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Comments for ADELE

I love this name! I like the related names like Adelaide or Adeline a lot too, but I think Adele is better. The only downsides of this name for me are the nickname Addie, which I really don't like, and the association with Adele - the singer. - I really do like Adele, I think she's very talented and I have nothing against her whatsoever, but I am also not a crazy fan of hers either, and she's so popular, and I just wouldn't like people to think or constantly ask me if I named my daughter after her. So if I wanted to use this name, I'd probably use it as a middle, because it's great as a middle, or use it as a nickname for Adeline or Adelinda or Adella or something. It also makes me think of Adele Varens from Jane Eyre. I like how fresh and sweet it sounds and can suit a girl and woman of any age.
mairinn  3/10/2020

Comments for AGNES

I like Agnes so much. It's just so classy and elegant. And yes, old fashioned, but in the case of this name I see it as an advantage. It's definitely not a wonder to me that people in Sweden like it so much. Maybe because I'm not from an English-speaking country and I don't know any old ladies called Agnes, I see this name as fitting a woman absolutely any age. It's really nice for a little girl too. Nicknames Aggie and Nessie are cute. I strongly associate this name with a singer and composer Agnes Obel and with Agnes Grey from Anne Bronte's novel and Agnes Conway from Wingless Bird by Catherine Cookson.
mairinn  11/23/2017

Comments for ÁINE

I like Aine as it sounds (I pronounce it AWN-yah although don't know for sure if it should be pronounced this way). Its sound is just beautiful. I like the connection with the Celtic goddess, I love Celtic names, its meaning and that it may also be the Irish form of Anna. I associate it with Aine Minogue who I think is the best harpist, has such a soothing voice and an absolutely delightful Irish accent. The one thing that I slightly don't like about Aine is how it looks. I think the way it's pronounced makes it very rich in sound so it looks a bit too simple written down for me.
mairinn  1/18/2018

Comments for ALICE

I like Alice. It's pretty much overlooked, you see it everywhere, plus in some countries it's very popular right now as far as I know. That's why even if I wouldn't live in Poland, I wouldn't rather call my daughter Alice. But I still like it, it's very girly, but also I must agree with one of the comments above that it has that very intriguing Gothic, tragic vibe, which I really like. I don't really associate it with "Alice In Wonderland". I like how Alice is elegant, classy and fits a woman of any age. I think an Alice is a very kind-hearted, good-looking, caring, expressive woman who loves art and is just sweet and has a good taste and loves beauty. The pronunciation I like more though is Alys, although it has a completely different feel. I kind of like our Alicja too, it has this Alice feel plus something very noble-sounding to it, but it's fairly popular right now and losing its mysterious charm for me.
mairinn  12/22/2017

Comments for AMANDA

I kind of like this name. I wouldn't name my child it, but I must admit that Amanda is a very feminine, quite chrming, dynamic, romantic name. There's something passionate about it. Also, I sometimes tend to confuse it with Samantha. They have very similar feel and are pretty matchy to me.
mairinn  11/6/2017

Comments for ANGELA

I really like angelic names. I prefer Angelica or Angelina to Angela, but Angela is also really great. I would not use it on a real child though because in Polish language it feels rather snobbish to me, while in the English-speaking world I guess it's getting dated. I also can't really imagine it on a very small child. I like it's meaning, and that it feels very feminine. It's quite strong but at the same time has something soft to it. I know some Angelikas who go by Angela, either occasionally or on a regular basis, all of them are around 20, I also know an older lady whose name is Angela pronounced with a G, not j, and I know two Angelas from the US, one in her early thirties and the other in her mid-forties I guess.
When I imagine an Angela, I see a woman in her early twenties with dark brown or black, curly hair, hazel or green eyes and medium light skin with some freckles. She is tall and has an oblong face, and her figure is rather curvy. She is calm, perhaps even a bit phlegmatic, but sometimes can nevertheless act impulsively and take risks without consideration. She is an altruist, a daydreamer, an idealist, likes to help people, be out in nature. Deep down in her heart she's still a child in a way, amazed with the world around her, optimistic, happy with every little pleasure that life gives her, playful and naive, but at the same time she is capable of acting very maturely, is very responsible, caring, can be down to earth and collected when need be. She likes to be needed and useful, she has a strong maternal instinct and the need to protect those who are vulnerable. She has a strong intuition and knows how to use it, but her mind is also very rational and logical, and it is the best when she can use them both equally. She loves to indulge in things that make her happy and sometimes is generally a bit too indulgent with herself and others, and doesn't have a very strong will. She is also easily forgiving, which some people might want to make use of and the more she loves them, the worse it'll end up for her. She is like an open book, her feelings are always clear and obvious whether she wants it or not, she's not good at lying but usually doesn't even think about doing it, she's always true to who she really is and expects the same honesty and integrity from others. She is very romantic and passionate, and loyal in a relationship, but she might have trouble finding a steady partner who is equally loyal and reliable. She is very sociable and likes spending time with other people, usually has a lot of friends for whom she is very supportive and who all like her very much, she likes to party and go out with them frequently, but she also needs some quiet time at times, just for relaxing and doing nothing. She can easily become emotionally dependent on someone she's closely attached to and who has a stronger personality than herself and is more domineering. She is very sensitive to beauty, likes to surround herself with beautiful objects, aesthetically pleasing things in general and has an instinctively good taste in art, even if she's not overly sophisticated in general, she may be talented artistically herself too. She loves animals and often develops strong bonds with them. Sometimes she may appear a bit shy, but usually this disappears as soon as she gets to know her company better, she really enjoys mixing with all sorts of people, even if she's not that very outspoken herself and often prefers the position of an observer at least at the beginning. She likes order in everything, she may be a little pedantic and too stiff with her routine. She can be a very spiritual person, whatever spirituality/religion she chooses as her own she will probably be very dedicated to it.
This is just how I imagine a person named Angela, not how I think all Angelas should be or are like. The Angelas I know are somewhat similar to this description but.
mairinn  5/22/2020

Comments for ANGELINA

I love all those angelic names to pieces. And I love long and frilly names as well, and Angelina definitely is one. I think it has a lot of charm and sweetness to it, and I think it suits a conscientious, kindhearted and thoughtful, altruistic person, but also someone pretty. At the same time though, Angelina is a bit of a guilty pleasure name for me, and one of those names I love but would never use, even assuming I would have kids. I wouldn't use it here in Poland, because in Polish language, even to me it sounds quite overdone and a bit pretentious. In an English-speaking country I most likely wouldn't use it on a child either, because of the Angelina Jolie association. I don't have anything against her but am not her fan at all either so I think that would bother me. But it's a lovely name anyway, and especially for a fictional character. It's so melodic and slightly magical. Perhaps because it is so angelic it makes me think of Christmas. When I think of this name, I imagine a teenage girl, with waste-length, thick hair, either jet black or golden. If jet black then she has blue eyes, if golden, then her eyes are hazel-ish. Her eyes are big and very expressive, and she has long, dreamy eyelashes. She has fair skin by nature but I imagine her with a bit of tan. She is tall and slim, slender and generally quite attractive. She is agile and may be into sports. This is just how I imagine an Angelina when I think of this name, and not how I think all Angelinas are or should be like and I don't even know anyone with this name, it's just my imagining of a person with this name.
mairinn  8/15/2019

Comments for ANNE (1)

I also do agree with Anne Shirley (one of my favourite book heroines) that this name must have an E at the end. An A is also nice, but it just has to have something more at the end, Ann is so boring and looks not elegant and like it wasn't finished. I like Anne. You may say it's boring and, being commonly used for all ages as an old and classic name it's definitely heard a lot, but for me it still has something, maybe not unique, but very interesting, and imaginative about it. This E makes it so elegant and feminine. I like it as a middle name, though it's a pity that it is used now almost only as a middle name, as a first it's also good. What I like about such short sweet names is when they are a part of a double name or a hyphenated name. My good friend's name is Carol Anne and I really love the fact that she uses it as a double name, not just Carol or Carolanne written together. I guess my favourite name to go with Anne as hyphenated is Sophie/Sofie. Anne-Sofie has such a Scandinavian feel to me, which I adore, while Sophie-Anne is very unique I think and grows with a girl fitting her entire life.
mairinn  11/17/2017

Comments for ASTRID

I like this name. It's strong, very strong, yet still feminine, very characteristic and good for a woman of any age. If I lived in any Scandinavian countries and wanted to have children, I'd surely consider this name for my daughter. I have a friend called Astrid and she's Dutch and I like her. My other association with this name is pretty obvious - Astrid Lindgren. I love her. Yet another is Astrid - wife of king Olaf.
mairinn  10/26/2017

Comments for BETH

I like Beth as a nickname from Bethan the most. It's also good as a nickname of Elizabeth, although there are many other nicknames for this name that I like more. I don't care for it as a nickname from Bethany, 'cause I just really don't like Bethany. Beth is nice on its own, although very short and not really my style as a full name. I like how Beth is so quiet and light a name, but at the same time has some strength which in my opinion can make it a good name both for a Beth March type of girl, or for a more leader-like personality. I like "Little Women" and Beth March and that's why among other reasons, I like this name. Now I'm learning Welsh and recently I found out that Beth in Welsh means "what" which I thought at first was odd and can be a disadvantage of this name when you have any Welsh connections, but I've also noticed that there are quite many Beths in Wales so I guess that people there don't really care for what it means.
mairinn  12/15/2017
Bethany (Beth) Celyn is a Welsh singer.
mairinn  12/15/2017

Comments for BETHANY

I don't like this name at all. It sounds rather odd to me. From the names that are nicknames to Beth, I much prefer Elizabeth.
mairinn  12/15/2017
Bethany (Beth) Celyn is a Welsh singer.
mairinn  12/15/2017

Comments for BIRGIT

I don't really like Birgit, but it's still better than our Polish Brygida.
mairinn  1/12/2018

Comments for BLUMA

I used to think that despite the nice meaning this name sounded a bit harsh and elderly, even though I don't know anyone with the name Bluma, elderly or otherwise. These days though I think it's really lovely and charming and girly, while not being frilly, and just cute, and I love its meaning. It makes me think of flowers and the Swedish word for flower which is blomma and sounds very similar to Bluma, just with a double m, and obviously they share the same roots.
mairinn  4/13/2020

Comments for CAMILLA

I love the name Camilla. Camille is nice too, but I like Camilla more because it looks more feminine. It's maybe a little frilly, but I don't mind. And as I noticed, the frilliness of the name doesn't mean that Camillas are sort of super-sensitive, queasy or squeamish. In fact, those whom I know, are sensitive and delicate, but also strong and one is even a little tomboyish I'd say. I like its nicknames - Mil(la), Millie, Milly, Cammie. I hate when people pronounce it kah-MI-lah, it definitely shouldn't be pronounced that way plus in my opinion it's just ugly, sorry didn't want to offend anyone, just my own opinion. I love kah-MEE-lah, but my favourite pronunciation is Swedish, with double l. I don't really associate it with the Duchess Of Cornwall, wrl, maybe just a bit, but even if I did, it doesn't bother me and I don't see anything wrong with it. I think it's a really sweet name.
mairinn  11/23/2017

Comments for CAMPBELL

I am generally not much into surname-y names or unisex names, but I do quite like Campbell. Not love, but like. It has a nice sound, and I like its Scottishness. I even like it on both genders, which is rare for me with unisex names, though it feels more natural on boys, but in turn for girls it has a bunch of truly adorable and cute nicknames. I don't like it enough though to use it myself, even if I had children. The meaning is truly horrid, but there are names like Claudia or Cecilia which also don't have the nicest meanings, and still have their fans, and unless you look the meaning up it's not obvious what it means from the way it sounds, so if you can get past it, I think it shouldn't be a big deal as it doesn't sound like anything offensive in English. As a Pole, I didn't know what was the deal with all the comments about the soup people wrote about so had to look it up. Nevertheless, because I didn't know about Campbell Soup Company until now, it's obviously not a problem to me, but I can easily understand why it would be a problem for others and I don't think it's a matter of growing up or not. :D.
mairinn  9/11/2020

Comments for CARMEL

I really like the name Carmel. As a Catholic, I think this is a great way of honouring Our Lady. I associate this name very much with caramel, so it sounds very sweet to me. It almost tastes like caramel-flavoured hard candy to me, haha. I also associate it with monasteries and with nuns (probably because of Mount Carmel and carmelites). I think it has a lovely meaning and is a nice alternative to obvious flower or other plant names for those who are into nature names. It feels very unique to me as I rarely hear it. It's also a very rare name over here in Poland, including its variants. I met a little girl named Karmela (not sure about the spelling) as a little kid and was in awe of how beautiful and rare this name was. I also know other people with related names but they're from Mediterranean countries.
mairinn  7/29/2020

Comments for CAROLINA

I like Carolina, but only pronounced with ee, like in Scandinavian languages, not ie. I really dislike it with ie. I think it doesn't need to be shortened. It's one of those names that really don't need any nicknames despite its length. I guess all the nicknames take a lot of charm from it. I think it is a very feminine name, subtle, but dynamic. Though I prefer Caroline slightly more, also with ee or i, not ie.
mairinn  11/25/2017

Comments for CAROLYN

I really like Carolyn. Caroline is a very nice, sophisticated, elegant and classy name too. Carolyn perhaps has less elegance, but is softer and I much prefer the sound of it. I really dislike the -LIEN ending of Caroline, and much prefer pronouncing it with -LYN, it makes it so much more pleasant. Carolyn feels stronger and more concrete, despite the softness. I also generally like -lyn names, despite my naming taste overall is rather classic.
mairinn  8/21/2020

