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I think Kausalya is super cool!
Name of the day December 29, 2020.
Ko-SHAL-ya is not the 'actual' pronunciation, but a variant, along with KO-sel-ya or KOW-sel-ya (the stress is slightly more on the first syllable). These change depending on what region of India you're in.This was my grandmother's name, and it was very nearly mine (It's a relief to know the commenter above thinks I could have "pulled it off"). I have a bit of nostalgia for it. It's very traditional-sounding to me, with that uncommon sort of 'old' integrity. A bit unusual among Indian names, but sparklingly pretty if it's pronounced the right way. I do believe it's possible to draw a bearable pronunciation out of Americans if it is spelled 'Kosalya'.
While it may be a spectacular name from its origin land, it is definitely not in the United States. Especially because of the spelling, it strikes as a "made-up" name to typical Americans. Probably due to the fact that, at the moment, it is a trend to be "kre8iv." This includes Mikaylah, Uriyeka, Ladashah, Tibronz, Makenzye, and the works. Overall, I suppose what I am trying to get down to is that names related through spelling to Kausalya, do not appear very intelligent around here.Of course, if you are Indian... and have an Indian surname to match, I do believe it could be pulled off.
That stands for other extremely ethnic names such as Italian, Greek, Russian, and German.
Actually pronounced Ko-SHAL-ya (ever seen Sita Sings the Blues?). A modern variant is Kushali.
Pronounced either Koh-sahl-yuh or Kau-(like cow)-sahl-yuh, depending on the district.
Pronounced kow-sahl-yah, I don't like "cow" for a first syllable. Pronounced koh-sahl-yah, I think it's too reminescent of Cosell, as in Howard Cosell, the loud-mouthed sports announcer from the '70's era. As kah-sahl-yah, it's ok but because there would be a tendency in the US to pronounce it as "cow sale ya" or "Cosella", I'd change the spelling to something more phonetic, like, Kahsalya or add an "L" and change it to, Kalsalya.
Looks pretty written out, but I don't really like how it sounds.