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Comments for Adina 1

The name is SO popular in my community. I know only 15 Adina's. But, it's a beautiful name.

Comments for Adina 2

Beautiful classic and gorgeous name! I picture a lovely little girl prancing in a frilly pink dress!

Comments for Adolf

To all those people comparing Stalin to Hitler; It's really not the same. While Stalin was sadistic and cruel, Hitler did something that doesn't compare itself to anything. He designed and masterminded a sophisticated, organized machine and killed moms, dads, husbands, wives, babies and children, why? Because they were Jewish.
And yes, Stalin was an animal; he was a sadist and was terribly cruel but he compares, unfortunately to many, many other dictators. Think about it; would someone associate the name Kim with Kim Jong Un of North Korea?
What Hitler did was unprecedented; Doesn't have the likes in history, and that's what makes the name completely useless.
Impossible for me to like this name. He slaughtered six million of my people!

Comments for Ainsley

It's a nice name but very nasal.

Comments for Amy

One advantage: It's a short name and it's fast to write.

Comments for April

April Ryan basically ruined this name for me.

Comments for Arabella

I love the name Arabella. Simply beautiful. Classic, feminine, and charming.

Comments for Ariel

Makes a great name. Ariel is strong, masculine and rugged.

Comments for Ariella

Beautiful name.

Comments for Arlene

Love, love, love this name! Absolutely!

Comments for Barack

The name Barack is almost as horrible as its most famous bearer.

Comments for Belle

No-no. I hate the B sound in any name.

Comments for Bibiana

This name makes me think of someone with a runny nose.

Comments for Bret

Just so similar to "brat".

Comments for Brock

Sorry Brocks, but it's an astonishingly ugly name.

Comments for Caleb

If this is your name, I'll bet you have tattoos all over yourself and died your hair whatever funky color.

Comments for Candace


Comments for Candy

Candy Crowley.

Comments for Carolina

Love, love, love this name.

Comments for Chaim

Great name with a great meaning.

Comments for Charlotte

Charlotte is a royal name. Just right for your little princess.

Comments for China

Um, what? That's not a name. People are really crazy today.

Comments for Chuck

So many horrible people carry this name. Chuck Schumer, Chuck Todd, Chuck Grassley - yikes!

Comments for Cindy

I DESPISE this name.

Comments for Conor

It sounds like a very strong and masculine name.

Comments for Daciana

I pronounce it da - see - ah - na, and I think it's much nicer.

Comments for Dada

This name got me laughing. Not bad!

Comments for Daisy

I can't imagine an adult going by Daisy. It's a name that doesn't age well.

Comments for Dana 2

There is NOTHING to this name and I cant understand for the life of me why people would name their child this. It sounds feminine to me, but then of course we have all these smarty-pants who name their sons that. So the name is boring, lifeless and dull.

Comments for Deborah

The name is gross; same category as Monica. Harsh and abrasive, no charm and no femininity. Horrible choice.

Comments for Deirdre

I don't hate this name, but why would anyone name their child that when there are so much more prettier names out there?

Comments for Devorah

Devorah is so much nicer than Deborah. It's much nicer and softer.

Comments for Dick 1

Disgusting name, good for Dick Durbin.

Comments for Dina 1

Beautiful name.

Comments for Donalda

Heard this name and was like - yuck.

Comments for Doria

The name is somewhat pretty - but I like Daria more. I guess female names with the "a" sound are more intriguing to me.

Comments for Dov

A very cool and handsome name.

Comments for Driskoll

A very cool and handsome name.

Comments for Eden

This is a BOY'S name!

Comments for Éliane

Eliane Sassoon, 16 years old, was killed in a terrible fire along with six of her siblings. God rest her soul. She was an amazing human being - kind, caring, warm, and generous.

Comments for Eliezer

My brother's name. We call him "Eli".

Comments for Elijah

A real classic and Eli is a good nickname.

Comments for Elisha

A gentle and handsome name.

Comments for Elkanah

I have many relatives with this name and I absolutely love it. It's a strong masculine name with a good charm, and different too.

Comments for Elliot

One of my favorite male names.

Comments for Emanuel

Oh what a lovely name! So beautiful and gentle! I would definitely choose it.