Comments for CELIA

I really like the name Celia. I used to like Cecilia more, and I still do love Cecilia, but these days I'm more drawn to Celia. I think though that Celine and Celeste are better than Celia. Celia feels really angelic to me, and celestial and heavenly indeed, it has so much subtle charm. I like both the English and the Polish pronunciation.
When I think of the name Celia, I see a girl in her early 20's. She has light blond hair, fair skin, green-ish eyes, is slim and medium-height. She is very graceful and full of very fresh, youthful charm and energy. She is likeable, warm, engaging and interested in others, as well as deeply empathetic. She likes to laugh, smiles a lot and likes to make others happy. She is modest, humble and very kind and respectful towards everyone, especially those who are older than her. She is very gentle and calm and has a calming effect on her surroundings. She is an introvert and may be a bit shy, but she does enjoy company of other people, but just doesn't like huge, loud gatherings. She is bookish and outdoorsy, very serious about her responsibilities. She is a real lover of beauty in all its forms. She may appreciate things like classical music and poetry more than your average human being, could be a talented writer herself. She is very sensitive and usually is interested in things to do with spirituality/religion. When she feels comfortable with someone she can become very chatty. She is an idealist and a romantic at heart, spends a lot of time daydreaming. She is fascinated by all things mysterious, unusual, strange, unexplained etc. She likes to live as minimalistically as possible, and enjoys travelling which allows her to have a taste of different cultures. She is a very good observer. She is a loving, forgiving and caring person but she does know what healthy boundaries are. She is very bright and intelligent, diplomatic, and has a subtle, innocent sense of humour. She likes to communicate with others, learn more about people, meet different kinds of people and observe them, hear their stories, she's genuinely interested in others. She can be very supportive and understanding. She loves animals. She has a natural air of elegance and gentleness around her. She can be very dedicated and sacrifice a lot for her loved ones, or people that she works with, because she tends to chose jobs that involve caring for others, supporting them or helping them in some significant ways. Justice is one of her most important values.
I don't know anyone with the name Celia, so this is just a description of how I imagine a Celia, rather than what I think all Celias are or should be like.
mairinn  5/24/2020

Comments for CELINE

I really like this name, whether with the accent above the E or without. I've always liked our Polish Celina, but I think Celine is even better, softer and more delicate. I just really like the sound of it. I have auditory-taste synaesthesia, and auditory-tactile synaesthesia as well, and to me Celine tastes like grapes. I kind of don't like the association with Celine Dion though, not because I really don't like Dion but because she's so very popular and not really my thing. I also adore Celine as a diminutive of Marcelline.
mairinn  4/14/2020

Comments for CELYN

I really love this name! I love almost all things Celtic and am an avid Welsh learner, so that being said it's not a huge surprise, but there are Celtic/Welsh names out there that I don't particularly like at all. Celyn is so lovely though. Because all the Celyns I've heard of are females, it's quite difficult for me to picture a male Celyn, I can only see this name work on a young boy but not a grown up man, while on a woman I feel like it could age much better. I wonder whether Celyn isn't a bit like Evelyn was in English - traditionally masculine but now almost exclusively feminine - because seriously I haven't heard of a single Welsh guy named Celyn. I am not Welsh though nor do I live in Wales so my idea is surely very limited and I may be wrong. I think I personally also have a problem picturing this name on a guy because Celyn is spelled so much like Celine, Marcellyn and other such feminine names, which in my opinion gives it some of their gentleness. On the other hand names like Kellan/Kellen are popular in the Anglophone world and in pronunciation Celyn is only slightly different from those. So yeah, I think it's the spelling that makes it seem so feminine to me.
I have all sorts of lovely associations with it, makes me think of the very talented Celyn Cartwright, and the historical Welsh place called Garth Celyn, as well as a song about it. As I already said, it also feels very similar in my head to Celine despite the different pronunciation and I do love Celine as well.
I honestly don't know if this name could work out in the English-speaking but non-Welsh-speaking parts of the world. I think a lot of people would try to pronounce it SE-lin or even exactly like Celine, feels inevitable if even I as a Welsh learner still have the Celine association, that people who won't have a clue about Welsh will feel the same. But then -lyn names are all the rage, and K names are very trendy too, and Celyn has a nature meaning, as well as a very modern feel when looking at it from an English perspective, so perhaps why not? It's short and sweet and could appeal to many people. But I think it definitely would be a lovely, unexpected and cool option as a middle name, especially if you have some Welsh heritage and/or your child was born around Christmas. In Wales, I think it would be great if it was more popular as a first name.
mairinn  10/11/2020

Comments for CHARLOTTE

I wonder why I don't like Charlotte more. It has the style that I like, I like many elegant, girly, but strong, kind of sophisticated, classy, gentle, classic girl names and I like Charlotte, but not like it's one of my real favourites. I think I prefer Caroline. I think Charlotte is nice on its own, it looks fine written down, as it is so long and full, but at the same time it's much shorter when pronounced, so, in my opinion it doesn't really need any nicknames to be more usable. I like the association with Charlotte Bronte.
mairinn  12/23/2017

Comments for CHELSEA

I generally tend not to like modern names which are place names, have a gazillion of possible spellings and little to no tradition beyond 21st-20th century, but Chelsea is one of the exceptions. I actually find it quite a friendly, nice name. It has a very approachable, warm, fresh, youthful, vibrant, cool and energetic vibe. I don't know anyone named Chelsea very closely but it seems like a lot of women with this name are quite nice. And I just like the sound of this name. I also like Kelsey. Would never use either myself on a child, but like hearing it on other people.
mairinn  12/3/2020

Comments for CHRISTEL

I like this name. It's subtle and feminine, but also strong. Though I prefer the form Christelle, or Chrystelle.
mairinn  10/12/2017
In Norway, it's pronounced KREE-stel.
mairinn  10/12/2017

Comments for CLARA

I like the name Clara, although I prefer Klara, but Clara's still a very nice spelling. I pronounce it KLAH-ruh and this pronunciation appeals to me the most. I think it's a very elegant, feminine, but also strong name. When I think about this name I see a woman who is very sharp-minded, beautiful, talented, especially she loves literature, theatre and music, she's generally very into culture, she's very classy and elegant, but is also a very good woman with a big, open heart. Very generous, a good listener, really full of virtues. She has quite conservative views, can be very spiritual, is very sensitive and wise, you can talk with her about really serious, philosophical things, but she has also a very good sense of humour and likes a good joke. She's extroverted. She's very loving and caring for others, she hates lies, has a very strong will and is determined and hard-working, a bit of a perfectionist, often her self-esteem is either a bit too low or a bit too high.
mairinn  10/21/2017

Comments for CORNELIA

I love this name! Regardless of whether with a K or C. I do like Cordelia too but I think Cornelia is much nicer. One of my music crushes has been Cornelis Vreeswijk and although I never plan on having children, I've always thought that if I had a girl, I'd name her Kornelia/Cornelia because it's such a lovely name in itself but also in honour of him. But nowadays I'd be much more hesitant because Kornelia is very popular over here, or in any case, its popularity is growing. I like the nickname Nellie a lot. It is a very classy, aristocratic name with an ancient feel, that has a lot of gentleness in it, but also some inner strength, so when I think of a Cornelia, I see a girl/woman who is relatively short, has fine features, chestnut hair, green eyes, might be a bit freckly. She looks noble - not like stately or very seriously, but has a lot of finesse about herself. She seems gentle, yet at the same time she has a steely will and ambition, is very agile, hyperactive and always does what she wants. She can be a bit bossy and tyrannical. But she has a kind heart, and deep down is very sensitive, gentle and extremely vulnerable. She is very smart and likes to act tough. She likes to draw attention to herself, is creative, always stands out from the crowd, is eccentric. She likes sports and music. Gets herself and others in trouble with surprising ease. She has a fiery temper. If she has a goal, she works towards it zealously. She is a spiritual person, and often experiences very extreme feelings. She is interested in all things paranormal, out there, in psychology, has a great intuition and is very empathetic. She has a lot of contradictions in her character which makes her a difficult but very interesting character. She has a tendency to isolate herself from others and think always in black or white. She needs safety and security, and despite what she likes to show, is not too self-assured. She's very artistic and easily moved by beauty. I actually don't know any Cornelias whatsoever, it is just the way I imagine a person with this name, not how I think all Cornelias are or should be.
mairinn  6/27/2019

Comments for CORRINA

I don't really like it, I think Karina or Corinna are much better. Corrina sounds prettier when pronounced cor-REE-nah than cor-RI-nah for me.
mairinn  12/5/2017

Comments for DANIELA

I like this name a lot, even though I've recently met a woman with this name whom I really dislike, and it's not really often for me to dislike people that much, so I hope I won't have bad associations with this name. Well I mean I already do, but so far I still can appreciate its beauty. I think I prefer Daniella or Danielle a bit more, or very similar sounding but of course not etymologically related Daniela, and I dislike most of the nicknames for this name. But still, I do like it. When I try to imagine a Daniela - like just a random person with this name, trying not to be biased by that strange lady I know - I see a woman who can be somewhere in between her 20's-40's, I can easily imagine a woman with this name both as young and middle-aged. She has long, very dark hair, dark complexion and skin, and big, dark, almond-shaped eyes. I can imagine her being any height. But she's very attractive and knows it. She can be a little bit vain, and has a very high self-esteem, sometimes too high. She likes flirting, knows everything about make up and cosmetics and likes to be beautiful and in the centre of attention. Sometimes she likes a bit of drama, especially if she creates it itself, it's because her imagination is very vivid, she's intelligent and has great acting skills, and just needs an outlet for them plus craves attention. She is quite egocentric and might sometimes appear egoistical, but she's not cold-hearted and uninterested in others, just too absorbed with herself at times. She has a deep feeling that she is a very special person, like that she has some special mission in the world, or is better than anyone else in some particular sphere, usually either intellectual or regarding her appearance. She's very sensitive and it's easy to hurt her feelings, and she doesn't forgive easily. She feels everything very intensely and is often rebellious. She's an extrovert but has phases when she wants only her own company and when she retreats to her inner world. She has a good sense of humour and can be a social butterfly if she wants, however she might be a bit moody, and complain easily. She's a pessimist by nature, and needs someone who would support her and love her unconditionally. If she feels it's worth it, she's capable of unusual sacrifices or heroic deeds, but normally she doesn't have very high demands for herself. She is artsy and doesn't like too much discipline or regime, she's quite a hedonist. That's just how I imagine a person with this name, not how I think all Danielas are or should be.
mairinn  5/23/2019

Comments for DELYTH

I really love the name Delyth. It sounds like delight or delicate and is indeed delightful and delicate. It also makes me think of flowers and a lapping, splashing stream and nature in general. This is one of my most favourite Welsh names, though I like a whole lot of them. I agree with the previous commenter that it indeed sounds kind of elfin and fairy-like. It also makes me think of harp because of Delyth Jenkins. I think for people who aren't Welsh but live in the Anglophone world, it could make an interesting alternative to Delilah if you like Delilah but for some reason don't like it enough to use it, Delyth's crispier and definitely much more uncommon, at least outside of Wales, I've no idea how popular it is in its home country, but if you like Delilah, want something uncommon for your baby and perhaps have some Welsh heritage I think Delyth would be a cool option, especially that its pronunciation is very straightforward.
mairinn  9/23/2020

Comments for ELEN

I really like this name. I used to think it looked incomplete in comparison with Ellen, but now it just has a completely different feel. While Ellen feels a bit more stately, dignified and sophisticated, Elen has an elfin, fairy-like, lighter feel to it. So I like both equally as much. I do prefer Helen to Elen though.
mairinn  10/17/2020

Comments for ELENA

I like this name a lot. I think that if I'd have children and if it wouldn't be too popular then, as it seems to rise in my area, I'd consider it as a name for my baby. I love Helena, it's my gramma's name, so I'd love to honour her this way, though I'd be afraid that she'd be called Lena, there are so many little Lenas over here right now. I liked Lena as well some time ago, but now it's just boring and insipid in my opinion. But not Elena. Elena differs with just one letter, but not being so popular in my country, it seems fresh, original, or at least more original than Lena or even than beautiful and classic Helena, it's easy to diminish and use in Poland. It reminds me of a princess, the one who's very royal, likes to be in charge, but is also a bit tomboyish. She can be very girly though if only she wants. She likes horseback riding. It works for a very lively girl in my opinion, but also fits a woman, I think in any age... Well, it's a bit hard for me to imagine Elena in her 30's-40's, but it's probably just me. I regret that I don't know any Elenas personally.
mairinn  10/14/2017

Comments for ELEONORA

I think this is a lovely name. It has strength, but also elegance, is refined and sophisticated, and I usually like long, elegant girl names. It is also rather unique to me, I don't know anyone with this name, but at the same time it has a classic, and classy, feel. I like Eleanor too though.
mairinn  1/7/2019

Comments for ELI (3)

Some years ago when I wasn't quite as familiar with the names in the English-speaking world, I was actually very surprised that Eli is considered a masculine name and so popular as a masculine name. To me, when I saw Eli I would immediately pronounce it as Ellie, and so I was the more surprised that Eli as a boy's name is pronounced EE-lie, although now it's normal for me. I like Eli for both boys and girls, but I prefer the Ellie spelling to EE-lie, hence probably why I like Eli for a girl more. I also like many of the feminine names that start with Eli- like Elizabeth, Elinor, Elin/Elina, Eliza, Eliana etc. I think Eli on a girl is both cute and gentle, and minimalistic and strong. When I think of an Eli, I imagine a young girl, in her late teens or early twenties, she has brown, curly hair, green or blue eyes, is short, and I can both imagine her being rather skinny and more fluffy. In any case, she likes being active, if not physically then at least mentally, is smart, funny, bubbly, extroverted, has a little bit of a sarcastic sense of humour. She has her own girl tribe and greatly values her friendships. She easily gets involved in dramas, and has a bit of a tendency for gossips, but only light gossips. She can be a bit clumsy. She's very down to Earth and practical, but might have artistic skills and likes to stand out from the crowd, usually has some unusual style in what she wears, or weird taste in music, has an out there pet at home or has some rare and unheard of hobby/interest. She's good at science and math. She is kind-hearted, warm, empathetic, helpful, supportive, loyal, friendly, easy to talk to, though truth be told it's more herself who will talk to you, she's very talkative and always has a lot going on. She's impulsive and passionate. She has the ability of laughing at herself and does it often. She loves eating, well who doesn't, but for Elli food is her real love and can be potentially a weakness. She is very likeable and laughs a lot. I don't know any Eli, be it a girl or a boy, and this description is not how I think all Elis are/should be like, but just how I imagine a person with this name when I think of the name Eli.
mairinn  6/8/2019

