end. In English speaking countries it sounds rough because English is a harsher sounding language in general.
I love this name. I think Iggy is a cute nickname.
Any self-respecting Mad Scientist or old-fashioned vampire needs one, that's why there's a whole clan of Igors in the Discworld.
I enjoy the resounding boom this name has. You certainly wouldn't forget meeting a boy named Igor.
This name is used in Croatia, too. [noted -ed]
A famous bearer who was no doubt named after the afore-mentioned famous bearer is M*A*S*H character Private Igor Straminsky, called "keeper of the public ptomaine" by Hawkeye, and played by Jeff Maxwell.
The name is of Slavic origin not Norse, we have other names such as Jago, Jagomir, Jagos and Jagor which is derived from a flower of the same name + a feminine suffix (jagorcevina, jagorcika). Also Ivor is Slavic deriving from the word 'javor' (marple tree). Both names occur in Serbian.
I think it would've been a nice name if it wasn't connected to the character in Frankenstein. I don't want my child's peers to laugh at him.
That green tubby assistant to the count on The Hilarious House of Frightenstein was named Igor.
Another origin is from Old Norse "Yngvar". "Yng" is a shortened form of "Freyr", and "var" means warrior or defender.
Igor is a Russian form of George, it's meaning is "farmer".
Refer also to
It's definitely not. Russian form of George is Jurij (Yuriy).
Also a boys name in Slovenia. [noted -ed] Ivor is a very rare name, if used at all.
It's not just Russian or Polish name. It's a Slavic name in general.
No offense to anyone but I don't like this name, it sounds cold and evil.
Oh, and Igor Karkoroff is also a character in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books! YAY!
Pronounced eega.
Pronounced EE-gor.
I think Igor was the name of Frankenstein's hunchbacked assistant. Probably not a good conotation.