Comments for Emerson

I mean, for boys do boy's name and for girl's do girls names. Girls are adorable in girls' names and boys are cool in boys' names. The moment you start mixing it up it becomes ridiculous. Emerson sounds a bit like a surname to me but ok on a boy. Any name with the word "son" in it (besides for Sonia) IS NOT FOR GIRLS, PERIOD. Call them Scarlet, Jenny or Gina - for all I care. Just don't "son" them.

Comments for Eric

I've always disliked this name but now I have to like it because of Eric Trump...

Comments for Erin

A very ugly name.

Comments for Esperanza

Along with the Spanish accent and pronunciation, this name is ugly!

Comments for Ezekiel

My husband's name and I absolutely LOVE it!

Comments for Gabby

It's a very stupid name and it would be hard for me to take someone with this name seriously.

Comments for Gedaliah

Very handsome name!

Comments for George

I always felt funny about the name because of Curious George, but ever since I got to see little Prince George of Cambridge I adore it! People really make names!

Comments for Gideon

What a handsome name! I picture a nice Jewish boy with black hair and bambi eyes!

Comments for Gina

What a horrible name. It makes me think of dishwasher soap.

Comments for Gloria

For 90 year olds.

Comments for Gordon

Oh, the endless love I have for this name! It is so masculine, strong and COMPLETE!

Comments for Gráinne

Sounds like groin to me. Or groan. Whatever, you get the point.

Comments for Gregg

I hate this name! Please don't do it to your child! It's so nerdy and uncool!

Comments for Hadassah

Hadassah is very popular in orthodox Jewish circles. Lots of Hadassah's go by the nickname "Dassi".

Comments for Hattie

Don't like it.

Comments for Herman

Herman Cain, black conservative politician who ran for president in 2012.

Comments for Hope

Dumb name.

Comments for Idony

Any name finishing in a Y is ugly, but this is EXCEPTIONALLY ugly.

Comments for Ivanka

I admire Ivanka Trump greatly, but I don't like this name.

Comments for Jacqueline

I love Jacqueline, but I don't like the nickname Jackie. Jack is a boy's name only.

Comments for Jael

Dunno, it sounds like jail. Jael, go to jail!

Comments for Jared

Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law, husband of his daughter Ivanka Marie Trump. Jared Kushner is an orthodox jew.

Comments for Jedidah

Not a fan but I like the male variant Jedidiah!
Amish people name their daughters Jedidah.

Comments for Jedidiah

Love this name. Would name my son Jedidiah. And call him by his full name.

Comments for Jim


Comments for Jimmy

It's a silly stupid name and I can't help associating it with that idiot Jimmy Carter and - yeah - corny so-called comedian Jimmy Kimmel. I'm not surprised both of those jerks carry this name.

Comments for Joseph

A beautiful name.

Comments for Joshua

Joshua is a great name. I myself love biblical names and Joshua is high up on my list. Joshua's rock!

Comments for Julia

My little sister is seven and her name is Julia. She is a beautiful graceful child; her hair is long and straight; her eyes are large and deep, her nose is pert and her lips are thin and set. She is a tall girl with long legs and very smart. I would advise parents to name their little daughters Julia.

Comments for Kai 1

Donald Trump's granddaughter is named Kai Madison Trump.

Comments for Katrina

A horrible disgusting name. Makes me think of a short crabby woman with a grey shag.

Comments for Kimberly

Kimberly Guilfoyle - co-host of The Five on Fox. Love her! And she looks so much like Melania Trump, it's scary.

Comments for Larissa

This is a nice name. It's cute on a child and also ages well. I can see an adult going by Larissa - it sounds mature.

Comments for Leah

I prefer Leatrice, but Leah's pretty nice too.

Comments for Lex

Love this name for a boy.

Comments for Lillian

Lillian is a beautiful name and so girly, but I hate the name Lilly. It is so tizzy and ditzy.

Comments for Lorraine

This is a striking and beautiful name.

Comments for Luna

Short for lunatic.

Comments for Lutz

One letter short of "klutz".

Comments for Manny

Emmanuel is beautiful and Manny is STUPID.

Comments for Masha

Mashed potatoes, anyone?

Comments for Meghan

The only version I accept for this name is "Meghan". All others are horrible and tasteless; people trying to cheer up an otherwise boring and typical name. I would've liked it; it's just everybody's name.