Comments for ELIN

As for how I imagine an Elin, she could be any age really, as well as any height. She has light brown hair and dark green/dark blue eyes. She has petite features and looks rather gentle and fragile, but at the same time it's very very visible that she is a strong person, with a steely character. She has both loads of sensitivity and gentleness about herself as well as loads of strength. She has small, delicate hands and is very agile, not necessarily sporty, but just has some finesse in her movements and a lot of unconscious gracefulness. She is a very curious person, she loves discovering, exploring the world, people around her, learning new things, being intellectually and physically active, she's an idealist. She always asks a lot of questions and likes to receive a lot of specific and detailed info in return. She is brave, courageous, forthright and frank, sometimes a little bit too much, but if she finds it necessary for some big purpose, she will employ her imagination and drama skills and will become an excellent, convincing liar. She can be a bit temperamental at times, but usually makes an impression of calm, albeit a very inquisitive person. She is domineering, slightly self-centered and selfish, but not narcissistic, and has a lot of empathy. When she finds any obstacles in her life, she'll fight with all her strength, that's always the thing with her. She can be rebellious. She likes to look very good, but is not a type of a coquette, even though men usually find her attractive. She's also very down to Earth so at the same time simply wants to be practical and comfortable. But she has that innate elegance about herself, and a hint of sophistication. She protects her very sensitive, gentle, idealistic, dreamy, worrisome and anxious self with the invincible fighter exterior, but both are valid parts of her personality, neither is fake, even though she might not like her sensitive and vulnerable part. She's prone to anxiety and mood swings even though she strives to always keep calm and positive and very rarely complains. She is creative and very smart, in all the meanings of this word, she appreciates real beauty and art. She is also a bit nerdy and may feel very different from the rest of people. She's also prone to jealousy and may be a bit judgmental, but she always tries to be kind and respectful of others and treat everyone equally and fairly. She likes challenges and risks, dreams of adventures, and if she happens to be a mum, her children's childhood just can't be normal or boring, there's always a lot going on when Elin is around. I know only one Elin personally, and this description is not a description of any specific person named Elin, nor the way I think all the Elins are/should be like, just the way I imagine an Elin when I hear/see/think of this name.
mairinn  6/6/2019
I absolutely love Elin. It has what I like in a name. It's cute, feminine, ages well, has the El sound in it and is often used in many of my favourite languages - Swedish, Finnish and Welsh. And I have tons of nice associations with it. And it is a form of Helen, I like lots of forms of Helen, including Helen itself.
mairinn  1/12/2018

Comments for ELINA

I really love most of the Helen related names. Elin is my huge favourite, but I guess Elina is even better because it's more feminine, kind of more gentle, and also more multicultural, since it occurs in Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, a lot of Slavic countries, and could be very usable in the English-speaking ones as well though I guess there could be a lot of spellings possible so that could be either an upside or a downside. I think it ages very well but at the same time fits a child and a teen well too and has a lot of sweetness to it while not being frilly or bland or overly delicate. It could fit someone strong but also a very sensitive person.
mairinn  2/29/2020

Comments for ELISABET

I really like this name. I think Elisabeth looks better, more elegant and complete, but what's nice about Elisabet is that it's so phonetic. It seems to be incredibly popular as a middle name in Scandinavia though. It makes me think of Elisabet from "The Christmas Mystery" which is a book I loved as a child. I like the sound of it.
mairinn  2/12/2020

Comments for ELISABETH

When I think of the name Elisabeth, I see a woman in her 30's-40's, medium height, rather slightly built, with long, a little bit wavy, light brown hair, very expressive dark green or dark blue or grey eyes. She has something majestic about herself, is very feminine, maybe not beautiful, but nice to look at and it is visible easily that she is a trustworthy and wise person, who has a lot to say on different things but also keeps a lot to herself. She is very intelligent, introverted, highly sensitive, analytical, loves writing, being out in nature, she is altruistic and devotes herself wholely to her loved ones, not thinking much about herself. She doesn't like to talk a lot, but she thinks a lot, overthinks perhaps should we say, and when she does talk, people usually find what she says very valuable. She is a loner, but is not shy around people, just rather reserved and doesn't trust easily. She treasures her freedom and privacy, as well as her independence, and respects the privacy of others.
mairinn  6/9/2019
I love Elisabeth. :) I don't have any particular preference as for the spelling, I like both Elizabeth and Elisabeth, but what's definitely true in my opinion too, as many of the commenters wrote before, is that Elisabeth is more feminine. It is subtler, more gentle, a bit more classy, though I can't say Elizabeth isn't. Elisabeth is just that little bit more, and I like the Scandinavian feel in it. As an avid Swedish learner, I pronounce it e-LEE-sah-bet, not like Elizabeth.
mairinn  12/15/2018
I love Elisabeth. It's so classic, elegant, has plenty of nicknames to choose from, is delicate and unique. However I like Elizabeth too and I can't tell which one I like more. The thing I don't like though is when people pronounce Elisabeth like Elizabeth. I like it pronounced e-LEE-sah-bet the most and that's how I pronounce it, it's a Swedish pronunciation.
mairinn  12/31/2017

Comments for ELISE

It's interesting how so many people here say that they think Elise is sweet, angelic, pure, etc. I feel it exactly the same. When I think about this name I see a girl with long, brown, wavy hair, pale skin, dark blue eyes with long lashes, small, white, delicate hands, she's very slender and has petite features. She is introverted, has a very kind heart and is good natured, can be very shy and withdraw easily but likes helping people and is very considerate about other feelings. She is acutely sensitive and always wants to be the best, and is simply nice, would never do something bad or hurtful for others on purpose, is very patient and a great listener, although can be a little vain, she loves daydreaming and being surrounded with beauty. Elise is very intelligent and has an ear for music, but is always incredibly modest and not very self-confident. She has a natural air of sophistication, elegance and mystery around her. And I really think it's a very elegant and refined name. The fact that the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this name is a little girl doesn't mean that I can't picture a grown-up woman with this name, in fact I think it can age really well, and is good as both a first or a middle name. I think it goes particularly well with some other sweet but a bit stronger name, and looks good when hyphenated.
mairinn  12/31/2018

Comments for ELIZA

My mum wanted to call me Eliza and I regret she didn't. I doubt it would suit my personality, but I really love its sound. I love the name Eliza! I don't plan to have children, but if I would have, Eliza would be very high on my list and, as I'm Polish, I pronounce it e-LEE-zah and love it the most with such pronunciation. Here it isn't a very popular name. My first association with Eliza is a very mysterious, introverted, but self confident woman, a bit romantic and very sensitive, but not showing emotions. She's intelligent and clever. She loves to read and write and is very artistic. She loves authors like Elizabeth Gaskell, Jane Austen or the sisters Bronte. She's very intuitive, but also materialistic. She's tall and quite slim, has dark brown, long, wavy hair, pale complexion and almond shaped green eyes, she likes dark, calm colours. I know two Elizas and they're both very strong personalities and very motherly to their children.
mairinn  10/11/2017

Comments for ELIZABETH

It may be not the most unique, uncommon and surprising name in the world, and it seems particularly common as a middle name - which I understand because it feels so well with almost everything - but I still love this name. I love how classy and classic it is, and so elegant and regal. It is feminine and girly, but not too frilly at all, it has loads of strength, elegance and sophistication in it. But is not overly sophisticated either, and has such a fabulous nickname potential, so that it can actually fit people with different personalities and looks. But what first comes to my mind when I hear the name Elizabeth is a young girl, either in her teens or young adulthood, who has chestnut, a little wavy, shoulder-length hair, oblong face, light brown, almond-shaped eyes, and she's rather short to medium-height and pretty skinny and slightly built. You could actually say she looks pretty fragile but she has an iron will, steely determination and can be awfully stubborn, which is both good and bad. She likes to be in control of things, if she's not it often makes her anxious. She is nice and kind, and not really a shy person, but definitely an introvert and much prefers to spend time on her own, just with her own thoughts, in the garden, taking care of her flowers, or in her room reading a book or dedicating herself to some artsy hobby like drawing, painting or playing the piano or maybe violin, something like that. She's very talented, a real aesthete and a lover of words. She knows how to write interestingly and is also pretty eloquent, has a good sense of humour, kind of sarcastic, and is very intelligent. She is a pessimist most of the time, but not the one who complains all the time. She is very strongly devoted to her family and those she loves and cares about and has a real instinct for taking care of others, protecting and reassuring them. She likes to be perceived as strong, and she has a lot of emotional strength, but at the same time she is also very vulnerable and sensitive, and it's not particularly difficult to hurt her feelings, she struggles with a lot of self-doubt as well, but also is terribly ambitious and characterised by pride, so it actually makes her quite a perfectionist and she usually achieves her goals whatever they are. She makes an impression of a very down to Earth, practical person, who has her feet firmly on the ground, who always has everything under control, is well organised, caring of others, almost overprotective and bossy but it's well intentioned, and even slightly lacking spontaneity, but sometimes, when no one sees, another side of her comes out, a part of her that is an artist, a daydreamer, a hopeless romantic, very imaginative and even a bit idealistic, and kind of a wild spirit. But actually, Elizabeth is such a versatile name that you can imagine a person with this name any age I guess, and this is just what first comes to my mind usually when I think of the name Elizabeth, this is just how I imagine an Elizabeth, but I don't know anyone who is exactly like this and I am not saying that all Elizabeths are like that.
mairinn  5/14/2019

Comments for ELLA (1)

I love this name. I generally tend to like names ending in -Ella or with -el- anywhere in them. Ella is a very fresh sounding name for me. It's soft and girly, but very energetic at the same time. I associate it with a playful, imaginative, sociable girl, believing in fairies and other fairy tale creatures, she loves to sing and be close to nature, is very chatty and rather naive, but also very bright and energetic, she's very kind to people and very outgoing. She's small and slim, has long, black, curly hair, rosy cheeks, eyes in the colour of the sea, or they can be hazel, red lips, small hands and feet, she likes long dresses, her favourite colours are pink and silver and she likes to look elegant. I tend to pronounce it EL-lah.
mairinn  10/11/2017

Comments for ELLA (2)

When I think of the name Ella, I imagine a magnetic, attractive young girl/woman. I think this name ages fairly well so I can imagine her pretty much any age. She has curly, thick dark hair, hazel or brown eyes, but I can also imagine an Ella with very intensely blue eyes who would look a bit differently. She is very feminine. Has a heart-shaped face, rosy cheeks, nice features. Ella is full of charm and very playful, energetic, active, optimistic, there's always a lot going on around her. She is a bit selfish, but not cold-hearted, she likes helping people and is easily moved by someone's suffering of any kind. She is frank and direct. Ella has a talent for music and dance, or at least feels strongly towards those things. She's a real aesthete, takes care of her beauty, is interested in lifestyle, interior design, wants to make everything around herself beautiful. She is fiercely independent but sometimes likes to be spoiled by others. It's a very romantic and affectionate soul. She is very girly. She's not a minimalist, quite the opposite, she likes living in comfort and luxury. She's a bit vain. Ella is bright and intelligent and creative and has always hundreds of ideas. She doesn't like discipline and constraints and can be rebellious. She's very, very strong-willed, determined and stubborn. People usually like her for her charm but sometimes might shy away from her as she can be a bit overwhelming and domineering and overly emotional, and might appear shallow. She's very hospitable and likes both eating and cooking. This is a sociable extrovert who loves interacting with people, especially if all eyes are focused on her, and she always has something to say. She might be up to some mischief once in a while, and she likes flirting. This is just the way I imagine an Ella when I think of this name, I don't even know anyone named Ella in person and that's not how I think all Ellas are or should be.
mairinn  6/23/2019
I love the name Ella. It maybe is very popular, which is a big downside in my opinion, but I still love it and I can understand why so many people want to use it. It's charming, kind of playful, charming, delicate, but it is also sophisticated and upperclass and very girly. I guess it doesn't sound particularly strong, maybe is even frilly, but I think bearers of this name have to be very strong, self-confident women. Though, despite loving this name, I don't think I would use it myself for a child. I'd rather go with something longer, starting with El-, or maybe even just with L-? Or ending in -Ella, and then I'd call her Ella once in a while. I love this kind of name.
mairinn  11/1/2018

Comments for ELLEN (1)

As for how I imagine an Ellen, when I think of this name, I see a little girl, maybe 6 or 7-year-old, with long, slightly wavy, dark brown hair, and dark blue or green eyes. She has an oblong face and nice, pretty features, but isn't objectively very beautiful. Ellen is very intelligent, and has a difficult character. She can be explosive and bossy, and always wants to have things her way. She is very forthright and honest, often too much, and doesn't care about what people think of her. Despite she's very cunning, she never lies. Ellen is an introvert, likes her own company and has a tendency to isolate herself from others, especially from her equals, and feels inadequate towards them - either very superior because of her intellect and often different way of looking at the world or very inferior because she feels lonely and alienated and jealous of what others' lives look like. - She has a deeply sensitive nature and is a great observer. She tends to be egotistical, but at the same time might not think highly of herself. Ellen is a really clever girl. It may be hard to win her heart, and make her trust you, but if you do, she will be a real friend for you and will also value your friendship. Ellen loves to be out in nature and is interested in plants, has a good hand with animals. She can be sometimes rude to people, but will never be cruel with animals. She needs discipline but also lots of gentleness and understanding. That's just the way I imagine an Ellen when I think of this name, but I actually think this name ages very well so I can imagine a woman with this name of every age. I also don't think all Ellens are like that or should be like that, I know only one Ellen and she's not like the one I've described, that's just what comes to my mind when I think "Ellen".
mairinn  7/6/2019
Ellen is a lovely name! Classic and classy, and very feminine. I think it ages well, and has both some youthful charm and calm maturity in it. I prefer Helen, or Helena, a little more, but I think lots and lots of names related to Helena are absolutely beautiful and Ellen is one of them. It's elegant, but not overly sophisticated, very simple, and I think it works well in all kinds of situations, professional, familial, etc. There is even no need to come up with any nicknames as it is short and sweet, though I really like Ellie, or Elle, Ella, they're cute nicknames for Ellen. And you can make lots of great combos with the name Ellen either as a first or middle name, to make this name even fuller with something to complete it, to make it even more charming. Oh, and I know an Ellen, she's an awesome, kind person, always very supportive and listening to other people, and willing to help whenever she can. That's how I've always imagined an Ellen, even before I met her.
mairinn  11/14/2018

