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The singer Jessica Jay. Two of her hits are the songs "Chilly Cha Cha" and "Casablanca".
Hey! We all forgot "Baby Jessica Mcclure" who got married in January of 2006. This famous bearer captivated the hearts of America in 1987, when the, then 18-month-old fell into an abandoned well and was rescued.
Jessica is a popular name in Italy too.
I was almost given this name, and I am glad I wasn't, because it's too common in my generation and there aren't many pretty abbreviations. Beware that if you name your daughter Jessica she will be one of many!
Firstly, I don't think it's right for people to say, "anyone who's considering this name should reconsider." Isn't that forcing your opinion on someone else a little too harshly?
I have a cousin who would like to name her children all classic Jewish names. She has one child already, Jacob. And if she has another boy, it will be Joseph. If a girl, Rachel. I suggested Jessica, if she has two girls. It doesn't go perfectly, but it's a beautiful name.
I especially started appreciating it when I found out J. K. Rowling's daughter was Jessica.
For some reason, when I think of the name Jessica, I don't associate it with Jessica Simpson. Not that I don't like Jessica Simpson, but for some reason, when I think of the name Jessica, it reminds me of a sophisticated person; a Shakespearean character.
Jessica is a great name! I named my first daughter this. She is named after my sister (Jessica).
Jessica sounds pretty, but I know three who all dislike the name because of the popularity and have all taken nicknames.
One famous bearer is Jessica Rabbit from the movie (and also book, though I haven't read it) "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?".
This is Sarah Jessica Parker's middle name.
I know that this name is SOOO popular, but for me, it is and always will be a lively, simple and classic favorite of mine. :) Now, I have to wait until the popularities go down completely before I would consider it for my future daughter. I think that this is, unlike MaryJane, Norma, Edna and Hildegarde (whatever that means), this name will never loose its charm. At least not for a long, long time. Peace Out!
I have also seen this spelled Jessicka, and that is my personal favorite spelling.
In my opinion this is a very beautiful name with a strong biblical background and although it is over used in the USA I must say here in Ireland it is not so much so (at least where I live) as I only know 3 people with the name myself. It is also the name of one of my nieces and she loves it (but often shortens it to Jesse).
My niece's name is Jessica. She finds it too common and wishes she had something more original. Aside from it being too popular, I think it is a pretty name.
Jessica is my name and I have always felt like it's too common for my liking. Still, I am rarely ever called Jessica because of my nicknames; Jess and Jessi.
Talented actress Jessica Alba bears this name. Probably the hottest woman in the world.
My name is Jessica and while people say it is very common, I think it is rather rude for people to leave comments saying such things as Jessicas are promiscuous, silly, or airheads. You cannot judge everyone with a certain name just because you have met other people with that name who act a certain way. I mean come on, there's more to people than their names. I happen to enjoy my name and I don't know very many other Jessicas so I consider myself lucky. You can still be an individual even if other people have your name too.
This name is used an awful lot (I had a class during my senior year in high school with no less then three Jessicas), but it remains a beautiful name. All the Jessicas I've known have also been unique individuals.
Jessicas are always silly!
It's much too overused, and many, many of girls I have personally known named Jessica have been indiscriminately promiscuous and/or airheads.
The name Yiskah (יסכה) actually comes from the Hebrew root sachah (סכה) which means "to see." Adding the yud implies future tense which makes the name imply "to vision" or "to see into the future."

I'm not sure where this meaning "God beholds" comes from--I have seen it on other name sites but in my research, which included midrash (commentary on the Torah) of both classical and contemporary scholars, I've never seen this meaning. Also, I've seen many places cite that Jessica is a feminine form of Jesse (Yishai in Hebrew) which is also most likely incorrect--although we don't know what Shakespeare was thinking. ;)
Too common, overused. I hate it.
I think the name Jessica is too overused considering it's not a great name. If you're considering this name for your child think about how she may be one of many at school.
Actress Jessica Lange is a famous bearer.
Bruce Springsteen has a daughter named Jessica Rae.
Actress Jessica Tandy (born Jessie Alice Tandy; June 7, 1909- September 11, 1994) is a famous bearer of this name. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in "Driving Miss Daisy" (1989). She is the eldest woman ever to receive that award.
Jessica is my name and I've always loved it! I was named after my great-grandmother. I wouldn't change it! I like my middle name too, Joan!
Jessica is a variation of Jane. And has the same meaning: graceful white lily. Love it!
"No! Jessica and Jane are not related and neither mean lily. Presumably, the meaning you are thinking of it for Jessamyn/Jessamine, which is its meaning, approximately. The name Jessica is unrelated to Jane, however, the name Jessie was formerly used, particularly in Scotland circa the 19th century, as a nickname for Jane; in that form, it was actually unrelated to Jessica.
I think it's a very pretty name, even if it is common.
I think this is a brilliant name!
Jessica Simpson (born Jessica Ann Simpson on July 10, 1980) is also an actress. At the age of 12, she made an unsuccessful attempt to be a character on "The New Mickey Mouse Club". Other singers that tried out and made it were Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. She made her singing debut on November 23, 1999, when her popular album "Sweet Kisses" came out. She recently starred as Daisy Duke in "The Dukes of Hazzard" and I've heard that another movie "Room Service", will appear in 2006.
My favourite book is Bryce Courtenay's award winning novel 'Jessica'.
The name comes from Hebrew and it means woman of wealth.
Jessica Rowling is the eldest child of famous Harry Potter author JK Rowling.
Jessica comes from the Hebrew name Isska, means "one who sees". It is the middle name of Sarah, Abraham's wife in the Bible.
Jessica is a lovely name, but it is not mentioned in the Bible. Sarah, Abraham's wife, is not given a middle name in the Scriptures.

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Portuguese Pronunciation: JYEH-see-ku, YEH-see-ku.