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Comments for AMAL (1)

A good friend of mine is named Amal (she is Middle Eastern) and she pronounces it a-mel, which I think is prettier than a-mal but it causes almost everyone to pronounce it wrong when they first meet her.
averyleddy  12/25/2019

Comments for ANDER

Ander Muñoz is a character on the Spanish TV show "Elite".
averyleddy  1/14/2020

Comments for CAYETANA

Cayetana is a character in Series 2 of the TV show "Elite".
averyleddy  9/20/2019

Comments for FRANCO (1)

Love this name! Especially when pronounced with a rolled 'r'.
averyleddy  1/25/2020

Comments for HAPPY

Happy Hogan is a character in various Marvel movies including the Iron Man movies and Spiderman: Homecoming.
averyleddy  5/26/2018

Comments for KIARA

Kiara is a character on the 2020 Nexflix series 'Outer Banks'. She goes by Kie.
averyleddy  5/10/2020

Comments for NOELLE

My sister's name is Noelle and I think it's a really pretty and cool name, but for some reason, she gets called Nicole all the time! People that have known her for years call her Nicole (mostly her friend's parents and our neighbors), even though the names aren't similar at all besides the N! It doesn't make the name worse or anything, it's just a funny thing that happens to her and apparently other people named Noelle!
averyleddy  5/21/2019

Comments for PARKER

The only Parker I know is a girl, so I will always think of it as a unisex name that is very usable for girls.
averyleddy  2/13/2020

Comments for QUINN

Even though I am aware that Quinn is a male name in Ireland and a unisex name in America, I personally know four girls named Quinn, all aged 14-15, and I know of two more aged 17-18 or so. I have never met a male Quinn in my life, so I will always have the impression that Quinn is more of a feminine name.
averyleddy  4/24/2018

Comments for RAFE

Rafe Cameron is a character in the 2020 show Outer Banks.
averyleddy  5/7/2020

Comments for RED

Redmond "Red" Gerard is an American Olympic snowboarder who won a gold medal at the age of 17 at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
averyleddy  2/6/2020

Comments for SAULE

My friend is named Saule and pronounces it SAU-la ('sau' rhymes with 'cow')
averyleddy  4/21/2020

Comments for SIGRID

I have a good friend named Sigrid and she pronounces it as SIG-rid (as in the words pig and kid).
averyleddy  3/10/2018

Comments for TIMOTHÉE

The American actor Timothée Chalamet pronounces his name as the English 'Timothy', so tihm-uh-thee. However, if he were to fully pronounce his name in the French way, it would be teem-oh-tay sha-la-may.
averyleddy  3/12/2018

Comments for WARD

Ward Cameron is a character on the 2020 Netflix series 'Outer Banks'.
averyleddy  5/10/2020

Comments for YASMIN

Yasmin Switzer is a Youtuber who gained popularity after having a baby at 16. She now has two daughters, Laila and Analia.
averyleddy  12/25/2019