Comments for ELLINOR

I really like most forms of Eleanor, but I guess this one alongside Eleonora are my most favourite ones. Ellinor has that cool, elegant vibe to it that I really like, plus it's Swedish and I love Swedish language. I think it looks a bit better than the English Elinor.
mairinn  3/14/2020

Comments for ELSA

I absolutely love the name Elsa, but I hate how everyone associates it with "Frozen". I've never watched it and I don't have any particular opinion about the movie, but I just feel it gives this name a way too mainstream feel. And I don't like how everyone here in Poland pronounces it as Elza, I mean it's quite natural because Elza is a Polish name, so it's easier, plus I really like the name Elza as well, but Elsa written and pronounced with s sounds much better. I like the Nordic feel this name has, and I like it both on its own or as a diminutive of Elisabeth/Elisabet. It's interesting how strong and delicate it is at the same time, and I think it ages well.
mairinn  11/10/2018

Comments for ELVIRA

I love love Elvira! I also love Elwira, our Polish form of this name. Elvira is sophisticated and strong, smart and elegant, a bit magical, mysterious and fairy-like, and, to me, very very unique and rare. And it has a slightly Gothic, enigmatic feel to it. I much prefer it pronounced as el-VEE-rah than el-VI-rah, el-VIE-rah or however else people may pronounce it across the world.
mairinn  11/22/2018

Comments for ELŻBIETA

This name has a bit of a dated feel in Poland, and most Elżbietas I know are 50+ so I think it needs a few more years of rest before becoming more popular again, but I think it still does have a lot of upsides to it. I definitely do like it, even though many Elżbietas I know aren't people with easy characters and even though most of them go by Ela, despite this name has such a huge nickname potential so with its commonness and kind of universality I guess it could be fun if there were more diversity in nickname usage so that each of these many Elżbietas could feel at least a bit more unique and less confused with her other namesakes. I do like the nickname Ela as well, but there are many others, like Elżunia for example, which I hardly ever hear, and it would be so cool if they were used more. I also know that the nickname Ela and how many people use it by default when talking to an Elżbieta discourages a lot of parents who like the full form but not this particular nickname.
I like how Elżbieta is a very classic, feminine name, Biblical and very strong. And I absolutely love its nickname potential, just like I do in case of Elizabeth. It also has that regal feel that Elizabeth does to me.
mairinn  12/5/2020

Comments for EMANUEL

Great name, I love it! Not sure if I'd use it for my own child, but it's lovely, and I love the Christian connotation, also that it is similar to another name I like - Samuel. It has something magical to it. It's delicate and soft but has a masculine, upper class feel nevertheless.
mairinn  9/20/2018

Comments for EMELIE

I love this name. I like Emily as well, I like it a lot, but it's a bit overlooked, even though here in Poland it's not used, so I can imagine how overlooked it might be for some people in english-speaking countries. Emelie is much more original for me and is a very sweet, gentle name. When I think of this name I see a calm person, introverted, down-to-earth, but also who likes to dream, a bit of a loner, artsy creature, especially very musical, lover of beauty, very sensitive, vulnerable and enigmatic lady. She's medium high, slim, has long, black hair, likes dark colours, has blue eyes and pale complexion, may have a little Gothic, but also elegant and refined style, she's very girly.
mairinn  10/16/2017

Comments for EMILIE

I love this name, I think because my name is Emilia and I like it as well. I like most (if not all) of the spellings and variants of this name, well, maybe besides those like Emmilee, Emilee, Emmily, Emileigh, Emaleigh or Emiley or anything like that. I don't have anything against the traditional Emily, it is a little bit boring, you see it everywhere even if you don't live in an English-speaking country, but it's still a pretty, classic little name in my opinion. But Emilie has all that, what Emily has, plus all that lacks Emily. It's classy, gentle, feminine, sweet, easy to pronounce everywhere I guess, classic, fitting a woman any age, flexible when it comes to nicknames and so on, but also is pretty unique in its spelling, but not in this over creative way which I hate, it may appeal to people with more modern taste, as well as to those who prefer more classic names, it's also more elegant than Emily, maybe because it's longer (?) and it's not so popular, 'cause even though I like Emily I think it's overwhelmingly popular. I think Emilie is a fresh alternative to the dozens of parents across the world who have a "crush" on Em- names at the moment. When I think about this name I see a woman pretty similar to Emily Of New Moon haha. Black-haired, pale, grey-eyed, tall and slim, very dreamy, bright, creative and a little withdrawn. My associations with Emilie are Emilie Autumn and Emilie Nicolas (Norwegian electronica singer), but also, like I said Emily Of New Moon, because any name related to Emily reminds me of her, probably because I - being an Emilia - feel so close and similar to her. One thing I don't like about Emilie is its French pronunciation e-mee-LEE, I prefer it with the accent on the first syllable as in English and that's the way I pronounce it, I also like the Norwegian pronunciation e-MEE-lye.
mairinn  10/22/2017
Emilie is also used in Norway. It's spelled e-MEE-lye there, (I guess), although I also know a Norwegian with this name pronouncing it E-mee-lee.
mairinn  10/22/2017

Comments for EMMA

There was a time that I liked this name quite a lot and I still kind of like it, but not as much, probably because it's so popular. I know that some time ago I considered it very elegant, romantic and mysterious, but now I don't perceive it this way. I think it is a strong, yet feminine name, but not very refined, elegant or sophisticated. I tend to pronounce it EM-mah and this pronunciation appeals to me the most. When I think of Emma, I see a woman in late 20s-early or mid30s, tall, well built, with light blonde hair, grey eyes, quite sharp features, likes to wear dark clothes and is a sort of minimalist, is very strong, physically and mentally, firm, sensible, rational, intelligent, serious, dutiful, perfectionist, ironic, when in a bad mood, a good listener, doesn't talk a lot and is very calm, but when she's angry, it would be better to say she's enraged. She's a good listener and very responsible. Deep down, she's very sensitive and emotional, but she may appear pretty tough and rarely shows her affection for anyone. Or if she does, she does it by demanding a lot, being a little harsh to such person and showing something diverse. She is obsessed about her independence. Demands a lot from herself.
mairinn  10/27/2017

Comments for ERIKA

I like Erika. I used to think it's ugly but started to gradually like it as my love for Scandinavian countries was raising. I like its harshness. I generally prefer more girly names for girls, but the type of harshness Erika has in itself really appeals to me. And still, it's feminine, but not overly. I prefer it much more to Erica.
mairinn  11/13/2017

Comments for ESYLLT

I like this name, as many Welsh names and I think it's much better than the English Isolde.
mairinn  12/2/2017
Esyllt Glyn Jones is a harpist and backing vocalist in the Welsh band 9B138.
mairinn  12/2/2017

Comments for EVA

I don't like Eva at all. With any pronunciation. I think I should like it, it has many features that I appreciate in names, I have some nice associations, people who bear this name are often awesome for some reason and always very kind-hearted, well, anyway those I know, but I've never liked it and I really don't think I'm going to like it in future. I pronounce it either E-vah or EE-vah, depends on the context and situation. I don't like Eve too. I like the nickname Evie slightly more, but I much much prefer it as a nickname for Evelyn or Evangeline.
mairinn  11/17/2017

Comments for EVELINA

I LOVE this name! It's so energetic, sweet, dynamic and just full of joy and enthusiasm. It has something special about it. I've always thought it's a name for a beautiful, or at least pretty, maybe even a bit vain girl, who is bubbly, extroverted, fun loving, energetic, coquettish and full of enthusiasm, but also sensitive, artsy, intelligent and elegant and very likeable. In my country, the form of Evelina is Ewelina. I like it too and even thought about using it for my future child, but it's a bit dated in this strange way, it was pretty overused in 70's, 80's and maybe still a bit in early 90's (similarly as Evelina in Sweden, I suppose) and now it's almost unheard of nowadays on children and just associated with a woman in her thirties. But in English-speaking countries, I think Evelina is a beautiful alternative to Ava, Eva, Adeline, or even Evelyn, as it's so unique there. I like Evelina so much more than Eva. I actually think Eva is rather ugly.
mairinn  12/15/2017

Comments for EVELYN

I love Evelyn. I like names containing -el- sounds anywhere in them or even if it's just in spelling like in this case and I love names with the -lyn- sound. Plus Evelyn is so feminine, classy, and, for me, sounds youthful, but classic and elegant, so actually has all that I like in a girl name. I think Evelyn on a boy could be nice years ago, like in the middle ages, it definitely could be an attractive name, but now it's too feminine and too many girls bear it, so in my opinion you'd harm your son naming him Evelyn these days and for me it's pretty much like you've called the boy Carolyn.
mairinn  12/22/2017
I know that this name is used in Scandinavia, namely in Norway. Also, a blogger from Sweden whom I follow has a daughter called Evelyn.
mairinn  12/22/2017

Comments for FANNY

I like this name in the literature, I can perfectly understand why it was so liked centuries ago, it's cute and girly. It's a bit childish to me, but putting these unlucky associations aside, its sound is not that bad. However the meaning behind the word Fanny destroys this name for me completely and makes it just absolutely unusable in modern times. Unless you're Scandinavian/French/Mexican etc. And are sure you/your child won't ever visit an English-speaking country or just won't care for people's strange comments. I don't come from an English-speaking country, but my main association with this name isn't unfortunately Fanny Price from "Mansfield Park" or other book heroines, but female genitals. Plus I don't think that it is an advantage that it sounds like funny in so many European languages. It makes it funny in a way that I don't think could be funny for a girl with this name.
mairinn  12/28/2017

Comments for FAY

It's definitely too short and simple for me in whichever spelling, but I like its Celtic-ness.
mairinn  1/12/2018

Comments for FIONA

I like Fiona a lot. I love its meaning, Celtic connections to it, I love how it sounds, so elegant, but also kind of magical, and kind of nerdy too. I think Fionas are interesting women. I just adore the nickname Fee, Feefee and any similar and I like the English pronunciation. Here in Poland it's pronounced FYAW-nah, which I honestly hate, it's so charmless. And I hate the fact that it's so connected to Shrek. Fiona was one of not many Celtic names that are usable here and now it's destroyed by this film. People just don't seem to think about it as a serious name. A huge amount of animals called Fiona is the proof for it in my opinion. Here it's the only association most people have with Fiona, so if you are a Fiona or have a daughter named Fiona and you want to visit Poland, you can expect tons of comments about Shrek's girlfriend, I suppose. Although I love everything Celtic, and my main association with name is simply Scotland.
mairinn  12/28/2017

Comments for GABRIELLA

I really like this name, more than our Polish Gabriela which feels kind of overlooked. Gabriella is an interesting blend of strength (it has a lot of strong consonants in it and its meaning conveys strength) and a sort of princessy frilliness and sweetness. I quite like it, though I prefer Gabrielle a little bit over Gabriella. They're all fabulous names though and my preference for Gabriella over Gabriela and Gabrielle over Gabriella is only slight. I like a lot of the nicknames for Gabriella - I don't like the way Gabby looks in writing but I quite like Gabi, - Briella/Brielle, Bella/Belle, Bree, Ellie, Ella/Elle. I know one Polish Gabriela with a single L who goes by Bisia and I think it's an adorable nickname. I like the religious/angelic connections of this name as well.
mairinn  10/7/2020

Comments for HAF

I like this name a lot, although it's very short and in my opinion should be followed by a longer middle name or be used as a middle name. Anyway, as far as I know it's used mainly as a middle name in Wales. It's a great name not only for a girl born in summer. I generally love the idea of using Welsh season names as girl names. I especially adore Gwanwyn.
mairinn  12/2/2017
It is the middle name of Mirain Roberts, who is one of the backing vocalists in the Welsh band 9B138.
mairinn  12/2/2017

Comments for HAZEL

I love the name Hazel! The first time I ever heard it was in one of the Anne Shirley books, I guess that was "Anne Of The Windy Poplars", there was an episodic character, a young girl with this name, and it somehow got stuck in my brain, I remember thinking as a little girl that wow, it's such a gorgeous name. I like that it has such a zippy sound to it with that z, and is so energetic but also natural. I also love the name Hazel Grace Lancaster (from "The Fault In Our Stars) association, I loved that book. Now as my English got better with years and I'm much more familiar with the word Hazel, I guess my primary association with the name is hazelnut, I can just feel hazelnuts in chocolate when I hear the name Hazel, I guess it has to do with my synesthesia a little. :D I think that Hazel would be gorgeous in a sibset with either Stella, Rachel or Lavinia, don't know why those names sound especially well with Hazel to me. When I think about a person named Hazel, I imagine a teenager, but I can imagine a Hazel in any age without a problem. This Hazel has big, Hazel eyes, dark brown, wavy hair and brown, tanned skin. She may be a little plump, and not very tall, rather short actually. She is incredibly active and energetic, chatty, hardworking, a bit of a perfectionist and nervous but doesn't like to show that. She likes helping people, is very caring, a little naive. She loves food - making it and eating it. - She is likeable, but not the most popular in her crowd. She loves nature and is imaginative, has a talent for writing, but at the same time she is also very practical and down to Earth. She has a great sense of humour, likes to have fun and make people laugh. She gets on well with little children, sometimes has really crazy and adventurous ideas, but is always very responsible and dependable. A very empathetic soul. That's just how I imagine a person with this name.
mairinn  4/1/2019

Comments for HELEDD

I love the name Heledd so much! It is Welsh (and I love the Welsh language and have been learning it for a few years), is the name of Heledd, princess of Powys who was already mentioned by other commenters, whose character I like a lot, I like that this name has such a long tradition. It sounds so sweet and, moreover, sounds very similar to Helen, which is a long-standing favourite of mine. I love the idea of nicknaming it to Heli like another commenter mentioned.
mairinn  11/15/2020