Comments for Melania

Melania Trump made me love this name; She is such a beautiful, classy kind and smart woman. A great first lady!

Comments for Meredith

Meredith is my name and I've loved it always. It's strong, gentle, sweet - and uncommon. I get compliments for it all over. A great name!

Comments for Michelle

This name is perfect for a 40 year old.

Comments for Miguel

Don't like the association.

Comments for Mo

My brother's name is Moses and we call him Mo for short.

Comments for Moses

I am Jewish and this is my little brother's name. We call him Mocco, Mo, or Mohac for nicknames. Moses itself is really severe but it has a bunch of cute nicknames.

Comments for Natasha

What a horrible name.

Comments for Nathan

Good name, don't like Nate.

Comments for Nikki

Rhymes with icky, sticky, and picky.

Comments for Noreen

I know a model with that name. She is beautiful but it's a despicable name anyway.

Comments for Norman

The name Norman makes me think of a fat old man.

Comments for Oprah


Comments for Pedro

I loathe this name more than any words could ever explain. It's cheap, horrible, ugly and unattractive.

Comments for Perry

Perry is a nickname for the yiddish female name "Perel". Many Perry's in the yiddish speaking communities.

Comments for Pia

The sheer horror of having to say, "My name is Pia, what's yours?"

Comments for Preeti

Immediately brings to my mind infamous NY attorney general, Preet Bharara, known for his barbaric and vicious witch hunts. Thank God Trump fired him- he deserved it!

Comments for Preston

I know a guy named Preston and his dad calls him "Pressy"!

Comments for Rebekah

My older sister's name. We call her Rivky.

Comments for Reinhold

I like Reince.

Comments for Reuel

I LOVE this name! I would name my son Reuel Elijah. Absolutely gorgeous. And uncommon too!

Comments for Rosalyn

Beautiful name. I love the combination of Rosalyn Ida.

Comments for Roseanne

A beautiful name! I hate the name Rose but I love variants like Rosalyn and Roseanne.

Comments for Rudy

Rudy is the perfect name for your blonde little boy.

Comments for Sally

Corny, immature name.

Comments for Scarlet

Beautiful name. Strong, feminine, and makes me think of a gentle, graceful, beautiful girl.

Comments for Sean

Sean Hannity, radio show host and Fox news host.

Comments for Sherlock

I really like this name but don't name your child that because it has a popular association that would tie him to a certain stereotype he might be unable to live up to.

Comments for Shifra

Shiffi would make a good nickname. Like the name altogether.

Comments for Shimon

A beautiful name.

Comments for Shmuel

Sounds like "shlemiel". Ever heard of it? It's the yiddish word for a klutzy guy who always slips in public.

Comments for Shraga

Most Jewish males named Shraga are also named Ezekiel. Ezekiel Shraga is kind of popular in Orthodox Jewish communities.

Comments for Skyler

The sound of it is good, but there are better names out there.

Comments for Sophia

I've always disliked this name with a passion! A real unattractive name! If you name your child that you have bad taste or no taste at all.

Comments for Spencer

Love this name!

Comments for Suri

Suri is a nickname for the Hebrew name Sarah. My little sister's name is Sarah and she goes by Suri everywhere. While in the Orthodox Jewish community it's SO popular, I found it kind of nice it's coming around to secular circles.

Comments for Tiffany

I don't like this name; I think it's quite ugly.

Comments for Tilly

My late grandma's name. Will name my future daughter after her.

Comments for Tom 1

Just about every other guy is named Tom. It's a meaningless typical name. Won't do anything to your child besides make him more boring.

Comments for Trisha


Comments for Tristan

Tristan Milos Trump is the third child of Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Haydon.

Comments for Tucker

Tucker is a cool name for a boy. I know one great Tucker - his last name is "Carlson".

Comments for Wayne

Sounds like whine.

Comments for Wendy

I was disgusted by this name since the first time I read the sign "Wendy's" off a restaurant and figured it must be a name. It's just not nice, period.

Comments for Yael

When Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism, she took on the Hebrew name Yael.

Comments for Yehudah

Love the name. My brother's name is Yehudah and we call him Yiddy at home.

Comments for Zachariah

Like it!

Comments for Zev

A great name. Zevi could be used for a child, Zev for an adult. Cool and classic.