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Allegedly also used in Hungarian:
This name is EXTREMELY rare.
Iva Davies AM, (born Ivor Arthur Davies, 22 May 1955, Wauchope, New South Wales, Australia), is the frontman for Australian synthpop/new wave/rock band Icehouse.
I like the spelling Yvor as well.
On Disney Junior show Henry Hugglemonster, the youngest member of the Hugglemonster family is named Ivor. They say it as eye-VOR, though.
Pronounced EE-vor in Croatian.
Also used in Croatia.
Ivor Novello was a very famous (and handsome!) Welsh composer, singer, and actor.
The name is of Slavic origin not Norse, Ivor is Slavic deriving from the word 'javor' (marple tree). Also Igor, which comes from Slavic. There are other names such as Jago, Jagomir, Jagos and Jagor which is derived from a flower of the same name + a feminine suffix (jagorcevina, jagorcika meaning primrose). Both names occur in Serbian and other Slavic countries.
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Ivor who?
Ivor good mind to try and get into your house.
I just met someone with this name, it's great! I would name my son Ivor in a heartbeat!