Comments for HELENA

I love the name Helena, and it's one of my all time favourites! My grandma's name is Helena, my name was going to be Helena, and then my sister's too, but neither of us ended up being named Helena. Helena is popular for both older ladies and little girls over here, but, a bit sadly, I haven't ever met any little girl named Helena in person, though I know lots of elderly ladies with the name Helena, all or most of them very charming and sweet and kind, just as Helenas should be. I have an impression Helenas always make for awesome grandmas, I know quite a lot of people with grandmothers with the name Helena and they always love them so so much as well as the name Helena haha. Well it's nothing particularly rare to love your grandmother, but, that's just my impression, that Helenas make for lovely and caring, warm grandmothers. I really regret I don't know any Helena below her fifties in person, but maybe I will with time. I'm not planning to have kids, but if I ever would, I think I'd at least consider Helena as a middle name for my daughter. To me, this name is so natural, classic and classy, like aristocratic I'd say, elegant, refined, sophisticated, gentle, incredibly feminine... It's rather youthful in sound, but I know plenty of women that are a living evidence that it ages very well and has some maturity to it. I love how most women with this name, be them real, or literary characters, always seem to be so good-natured, it's almost unnatural. They are idealistic, generous, innocent, sensitive, often a bit shy but when circumstances need it they can be very brave. They are caring for others so that they can easily forget about themselves, dedicated, rather introverted but can be impulsive at times, and very emotional and vulnerable inside. And I think Helenas are often religious women. I imagine a Helena as a beautiful woman, with long, black hair and sapphire eyes, white complexion, very feminine, wearing long dresses, tall, slender, with gentle, but dexterous hands. My favourite pronunciation is he-LE-nah, and it is also the most automatic one for me because I'm Polish and that's the Polish pronunciation. I really love our Polish diminutive Helenka, but I find Lena rather plain and flat. Maybe I could like it more if it wasn't so popular here as a full name. Oh, and I dislike the nickname Hela as well, it doesn't sound even half as classy as Helena does, and as subtle and tender as Helenka. I like Helen, but I think Helena has more gracefulness to it, though the pronunciation he-LAY-nuh somewhat turns me off.
mairinn  11/25/2018

Comments for HELENE

I really love most of the names related to Helena, and this one is no exception. My most favourite is and will always be Helena, but Helene is very elegant and refined, and while Helena is so too, Helene is slightly subtler and lighter in my opinion. What I perceive as a little minus to this name personally is that I never know for sure how to pronounce it in all the languages it's used. He-LEEN? He-LEN? E-LEN? He-LE-ne? He-LE-nuh? He-LAY-nuh? But maybe it's just me, haha. Still, it's very sweet and refined, and simple and modest at the same time. And when I think of this name, I think of someone who is just like it. When I think of this name, I imagine a young girl in her early twenties, with curly, quite long but not too thick dark chestnut chair, big, green eyes, and small, pale face, perhaps a bit freckly but with very beautiful and subtle features. She is petite and skinny, and looks rather fragile. Helene is very shy and gentle and very considerate of others' feelings and cares about what they think of her. She is simple and usually lacks self-confidence, but it's clear to people that she's quite different from people which may make her feel inadequate, but in fact because of this people like being around her, hear about her opinions on different things. She is deep and wise beyond her years, very responsible and caring, also incredibly hardworking and a perfectionist. She feels the best in her own company, but likes helping others so that she might often end up being taken advantage of. She is very sensitive to beauty and doesn't do well with stress. Helene is artistic, can think outside the box, but she loves simplicity above all. Nature makes her happy, and so do all of the small life pleasures. She gets easily moved and cries easily, but also doesn't like to reveal her feelings. If she does though, she does it with passion and you can be sure she is honest about her feelings. She is very thoughtful and loving in her relationships. She has a quiet nature and doesn't like to be in the centre of attention, in fact she panics if something like this happens. I don't even know a single Helene, so that's not how I think all Helenes are or should be like, just how I imagine a person with this name.
mairinn  7/19/2019

Comments for HELLE (1)

I really like this name. It has some strength to it, but at the same time it is very gentle in pronunciation, and thus very graceful. Many people don't like Helga because it sounds so harsh to them, but Helle doesn't have as much of this harshness, but still definitely isn't frilly or anything. I like that it sounds a little bit similar to Helena, which is one of my all time favourites. Though I wonder if it isn't a bit confusing for some English natives, as with English phonetics it would be pronounced like hell. Despite the fact that I like this name, I'd never call my child it, as here in Poland it doesn't seem particularly usable, but in an English-speaking country I'd be twice as cautious.
mairinn  11/7/2018

Comments for IMELDA

I know that for many people in the US or other countries this name is associated mostly with Imelda Marcos and not liked, though I do like Imelda. It is a strong name, but to me it also has a whimsical, kind of girly feel. Plus here it is very rare, which also gives it some charm.
mairinn  10/7/2018

Comments for INES

I like Ines. Not like it's one of my favourite names, but I just like its sound. I think it's kind of refreshing. However I don't like when people use it here in Poland because it's a bit pretentious over here as we have our familiar, traditional form. When I was a little girl I met an Ines a few years older than me and I was really intrigued by her name and it stayed with me for years. I thought it was a rare and original name. And I still think so, but I just prefer it on people outside of my country, it kind of clashes with most Polish surnames in my opinion. It's pronounced EE-nes here and since that's the first pronunciation of this name I've heard, I tend to stick to it. Recently I've heard that we have also other form of Ines in use and it is Inezja (ee-NEZ-yah). I like it I think. As for diminutives, that Ines I mentioned was called Nesi by her friends and Ineska by teachers and her parents. I find Ineska very charming. As for spelling, I think I slightly prefer Ines to Inez.
mairinn  1/12/2018

Comments for INGE

This is a beautiful, strong name, which I really like. Although I think that outside of Germany/Scandinavia Inga would work better.
mairinn  12/5/2017

Comments for ISABEL

I can't decide which spelling I like more - Isabel, Isabella, or Isabelle, or maybe something else? :D I like them all and each one seems to have different advantages and a bit of a different feel. While Isabella seems very elegant and sophisticated, Isabel is too, but to me it seems more warm and dynamic, a bit stronger and less frilly, although I can't say that the name Isabella is too frilly for me, I like its girliness. I'd say that Isabel is a bit more energetic overall.
mairinn  10/4/2018

Comments for ISABELLA

I love this name. It is so sophisticated and elegant, delicate but also full of feminine strength and so very classy. I like that it is good on a child, teenager, and young/middle-aged woman. This name has such an interesting air of calm and tranquility around it. It's a pity though that it is so popular in English-speaking countries, it is so easy to get sick of it.
mairinn  10/4/2018

Comments for ISABELLE

I love this name. If I had to choose which form I like more - Isabel, Isabella, Isabelle, Isobel or something else - I wouldn't know what to pick, I like them all. But Isabelle has such a special feel, very elegant and youthful, delicate and refined, kinda smooth and gentle, but not without certain strength. It is a very feminine, sophisticated, quite regal name in my opinion.
mairinn  10/21/2018

Comments for ISOBEL

I just love Isobel so much! I like most of the Isabel related names and find them very feminine, elegant, refined and sophisticated, but the downside of many of them is that they are very popular in the English-speaking world, others may feel a bit pretentious. Recently though, my favourite form of this name has become the Scottish Isobel, and Ishbel is fantastic too! It is still very feminine, classy, sophisticated, refined, elegant, gentle, not kreatyv, but also has a bit of an edge, is more stylish, and the o makes it look sort of more full and whole, adds more flavour and character than the usual A, and, while it's feminine and gentle, it's less frilly than Isabella for example and has more of a strong, firm feel. Also I like the kind of cool air of this name, I mean cool as in a bit cold. I see all those Isabel names as rather cold with my synaesthetic brain, but Isobel particularly so and it's not a downside at all. Just makes me think of winter, of something smooth and cool to touch, and it tastes creamy and has this kind of texture as well. I think it's a cool alternative if you like the sound of Isabella, Isabelle or Isabel, or even Bella, but are put off by the popularity. I like it because it's Scottish, because I love Scotland, Scots language and Scottish culture. It also makes me think of Enya's song "Isobella" (and Isobella is a cool name too) and Björk's "Isobel".
mairinn  3/1/2020

Comments for JANE

It's maybe not the most original name in the world, but I like its classiness. I've always liked it and have a lot of good associations with it. Jane Seymour, Jane Grey, Jane Austen, Jane Bennet, Jane Eyre, Jane Marple... When I see or hear this name, I imagine a little, thin, agile, redhaired girl, with a pale, freckled, oblong face, green/grey eyes, it may also be a teenager, with a very sharp mind, very sensitive, maybe even overly sensitive soul, very creative, dreamy, rather shy and withdrawn or even a bit wild, a little sarcastic at times when with friends, quite nerdy and bookish, likes to observe the world, often literally drown in her inner world, with not the best health, she gets easily touched by things and people, in both positive and negative sense, she's very careful, cautious and worries too much, connected to nature, loves to write down her thoughts, or create some stories or poems. I can also easily imagine Jane as a woman, with quite similar qualities, I think she's always a bit of a child inside, with lively imagination, that even sometimes plays tricks on her, even though outside she can be pretty staid, practical and reasonable, she has a good sense of humour, is warm and dedicated to others and an attentive listener, but very, very sensitive and emotional, almost neurotic. It's really a great name, even if may be a bit overlooked, though I really don't like forms like Jayne or any other modern spellings.
mairinn  10/14/2017

Comments for JOLANTA

It's not a very ugly name, but I find it boring and don't like it, also I guess the reason that it's a bit of a granny/elderly auntie name is a turn off for me. I also don't think it's particularly classy, and I usually like more classy, or even sophisticated names. I know a few Jolantas that are pretty okay and very kind and likeable ladies, and I find the nickname Jola slightly better than the full name.
mairinn  9/21/2018

Comments for KAITLYN

I really do like the name Kaitlyn. I normally prefer traditional spellings, and tend not to like modern names, but I like a lot of -lyn names. Caitlin is originally an Irish name, and I love Celtic names and culture but Caitlin just looks rather bland to me and so I prefer Kaitlyn/Caitlyn, or especially Katelyn, as I have very good associations with the latter. I think it is a very youthful name though and, as another commenter wrote already, it is difficult to imagine it on an older person, I can't imagine a Kaitlyn over 40. It's a bit of a pity that Kaitlyn doesn't seem to have nice nicknames. I like Katie for Katherine related names, but since Kaitlyn is spelled a bit differently Katie is not really an obvious nickname, and I don't like Kait or even Kate very much.
mairinn  6/5/2020

Comments for KARINE (2)

I like this name. I tend to like Scandinavian names a lot, although this one I prefer to pronounce as KAH-rin or ka-REEN. It's really unusual.
mairinn  12/5/2017

Comments for KATJA

I can think about forms of Katherine that I like more, but still Katja has some charm that no other related name has. It is strong, short, yet youthful, subtle and feminine. I know a Katja, she's Polish, but I guess has also some foreign descent, like German maybe. It may sound tough, but it definitely doesn't lack in femininity.
mairinn  1/12/2018

Comments for KELLY

I really like Kelly on a girl. I guess people in the States or other English-speaking countries might often find it boring since it was so often used in the last century, but not here, and I like it. Not love, it's a little too modern for my style, but definitely like. I don't mind Kelly on a guy, though I don't know any, and maybe that's because it seems a little strange to me despite that's how it's been used traditionally, it's a little hard for me to imagine a guy named Kelly, same as it's hard for me to imagine a woman with this name above 50. This is a cute name, even though to me it sounds a little bit nickname-y, but it's sweet and gentle, and very strong, simple and down to earth at the same time. I like that it has Irish origin. I think Kellys are indeed real warriors and fighters, are strong but sweet at the same time, and are really warm women, with lots of charm. I imagine Kelly as an optimist, laughing very often, though if she doesn't like someone she may be very malicious and sarcastic. She is usually popular in her crowd, because of her charming and bubbly personality, but sometimes may feel shy and confused and prefers to follow others rather than be original. She likes being around people. Life is often hard for her but she knows how to thrive despite it. She might seem a bit fickle, shallow and superficial and like she's one of many, but she doesn't lack intelligence and has her heart in the right place, is loving and can stand up for those she loves and protect them like a lioness. Sometimes she's a bit too impulsive and regrets it later, and tends to have mood swings. I imagine a Kelly as someone between like 13 up to 45-year-old, with long, wavy, dark brown hair, medium complexion and green eyes, or as a red-head with dark blue eyes, she's agile and usually fit but feminine-looking. As for a guy named Kelly, I imagine he must be a little awkward, introverted and shy, a bit clumsy and not really communicative. People perceive him as someone horribly boring and often don't understand him, but beneath he's maybe not the most appealing surface he hides a really complex personality and an overactive brain. He's very very geeky and nerdy and knows a lot, but has self-esteem issues and often feels low and apathetic. He often seems like he doesn't care about anything or anyone but it's quite the opposite as in fact he overthinks everything and is quite a pesimist, a bit cynical and even paranoid sometimes. He has a bit sarcastic and grotesque sense of humour but not everyone knows about it and few actually understand it. He's a bit stiff in relationships and fears intimacy but he shows his attachment to people by what he does rather than says. He's generally not too talkative and can spend hours not talking to anyone. I imagine a male Kelly in his late thirties to early fifties, a bit overweight, with brown/grayish/dark blonde hair and brown eyes, with a bit unhealthy-looking complexion. Those are just my imaginings so please don't take it too seriously guys, I'm not saying all girls and guys named Kelly are like I said, I only know one girl named Kelly in person and while she's quite similar to my description, she's not exactly like this as there are different factors that shape us the way we are, not just names definitely.
mairinn  3/1/2019

Comments for LAURA

When I was a little girl I adored the name Laura along with Klara. I considered them an ideal twin set. I was thinking Laura is a very mysterious and original name, with an icy cold, but also gentle vibe to it. I think many people considered it very original and mysterious back then. Now Laura is excessively popular here in Poland and because of this, it's lost a bit of that lady-like charm to me. I mean, it's still a beautiful name, but not original at all and my first association with it is a baby girl, or not more than 5 years old. Still though, I think the Polish pronunciation is better than the English, the English one sounds a bit too serious and haughty in my opinion. It is a serious name even pronounced in Polish, so I don't think it's really good when it's too serious. I associate it with Laura Pyziak, a heroine of Polish book series called "Jeżycjada" by Małgorzata Musierowicz, with Laura Ingalls Wilder, with my two little cousins and dozens of other little Lauras, with ice, porcelain and... gingerbreads. Don't ask me why, I don't know, just when I say the name Laura in any language, I think about the taste, the smell and the texture of gingerbreads with icing.
mairinn  12/31/2017

Comments for LEE

I don't like this name, neither for males, nor females. Especially I don't like it as a middle name. It's rather boring in my opinion. I don't have anything against filler middle names, but this one seems like it's without personality. Goes well with every name, but maybe that's what some people like about it.
mairinn  10/30/2017

Comments for LELAND

Leland is not really my style, as I like very few surname names, and I'm not crazy about this one, but still like it a bit. To me, it conjures up an image of someone rather elderly but I can see it feeling as a very trendy name to many people because the L sound is so trendy, as are surname names in general. I like a lot of L names but this one is a little too much with two L's being so close and makes for a bit lispy impression. So it's definitely not my cup of tea, as I said, and has its downsides, but it is decent and I can't say I seriously dislike it. It's an okay name.
mairinn  3/16/2020

Comments for LILIAS

I love Lilias. It has such a lilting sound to it, is youthful and soothing, and very gentle. I do like Lily, Lillian, etc. But Lilias is better and more unique, and I like it's Scottish, as well as that Lilias Craven had this name. When I hear this name I think only about nice things - Scotland, "The Secret Garden", lilies, and flowers in general, nature, smoothness and softness, long, green, juicy grass, leaves on trees moved gently by the cool wind, a stream lapping, lots of greenness around, I see this name in green, or kinda feel it's green, I also think about violin and harp music when I think of it. When I try to imagine a Lilias, I see a young, innocent lass, who obviously loves to be out in the nature, is musical, gentle, sooo very girly, but not overly frilly or anything like this, just has a lot of youthful charm, and is a little otherworldly so to say, definitely a dreamer and romantic in a way, is rather calm but likes to laugh and is very bright, kind-hearted and enjoys every little moment of her life. It all sounds pretty poetic, but that's how I find the name Lilias - very poetic and gentle - and I think all these associations are very cool.
mairinn  9/21/2018

Comments for LISA

Lisa is one of those names that I really like, but more because of associations than because of its own charm. It's really popular. I associate it with my friend Lisa from Germany, Lip Jen Brown from the band 9B138, Lisa Gwilym - presenter of BBC Cymru and Wales, Welsh traditional song Lisa Lân and also a Welsh song by Radio Luxembourgh Lisa Magica Porfa, Lisa from the book by Astrid Lindgren about the children from Bullerbyn, Swedish singer Lisa Nilsson, Cajsa Lisa from Carl Michael Bellman's poetry, Lisa Kelly and Lambe from Celtic Woman, harpist Lisa Lynne, Amy Diamond's sister Lisa, Lisa Ekdahl - Swedish singer... just many positive associations. This name has also a very nice sound to it, but it's a pity, that it was and still is in some areas so awfully overused. I could name my potential daughter Elisabeth though and call her Lisa.
mairinn  12/2/2017
Lisa Jen Brown is a member and co-founder of the Welsh band 9B138. She is the daughter of actress Linda Brown and comes from Bethesda in Gwynedd (North Wales). Her husband is Martin Hoyland who is also a member of 9B138.
mairinn  12/2/2017

Comments for LOVISA

I like this name a lot. I generally like names related to Louisa. It's strong, elegant and so sophisticated. But also very delicate at the same time. And it reminds me of love. And it is so very melodic, it even has -visa at the end, which means song in Swedish.
mairinn  11/7/2017

Comments for LUCY

As for how I imagine a Lucy, when I think of this name I see a woman in her early 20's, 23 maybe. She's quite tall, not overly tall, but, I don't know, perhaps about 170-75 cm. She has thick, dark blond hair, and dark blue eyes, her skin is rather light but not extremely pale and she gets tanned easily. She's very shapely and feminine but also makes an impression of a strong, fit and healthy person. This is just how I imagine a Lucy, not how I think all Lucies are or should be like.
mairinn  2/23/2020
I love the name Lucy! It seems to be very popular across the English-speaking world, so I think it's a bit more original to use it as a nickname for something longer - like Lucinda for example - but it's lovely anyway. I love it far more than our Polish Łucja which is pronounced WOOTS-yah. I think Lucy has this short and sweet nice feel to it, which makes it good for a little girl, but at the same time it doesn't sound nicknamey to me, it's quite elegant and classy and that's why I guess it ages so well and fits well even an elderly lady. I also think that Lucy can fit women with really differing personalities. It is gentle and girly but not frilly. And it goes well in combos, both as a first and a middle name. Here in Poland Lucy is much more common for dogs than humans, I've heard of at least three, but also I know one woman named Lucyna, and one named Łucja, who are sometimes called Lucy, sort of jokingly as a nickname. I can think of only one Lucy that I've come across personally, albeit fleetingly, but because the name is so common it's possible that there have been more. This name makes me think of The Beatles' song.
mairinn  8/29/2019

Comments for LUZ

I love this name, as I do most names related to Lucy, even though Luz is really minimalistic and I usually tend not to like very short, mini names. There are some exceptions, though, and Luz just seems to be one of them. It is very warm and positive and I like the Christian and Marian connections it has. I am not a Spanish speaker and my idea of Spanish language is quite limited, but I know that Spaniards pronounce the z kinda like English th, and I like the way it sounds, but personally I tend to pronounce it as Luce more automatically, which I guess is the default pronunciation for English speakers. And I like this pronunciation too. The only problem with this name I have, although it is not big and doesn't make me dislike the name, is that Luz means something completely different in Polish which is my native language. It can mean something from relax/chill, to lack of inhibition, being lax/cool/calm/slack/lazy/laid back, no restrictions, that something is loose or baggy etc. You can also say quite slangily "Luz" to someone who is stressing very much, to tell them to stop worrying so much and be more calm and easy about things. Overall, this is not a bad meaning but it's kind of strange when you think about it more, especially given that Luz is a word name anyway. Maybe that's why I imagine a Luz to be a very calm and quite laid-back person. I will write a short characteristic in this comment the way I imagine a Luz, as I usually do, but keep in mind that I might be more subjective than usual this time, because of that language coincidence.
When I imagine a Luz, I see a woman in her late 20's, maybe 26-year-old. She has dark brown hair, olive green eyes, is a bit tanned and rather swarthy, has high cheek bones and is rather tall for a woman, as well as quite curvy, maybe a bit overweight or have a so called "cuddly" figure. She is a very positive, vibrant, energetic, dynamic and active person, full of beans and ideas, very bright, talkative, idealistic, maybe a bit naive, likes to be in charge and give others advice, but sometimes lacks tact and discretion so her advice may be unwanted or perceived as her trying to meddle in other people's lives in an intrusive way. If she has children of her own, she is very motherly, has a lot of maternal instinct and a strong intuition, she is a very caring and protective person, but not overprotective, she's quite a liberal and lax parent, but does have her rules that she is serious about and wants her children to obey them. She is a very good cook and likes good food, making food is like an art for her. She has a very creative side to her personality. She is very social and spontaneous, always lives just in here and now, is very optimistic and doesn't understand people who worry about the future or past or whose habit is to plan their lives more carefully. At the same time though, she is very practical, down to Earth and concrete. She likes to have fun, go to parties, dance etc. But she doesn't take her responsibilities lightly, if she assumes her responsibility for something or someone, she will take it seriously. She is very mentally strong and resilient, to the point that people may find her a bit thick-skinned. She has very good self-esteem and doesn't tend to care about what other people think of her, usually either takes all constructive criticism very well and as an opportunity to improve, or completely ignores it. She likes to receive compliments and positive feedback though, and is not restrained from giving it to others when she feels the need. She is also not inhibited from expressing her negative opinions, and is always very honest, not always realising that some people may be more sensitive to criticism or generally more emotional and less self-confident than herself. So she can often hurt people deeply without even realising it. She is perceived as a very attractive woman by many, and thinks so about herself, she likes the way she looks but doesn't focus overly on her appearance and is not interested in fashion trends and all that, she thinks that since she is a pretty and attractive woman as she is, she will look great in just about anything as long as she feels great in it and likes it. Despite she likes to indulge in overeating and enjoying all the innocent pleasures that life has to offer, she is quite a minimalist and likes to have a simple, modest life, and doesn't like exaggeration or too much luxury. She perceives herself as very feminine and is proud of her femininity, but for many people, her character may feel more on the masculine side. She doesn't like unclear situations, people who are incommunicative, secretive, overly reserved, because she is a very communicative person and tends to think that if someone struggles with it, perhaps they are not honest or have something to hide, or have bad intentions. She has a phlegmatic side to her personality. Is hardly ever very stressed or anxious, and if she is, it usually takes a form of irritability or hyperactivity. She isn't a good listener, but always loves to help people anyway. Sometimes she may be a bit too intrusive with her help, or assume that one way of doing things will be good for everyone, and is a bit egocentric, but her intentions are good and she is always willing to learn and rather open-minded by nature, even if she may appear shallow and stubborn at a first glance. She isn't inclined to much overthinking but she does have a mind built for analysis and drawing wise conclusions, and is very loving, warm and wants all the people in the world to be happy. Her optimism and faith in humanity is incredibly infectious. She makes for a good leader and will also do a great job in professions which require a lot of contact with people and have something to do with psychology or sociology, teaching, caring for or supporting others, she is also great with children and a very brave and strong, courageous, independent woman who is never afraid to say whatever it is she thinks about something. She is quite a hedonist and Epicurean, and takes life as an opportunity to have a lot of fun and pleasure out of it, as much as possible. But, as I've already said, it doesn't mean she doesn't take her duties seriously. She has a lot of distance to herself and a sense of humour. She likes to take the initiative, both at work, when having funn with friends, or at home. She likes to laugh and make others laugh. Despite her rather egocentric view on the world and other people, she is a very altruistic person. She likes to travel, do all sorts of crazy things, challenge herself to do something that may seem impossible for everyone else. She isn't a perfectionist though and if something goes wrong, she gets over it quickly, with a wide smile on her face, and tells everyone around how funny it actually was. She would make a great mother for a big family, and may be a very religious person. She is a very authoritative person with a strong character and that's why some people may find her intimidating or exhausting to deal with, She likes to dominate her surroundings and sometimes, despite her loving and caring nature, may have little understanding in herself for other people's weaknesses, fears or lack of ambitions. She usually is interested in a lot of things at once and very passionate about them all. Although she is not a perfectionist when doing things on her own, as part of a team she loves rivalisation, is very competitive and really hates to lose. She is a very straight-forward personn and never pretends someone she is not.
I don't know anyone with the name Luz, this is just the way I imagine a Luz, and not how I think all Luzes are or should be like.
mairinn  3/26/2020

Comments for LYNN

I really do like the name Lynn, though given my overall taste in names I probably shouldn't. I like the look of it a lot, and although I generally tend to like classic and long names, I do like names containing -lyn(n) a lot as well. It bugs me a little though that Lynn is such a popular filler middle name. Unlike names like Lee or Mae, which feel very bland to me, Lynn does have a fair bit of character, and it's sad that it often ends up being people's middle name just because their parents couldn't come up with anything better. Not that it doesn't flow well as a middle. I think though that it's also nice and underappreciated as a first name, even if slightly dated. I think it goes well with longer middles, or as part of a hyphenated name (in the first spot particularly). I like its meaning and that it's Welsh, as I am learning Welsh myself.
mairinn  6/15/2020

Comments for LYNNE

I totally understand why people say it's boring. It was used a lot some 50-60 years earlier if I remember correctly in the US so it has all the right to feel dated to people, and filler middle names do tend to be boring. However I do not feel the same way. Perhaps because I don't actually know many women with either first or middle name Lynne, or even Lynn. I tend to like longer and more traditional or classic names which don't fall out of favour after a couple of decades like Lyn(ne) did, but I just happen to like this particular name for some reason. I think I like the way it looks. Especially the e at the end makes it feel more complete but Lynn isn't bad either. And then it has Welsh roots and I love Welsh language and speak it so that's a bonus for me. If I did want to use it, I think I rather would as a first name, because it's too filler-y for a middle in my opinion. I also like longer names ending in -Lynne, even though they feel trendy and modern which is not necessarily always my cup of tea, but I just like -lyn(ne) names. So if you do like Lynne enough that you consider using it for your baby, perhaps also because you have someone with this name in your family that you'd like to honour, I'd encourage you to use it in the first spot. Many people will consider it boring anyway, but it will feel a lot more boring in the middle spot.
mairinn  11/6/2020

Comments for MALIN

I like Malin a lot. Because of how it sounds and because of its Scandinavian connection. And because of that Astrid Lindgren's book about Saltkrakan. And because it sounds like malina which means raspberry in Polish. I love raspberries and that is and will probably always be my strongest association. I like the soft and refreshing sound of this name. It's just like raspberries, haha.
mairinn  11/13/2017

Comments for MARGARETA

I don't really like this name, but I think I could like it more if not for my personal associations. But even if I liked it more, I don't think it could be my favourite, it just sounds so tough. Old lady-ish and macho-ish at the same time. Ew...
mairinn  1/12/2018
Well as far as I know the name of the pizza should be spelled Margherita, the way the Italian version of this name is spelled.
mairinn  1/12/2018

Comments for MARIE

I am not a big fan of Marie. It doesn't have any personality and it's pretty plain on its own, in my opinion. I do understand though why people choose it so often as a middle name for their children and I guess it's obvious because Marie is one of these names that go well with almost any first name. And as a part of a combo, it's not that bad. It can emphasize the personality of another name in the combo. But because Marie is so popular as a middle name it doesn't make a big impression on me as such. If I had to choose Marie as one of my child's names, I think I would give her it as a first name, she'd have two middle names then and the first of them would be a part of double name with Marie. Or Marie would be the first part of a hyphenated name and then she'll have one middle name. For me that makes more sense and is more distinctive, but still I would never decide to give my kid the name Marie. It's not that I really dislike it, I just find it boring.
mairinn  11/23/2017

Comments for MARTE

For me, Marte sounds very youthful, bright and energetic, so that when I imagine a Marte, I see a young, smiling, courageous, feminine, but sporty, straight-forward, simple girl. Although I think it can grow and age with a woman, same way as Martha and Marta do. The difference is that for me, Marte doesn't have that little bit staid feel that Martha can have on an older woman for some people.
mairinn  11/17/2017

Comments for MAY

I like May. It's sweet, and girly, and a flower name. Also I'm not against the fact that it is a month name. It looks way more elegant than Mae for me. But oh my God it's so overused as a middle name. I mean, it really fits with almost any name, but sometimes when I see that so many people have May as their middle name, I get the impression that their parents just didn't have any other, more original idea. Although I like when May is part of a double name, either as first or middle, or of a hyphenated name, or a nickname, for Maya, Maia, Mary, Margaret... And I think it should be used more as a first name, it's so charming. But not without any middle name, it's so short it that should be followed by something in my opinion.
mairinn  11/17/2017

Comments for MEL

I like this name for both genders, although slightly more for girls. I prefer a longer name and Mel as a nickname of it, I really love all sorts of Mel- names - Melanie/Melania, Melody/Melodie, Melis(s)a/Melit(t)a, Melinda, Melina, Meliora, Melisande, Melia, Melantha, Melvin, Melville, Melchior etc. - but Mel on its own is cool too.
When I think of a woman with this name, I imagine a person in her 20's, with olive skin, dark brown, short hair and hazel eyes. She is short and may be a bit chubby, and is not beautiful but people may find her attractive anyway, because she has her own, very unique taste in how she dresses or what kind of make-up she wears, and has a lot of natural charm, zest, energy, vitality and positivity. She likes to laugh, is extroverted, is not afraid of taking small, and sometimes bigger risks, likes to make people happy, has a sense of humour and an ease to laugh at herself, she is a bit sarcastic but not in a hurtful way. People usually find her very warm, funny, happy-go-lucky, friendly, supportive and reliable. She doesn't like to worry about things in advance. She is hugely into lifestyle, likes to spend time in nature, likes to have fun and is very bubbly and sociable. She has a lot of friends that she hangs out with and makes for a great hostess. Intimate, romantic relationships play a huge role in her life, though she's not necessarily the kind of person who would stick to one partner for life. She has a lot of curiosity about the world and people, and is a very courageous person. If she has children, she dotes on them and is very maternal, very responsible and caring. She doesn't like being lonely, or thinking too much about things that she can't change. She likes to dance, move around, make changes around herself, and even as an adult person has a lot of a little girl in her personality. She is a rather carefree person by nature, but by no means careless, she does have a lot of common sense and is very dutiful. Mel is a very empathetic person and can't stand to see people suffering. She is very generous and likes to share her positive, vibrant energy with others. She may be very naive and see only the good things about other people, she often does not see dark sides of things or the danger where there is one, what she sees in people first and foremost are their good traits and their vulnerability, which is great and shows what a wonderful person she is herself, but can definitely be harmful to her long term and can make her disillusioned with time. Similarly, her seemingly inexhaustible inner resources of optimism are a great thing, but can make her experience a lot of disappointments, more than an average person.
A guy called Mel, in turn, I imagine in his late thirties-early forties (I guess it's not the average age of a Mel in the US but that's how I see it). He looks older though. He has a pleasant appearance which makes him likeable, but just like a female Mel, doesn't necessarily have to be very attractive. He has thick, black hair, tanned, olive skin and big, dark brown eyes. He has a round, friendly face, with a lot of wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, he's tall and rather large. He's definitely a phlegmatic, very calm and peaceful, with a friendly, usually quiet way of being. But he is also very charming and knows about it. His calm manner has usually just as much of a positive effect on people as his female counterpart's zest and energy. He is warm but cool-headed and has a stable personality, he hardly ever appears angry or very visibly frustrated and has a lot of patience. He may appear rather shy, he is not, but what makes such an impression is that he doesn't normally like to talk a lot, unless in the company of his best friends or other people that he knows well and has a lot of things and experiences in common. He makes for a great, sensitive and supportive husband, and an understanding, responsible and wise dad. He is very conscientious and honest, and has strong moral and ethical values.
This is not how I think all people with the name Mel are like, or how I think they should be. Rather, it's just my imagining of people with this name when I think of it. I know only one woman called Mel and she's not exactly like this.
mairinn  11/5/2019

Comments for MELANIE

I really like this name. I prefer Melania a little bit more, but Melanie has a lot of charm. I also like the nickname Mel, but I think Melanie as a full name sounds much better, Mel is a bit like a filler and too short for me to be used like all the time. It does have the watermelon associationn for me, and it was like my main association when I was a kid, I would always make fun of this name because it sounded so much like a melon, but I do like it a lot anyways now. My other association is the singer Melanie C. Whom I kinda liked as a small child. And my synaesthetic association - I am an auditory-tactile and auditory-taste synaesthete - is very cool, because it's ice cream. Anything cold and smooth and icy really and the sweet taste but ice cream feel the most like this name. When I think about this name I see a woman in her mid 30's maybe, with black, or dark brown, or chestnut hair, very thick and smooth hair and fairly long, and with dark, like maybe black, or dark brown, or hazel, or something like this, eyes. Her complexion is olive. She's medium-height and perhaps a little fluffy, but not really overweight and you wouldn't call her fat. She likes to wear make up and usually does, and is really good at it. She wants to always look pretty but even without her cosmetics she's a very attractive woman, and, albeit not frilly or overly delicate, she's very feminine and usually attracts a lot of positive attention. She knows how to dress smartly and elegantly, but comfortably and approachably at the same time. She likes high-heel shoes and dresses, and a lot of lively colours, but she also wears more laid back things, and more toned colours, and feels just as well this way. She is very active, energetic, optimistic, smiling and just an approachable person. I imagine her working at some important and pretty high position, and she is very professional, but also deeply humane and tuned in to help people if she can. She is a great comforter and listener, though she's not the one who will always just listen and commiserate quietly, she's very chatty and likes to talk about her own life too, and is rather the kind of person who will give you a piece of practical advice, rather than just sit there with you and be empathetic. Some might like it, some will regard it as meddling into others' business, but her intentions are always good. She is spontaneous and slightly impulsive, but when necessary, she can stay very calm. She likes to have fun, and knows how to do it. She likes good music and a party, she's always a young girl at heart, though sometimes that young girl becomes suppressed by all the responsibilities she has, and her perfectionism. Melanie is very caring for others, but very demanding for herself, always lives in a hurry. She has a strong personality, but is also very sensitive and emotional. I imagine her as a mum, with a couple of children, to whom she's very dedicated, she generally gets on well with children and is a great caretaker. She's very engaged in her children's life and they have a very important place in her heart. If not that she's a very rational and smart person, she'd probably be very overprotective and possessive of them. She has especially good relationships with her daughters. Everything bad that happens in her life, she just treats as a challenge and tries not to worry too much. Her enthusiasm and optimism are infectious. She's very independent, doesn't like to ask for help, and values her freedom above all else. She has a very loving and altruistic heart. Her views are rather liberal, she's very open-minded, likes change and novelty. That's just what I see when I think of this name, not how I think all Melanies are/should be like, I know only one Melanie and I suppose she could fit only maybe like half of this description.
mairinn  5/19/2019

Comments for MELINA

I feel like I shouldn't like this name as much as I do. I'm Polish, and in Polish the word Melina has a definitely negative association. It is a colloquial term for a place where people from the so called margins of the society meet to drink alcohol and do drugs, or it could be used to mean any kind of filthy, neglected and ugly house. No wonder then that despite Melina looks like it could be very easily adapted to Polish, it's not listed in any popularity rankings and not used here.
When I first came across this name I was all like "What?! What a freaky name!". But getting used to things makes a huge difference. Now the name Melina doesn't make such an impression on me. While for sure I would not use it on a child for the above mentioned reason, nowadays I think it looks really nice and sounds very sweet, as a name, in a different language. It's very graceful and feminine and I think it ages well, is dynamic and energetic, and very girly and subtle. I have auditory-taste synaesthesia and Melina tastes kind of like a sponge cake with a slight orange-y feel.
When I imagine a person called Melina, I can imagine her any age but the first thing I see is a small girl about the age of 6. Her hair is the colour of honey, her eyes dark blue, and she has a small, round face with rosy cheeks. She is rather finely built and has a lot of charm and agility. She is also very charming when it comes to her personality. She's sweet and may even appear angelic. She shows signs of having a lot of empathy since an early age, and likes to share with people and make them happy. She can be very chatty and outgoing with people she trusts and with her loved ones, though may at the same time be very shy around strangers, as well as prone to worry and irrational fears.
This is just how I imagine a person called Melina, not how I think all Melinas are or should be like, I don't even know anyone with this name actually.
mairinn  11/6/2019

Comments for MELISSA

I really really love Melissa, so much that I think I actually wouldn't mind using it for a potential child. I have an impression though that here in Poland it's still more associated with the herb, Melissa tea and all that, than seen as a serious name, and I'd be afraid that because of that it might not be the best idea really, I'm afraid that naming your child this here you might risk that she'll be teased because of Melissa as in the herb, and its somnifacient properties, but maybe I'm not right, I hope not. Many people here seem to think it's a bit pretentious or snobbish, but although I am usually sensitive to such things as a name sounding overly pretentious I don't see Melissa this way. Quite the opposite, it has a very naturally classy, refined and feminine feel to me, is gentle and sweet and just nice to hear and pronounce. Though I kind of prefer the "ee pronunciation (me-LEE-sah) as in many European languages, to me-LI-sa, it makes it feel kinda heavier, if you get what I mean. In any case, it's a really great name. I do get it that it was so popular in the 70's and I guess 80's in the US that many people feel sick of it and don't see it as refined or perhaps not even classy at all, I'm sure I would feel the same if I knew many Melissas or saw this name all the time, but I don't, it feels familiar, but at the same time slightly exotic to me.
When I imagine a Melissa, I see a 9-year-old girl, with long, thick, wavy, dark brown hair, rather pale skin and blue eyes. She is rather tall for her age but not big, at the same time she is slim and makes an impression of a gentle person. She is calm, intelligent and friendly, but at the same time rather shy, introverted, worrisome and vulnerable. This is just how I imagine a Melissa, not how I think all Melissas are or should be like, and I only know one person with this name which is rather different.
mairinn  11/9/2019

Comments for MERIEL

I love Meriel. It's lovely, melodic, and although I don't know anyone with this name, I think it ages well and could suit both a little girl and an older lady. It's also very natural and a nice alternative to Mary. I agree with the other commenter that it makes for a great middle name but as a first is also great. I like Muriel, but it seems to be disliked by so many people and considered elderly, so I think Meriel could be a great alternative to Muriel, or used to honour a Muriel. It has a lot of charm and I like how it sounds. When I think of Meriel, I imagine a little girl, with light brown, curly or wavy hair, medium light complexion and green or blue eyes. She is slightly built and small, and has fine features. She is cute and makes an impression of sweetness on people, which makes her easy to love and spoil. She's very intelligent, and knows that she has a lot of charm, which together makes her a bit cunning, and manipulative towards her parents. She's not a brat or anything like that but if she wants something, she'll know how to get it and will do anything to get what she wants, even if this means throwing a temper tantrum or two. Normally though she's rather calm, may have some very significant talent for example in music or visual arts, is very sensitive and, although a bit egoistical and focused on herself, easily moved by others' suffering, likes to help and be kind, also likes to be praised/rewarded in return. She likes to be out in nature, is playful though doesn't always get along with other kids the best, she either prefers to be the leader, or compete with others, or just play on her own. She likes her own company but is definitely not a loner and needs others' attention and admiration. She has trouble sharing unless she'll have some merits from sharing with others. Like everyone, Meriel has good and bad traits, but even if she's particularly mischievous, most people really like her and can't resist her charm and sense of humour. She has a particularly good relationship with her dad. That's just how I imagine someone with this name, not how I think all women with this name are like.
mairinn  3/6/2019

Comments for MICAELA

I really like this name! My favourite spelling in terms of looks is definitely Michaela, and I also like Mikaela, but I really dislike the English pronunciation of it Mikayla and all those modern spelling variants, I much prefer the Scandinavian way of pronouncing it - mee-kah-E-lah - or Italian or Spanish or German. And, perhaps I'm wrong, but I believe that the spelling Micaela would be least prone to being mispronounced as Mikayla. In any case, it is a lovely spelling, and the name itself is very dynamic and energetic. It is strong but also girly and a little sophisticated and has huge nickname potential. A Micaela can go by Micky, Micha/Misha, Mimmi, Ela, Millie, Ellie, Kay, Kayla and so on and so forth. When I think of a Micaela, I think of a little, perhaps 9-year-old girl with waist-long, very thick, black hair in a ponytail, round face with rosy cheeks and high cheekbones, huge, dark blue eyes, or her eyes can be hazel. She's rather tall for her age but not super tall. I don't know anyone with this name, this is just the way I imagine a Micaela, and not how I think all Micaelas are or should be like.
mairinn  2/9/2020

Comments for MICHAELA

I really really love this name. It sounds very unique to me, because we don't use it much here in Poland, instead we have our more familiar form Michalina. I like both, both are really lovely and I like that they can be nicknamed to the very soft-sounding Misia, but Michaela sounds more elegant to me. It has lots of charm to it and is very melodic in my opinion. I really like the nickname Micha or Misha, well in fact I have a cat named Misha who is a boy, but I like Misha on both genders, it's just so CUTE. I suppose I could use Michaela on my potential child, though I'm afraid it could feel a little snobbish to most people, which I wouldn't like definitely. The thing I don't like about it is its English pronunciation and the abundance of spellings. I really dislike it pronounced as Makayla, and while some of the more creative spellings look even cool, I think there's nothing like the classic form Michaela. I, being Polish, automatically pronounce it as mee-hah-E-lah, but as a lover of Swedish language and Swedish learner I also adore the mee-ka-E-la pronunciation and the spelling Mikaela is lovely as well. When I think of a person with the name Michaela, I imagine a young girl, a teenager I guess, with long, thick, chestnut or black hair, either loose or in a pony tail, healthy, tanned, dark complexion, I guess that's what's called olive complexion, round, expressive face with rosy cheeks, big, hazel eyes full of spark with long and dark eyelashes. She's tall, not overweight but a little round I'd say, just looks very healthy and full of temper. She's strong and active, likes to move around and do lots of things. She can be a bit explosive and rebellious sometimes. Nevertheless, she's kind-hearted, loves to help people out and tends to be very zealous about what she believes in. She makes a great big sister, is an excellent cook, likes to care for others but is a bit bossy and possessive, it's just the way she shows that she cares about someone. She's sensitive, moved easily, can act impulsively and emotionally. She's sharp and witty, good with small-talk and some deeper conversations, but it's easy to start an argument with her on just about anything. Not a deadly argument, and she will quickly forget about it, but it just shows that she likes to argue and have dynamic conversations. She also likes to gossip a bit. She's extroverted and loves socializing, is very dexterous and likes doing things with her own hands. Michaela also has some interest in spiritual matters, even though at a first glance she might appear shallow. She is protective of her loved ones, particularly those who she feels depend on her in any way. Michaela has a heart of gold, her weakness is that she just acts a bit too quickly most times. She likes everything beautiful, luxurious and likes comfort. She is a practical person, and very down to earth, she's very much solution focused. Not the best listener, but always has a good piece of advice and always there to help you practically deal with your problems rather than whine about them and just express her empathy. Sometimes she may appear a little tough. That's of course just how I imagine a person with this name, not how I think all Michaelas are like, especially since I don't know a single one personally.
mairinn  3/29/2019

Comments for MICHELLE

This is such a charming name! Would never use it here in Poland but I find it very appealing when used in the languages in which it actually works well and the pronunciation is more obvious. I get it that it probably is getting rather dated in the US, and I know only Michelles above the age of 30, but to me it sounds so youthful nevertheless, and I'd love to see it come back. I think it has such a great nickname potential, and actually ages really well. I like lots of Michael related names, and especially the feminine forms. I like the way Michaela looks but I don't like the way it sounds in English, especially with the abundance of all sorts of spellings. Meanwhile, Michelle sounds so soft and pleasant. It makes sense to pronounce it like mi-SHELL in English, not mee-SHELL like many people do, but I prefer the mee-SHELL version. I like the Beatles song and have a lot of pleasant associations with this name. My own cat is called Misha (MEE-shah and he is a male) and I tend to like this Mish sound very much, it's so cute and funny. My main synaesthetic association with the name Michelle is a shell, both in Polish which is my mother tongue and in English this name really sounds like a shell. In Polish shell is muszelka (moo-SHEL-kah) and the only Michelle I know personally often goes either by Miszelka or Muszelka. And I like the English nickname Shell or Shelly for it. Micha/Misha, Michy/Michi/Mishie and most others I can think of are great as well. I've recently come across a Swedish Youtuber called Michelle who says her nickname that she often goes by is Michan (I'm not sure how she spells it but it's like MEE-shan) which just melted my brain, so cute! I think the Michele spelling looks a bit worse and kind of negligent, but maybe it's that in my mind Michele is much more the Italian form of Michael than a form of Michelle and it creates some disharmony, I don't know, I just prefer the original spelling. I'd love to see Michelle coming back in the English-speaking countries.
When I think about a person named Michelle, I can imagine her any age, but at a first glance I see her as a teenager, some 15 years old or so. She is tall, has a rather curvy, full figure but is by no means fat. She has dark blonde/light brown, long, thick, straight hair, I see it in a ponytail, a full-cheeked face, dark blue, big eyes with long lashes.
This is just how I imagine a Michelle, not how I think all Michelles are or should be. Neither of the Michelles I know is exactly like this.
mairinn  11/15/2019

Comments for MIKAELA

While I love the classic spelling Michaela, in a way I like this spelling even more, since it's exclusively Scandinavian in origin, and I love the Scandinavian pronunciation mee-ka-E-lah, as opposed to English mi-KAY-luh which I hate, not to mention all the Mckayla spellings which I find not particularly aesthetically pleasing personally.
When I think about a person called Mikaela, I imagine someone very similar to what I see when I think of a Michaela, I think I wrote about that in the comments for Michaela. So, I think she has long, dark brown hair, slightly lighter skin tone than Michaela, very dark blue eyes with long eyelashes. She is tall and slender, looks feminine and gentle but at the same time there's a lot of strength in the way she looks.
I don't know anyone with this name, this is just an imagining of how I think a Mikaela might be like, and not how I think all people with this name are or should be like.
mairinn  11/17/2019

Comments for NELLIE

I love love love the name Nellie! I always have. I love it both on its own and as a nickname of a longer name - because I like or love all of those names that I know that Nellie could possibly be a nickname of. I love Helen(a) to pieces and Cornelia has a huge emotional significance to me. I think I prefer Nellie as a nickname, it's cute and lovely on its own but I just usually prefer using a longer name with a cutesy nickname. Also, all the Nel- names are or rather have been awfully trendy in Poland for some 20 years now among parents with more modern tastes (not Nellie itself but Nela or Nel for example) so I would not use Nellie on its own here as I wouldn't like it to feel pretentious and for her to be one of many girls with very similar names in her generation. So I would rather use Helena or Kornelia (or maybe even Aniela?) and call her Nellie/Neli at times. If I lived in an English-speaking country I would be more likely to call my child just Nellie but probably wouldn't either.
Nellie has such an angelic vibe to me. It sounds quite childish but I can see it aging well (although I don't know anyone with this name). The Nellie Oleson association doesn't ruin it for me. I guess that the fact I think it is angelic could be because the first Nellie I've ever heard of was little Nellie of the Holy God (Ellen Organ, an Irish child who was very saintly and died at a very young age, about 4 or so, if I remember correctly. I think that Ellie ages better though.
mairinn  1/12/2020

Comments for NELLY

I really really like Nelly! I think I always have. It's quite logical that I would like it because I love Helen(a), Eleanor, Cornelia... and I like sweet, vintage, girly nicknames. I slightly prefer Nelly as a nickname for something longer, but it's good on its own as well. I think the spelling Nellie is slightly more aesthetically pleasing and I just like it a little more, though it used to be the other way around in the past and I liked Nelly a bit more. I really like how sweet and girly, gentle but lively at the same time this name is, no matter the spelling. I could happily name my potential daughter Helena or Kornelia and nickname her to Nelly/Nellie/Neli sometimes.
mairinn  7/14/2020

Comments for OFELIA

I love the name Ofelia. It always sounded very intriguing, dramatic and Gothic, but at the same time very sweet and soft to me. I love Ophelia too and I can't quite decide which spelling I like more, or which pronunciation. I really regret that it is so badly underused and hope it will change.
mairinn  3/11/2020

Comments for PAT

This name doesn't have any personality for me at all. The only reason I like it just a very, very little bit is Pat Gardiner - Lucy Maud Montgomery's character.
mairinn  12/15/2017
Patricia (Pat) Morgan, aka. Patblygu is part of the Welrsh language experimental band called Datblygu.
mairinn  12/15/2017

Comments for PATRICIA

I don't particularly like this name, but it's Enya's middle name. I love Enya and that's why I have some nice associations with it. But the name itself is pretty wishy-washy.
mairinn  12/15/2017
Patricia (Pat) Morgan, aka. Patblygu is a part of the Welsh language experimental band called Datblygu.
mairinn  12/15/2017

Comments for PETRA

I consider Petra a very unique name. It's not really my style, but I like its uniqueness and Cristian associations.
mairinn  11/13/2017

Comments for PIPPA

OMG this name is really weird if it has such unlucky meanings in so many languages. Coming from Poland (where pipa is vulgar for vagina) and being a edish learner (where Pippa means to have sex with) it really does seem vulgar to me. But thinking more flexibly, I can't not see its cutesy when I put the vulgar associations aside and look at it from an English language perspective. It really does have a nice sound. It's a pity that it has such vulgar connotations. Although, I still think that outside of Poland/Sweden/Italy/wherever else it's so unlucky, it's a cute name, especially as a nickname. I like words with a few P's in them. They maybe don't sound good, but soooo cute.
mairinn  12/5/2017

Comments for RACHEL

Rachel is such a common and usual name but I like it a whole lot nevertheless. I get why it sounds harsh to many people, but it does not really to me. I like the Biblical connection, I like how feminine it is, how strong, but very homely/homey at the same time, there is something very friendly and warm about it. It makes me think of the main character of Two Feet Apart, and Rachel Lynde from the Anne of Green Gables series, and other such literary heroines. It's a pleasant name, even if not that very unique.
mairinn  8/22/2020

Comments for RICHELLE

I really like the sound of this name - it feels kind of crispy and fresh sounding. - It's not quite as classy and natural as Michelle or even Rachel, or even Rachelle or Rochelle, but it's nice, I can definitely like it for that. I don't know anyone with this name, not even a literary character but I would think it must age quite well. Shell or Shelly/ie could be a cute nickname, but also I think Richelle would make a lovely middle name.
mairinn  1/11/2020

Comments for SANDRA

Sandra is a bit too modern for my style and I wouldn't give it to my daughter in any circumstances, but I somehow like it even though. Actually I think I even like it more than Aleksandra/Alexandra, 'cause it's a bit overlooked. I know two Sandras, one is a very determined, self-aware, beautiful perfectionist in her late twenties I guess, the second is a little girl, whom I knew when she was about 7, now in her early teens I suppose, she was a very curious, but also nervous (sensitive and easily stimulated I mean) girl looking much younger and smaller than she was. I think it's good for a child, young girl and middle-aged woman, I can imagine it on a woman in her fifties or older, but probably just because I don't know anyone in this age with this name. It's strong and energetic, but also feminine, as many of you said. And I like the nickname Sandy.
mairinn  1/12/2018

Comments for SHELLEY

I like Shelley. I'm usually not very keen on -ey names, but this one is really nice. It has a youthful, cute sound, is girly, but not frilly, sort of more girly alternative to Shelby (not that I think Shelby isn't good for a girl, it is, but Shelley is still more girly), and just has something very nice about it. I guess though that I like the spelling Shelly a tiny little bit more than Shelley. I completely can't picture it on a guy, maybe a little boy yes, but not a grown man at all, and I think a downside is that it doesn't seem to age well on women either. Well I'm not from an English-speaking country and I don't know any Shelleys so I'm no expert but I find it hard to imagine a Shelley older than say 40, and even 40 years old is quite mature for this name. When I think of this name I see a teenager, or a young adult. I really really like the diminutive Shell - be it for Shelley, Shelby or Michelle - I like how it sounds and I simply like shells so it makes me like it even more.
mairinn  1/3/2019

Comments for SOFÍA

I love Sofia. I myself am Polish, have a sis called Zofia (mostly called Zofijka), and she loves Spain, Spanish language, Spanish pop and dance music, Argentina, anything to do with Argentina. Because of that, I often call her Sofia, this Spanish version of her name suits her very well, also because I myself speak Swedish and this is one of my favourite languages, and Sofia's incredibly popular in Sweden too, just the I is written differently. I also like to call her Fia, or even Via, just because it's cool, or Sofi, Soffi-Toffi, Soffifee, or Vivi, which as I've been told can be a Swedish/Finnish nickname for Sofia/Sohvi. I think the name Sofia, no matter how the I is written (I can't write accents on the device I'm writing from), and no matter in which language, is a really beautiful, charming and feminine name, soft but with some dynamism to it. When I think about this name I think that every Sofia has to be a very charming, lovable person, and that it is impossible to not like her, she's sweet and funny, and bubbly, even if a little shy at times, she loves other people and is very chatty when she feels safe.
mairinn  9/22/2018

Comments for SOFIE

I love Sofie! My sister's name is Zofia (we're Polish) and I've never liked this name nor any of its conventional nicknames like Zosia. Now she's 10 and also doesn't like it, so we're inventing lots of other names for her. I regularly call her Sofie and spell it mostly this way. Sometimes I also tend to spell it Sophie, but I think the spelling with f is more elegant and fits her more. I also often call her Sofia/Sophia and also like the spelling Sofia more. Sometimes I spell it just Sofi or pronounce SAW-fee instead of so-FEE. I like the nickname Fee or Fie or Fi or Fifi for Sofie and also use it for her and it's very charming and fits her soooo much. Sometimes I call her Sofij(k)a (saw-FEE-y(k)ah) which I think could also work as a more original nickname for a Sofie, or with Z instead of S. I've found out somewhere that Vivi is a Swedish diminutive of Sofia and although I'm not really sure if it's true we've also adopted it for our Vivi. Sofie has such a delicate, fresh sound I like this "fi" in it the most I guess. When I'm pissed off by my Sofie I call her sofa. We also have tons of more creative nicknames like Sofilator, Sofisha, Sofie Toffi, Sofie Fee and so on.
mairinn  12/22/2017
Sofie is the name of a Belgian Dutch speech synthesiser produced by Acapela Group.
mairinn  12/22/2017

Comments for SONJA

I don't really like Sonja. Sonia is a little bit prettier in my opinion, however also not my favourite. It has some overly childish vibe for me. I think Sofia is better.
mairinn  12/28/2017

Comments for STELLA (1)

I love Stella! It's very sweet, celestial and angelic, melodious and energetic but kinda frilly at the same time. Its meaning is a bit cliche but still lovely. I don't know any Stellas in person at all, I'd love to meet one someday, but it is quite a rare name over here, I like it for that too. It has also the sweet -ella ending which makes this name so magical. One of my guilty pleasure imaginary sib-set ideas is a girl / girl twin set named Stella and Luna, so gorgeous! I much prefer the way we pronounce it here as STEL-lah, rather than with just one l, I think it has more charm and melody this way.
mairinn  8/17/2019

Comments for ULLA

Ulla Pirttijärvi is a Sami yoik singer born in Angeli in Finland.
mairinn  4/2/2016

Comments for VICTORIA

I love Victoria. The only one big disadvantage of it that I see is that Wiktoria is so popular here in Poland and Victoria follows her, so you can see quite a lot of girls named this. I find Victoria spelled with V a bit pretentious on a Polish kid, but it's definitely usable in English-speaking countries, Scandinavia and so on. I love how it is very feminine, youthful, but also strong and means victory. It has a lot of contrary things in itself which I find very appealing. I think this name is even a little bit mysterious. I think Victoria is also good as a middle name and definitely shouldn't be given as the only name, it goes so well with many names, both as a first name or a middle. I think my favourite nickname is Tori, spelled exactly this way, well Torie or Tory is also nice, but not so much, in my opinion. Vicky sounds good, but over here it should be spelled Wiki and that reminds me of Wikipedia so nothing exciting lol.
mairinn  12/23/2017