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Comments for Ajit

I liked it but world reknowned a-hole Ajit Pai ruined it for me.

Comments for Archer

I love this name but I prefer it on a girl.

Comments for Aron

This name is nice. Good names for girl and boy twins would be Aron and Nora, Nora is Aron backwards.

Comments for Blair

I love this name, but I prefer the spelling "Blaire".

Comments for Brooklyn

My firstborn's name is Brooklyn. I don't find it as a "white trash" name, or that "made up" names are ugly. All names were made up at some point. If you don't like a name, then shut up and at least find a valid reason like some people in the comments.

Comments for Brynn

Look, this name is unisex now, and maybe it has one extra "N" I think you'll survive.

Comments for Charlot

My mom said she wanted to name me something French, so she chose Charlotte, just to realise the exact same name without the "te" was a thing.
Too late now. (Also it's pronounced Char-lot, like Margot)

Comments for Charlotte

My name is Charlotte, and I have never been called a "harlot", actually, most people in my school have probably never used/heard that word ever. I was like the only person in my state with the name Charlotte, until Princess Kate's baby, then it got really popular.

Comments for Comfort

I would never use this name on a real child but I wouldn't say it's trashy or sex-related.

Comments for Corona

This name was ruined like the name Isis, and, to some extent, Katrina. It will be remembered as a tragic event.

Comments for Dick 1

I have a friend Richard and when we were first in middle school I used his name as an excuse to say Dick. I would only use this name sarcastically, though. I would rather call my kid Rich instead of Dick, because Rich is a good thing.

Comments for Emma

The name Emma is very short but sweet and easy to spell and say, it will not be mispronounced. P.S Anonymous User who made a whole rant on how Emmas are not special, get a life.

Comments for Fedora

I like this name. If I have twin girls I'm naming them Fedora and Hattie. I think you can see why.

Comments for Felix

I would name my kid Felix, but the name ends in "lix."

Take that as you will.

Comments for Gaia

I love this name but I would pronounce it Gai-a and not Gay-a for um... reasons. I'm not homophobic and actually I'm not straight, but still, man.

Comments for Gay

The reason the name can't be used isn't because of "immature homophobes" like some people said. It can't be used because even homophobes wouldn't name their kid "Straight". I'm not a homophobe but I wouldn't name my kid after a sexuality.

Comments for Hattie

I like the name, it's very cute! I collect Baby Alive dolls and I have twins named Hattie and Fedora. I think you can see why.

Comments for Jessica

My daughter's name is Jessica but it's spelled Jéssica and she is not trashy at all! She is only 4 so I can't really tell her personality for the future, but she ain't trashy.

Comments for Jockie

Born to ride horses.

Comments for Nail

"Hello, welcome to Starbucks, what's the order name?"


"You could have chosen a better fake name."

*gives credit card*

"Oh, um, sorry about that sir".

Comments for Peni

This name is cute if you aren't in America. Especially if you have the last name Smith.

Peni S.

Comments for Pooja

A classmate in 3rd grade had this name, and no one bullied her and she laughed along when people pointed out that it has "Poo" in it.

Comments for Porntip

It's beautiful. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT NAME YOUR CHILD THAT IF IT'S NOT A CULTURAL NAME FOR WHERE YOU LIVE. You will be ruining your child's life by literally naming them "Porn".

Comments for Prudence

I know the name Prudence is ugly and old and has the word "Prude" inside it, but it grew on me because of the Papa Louie games (Papa's Pancakeria, you can play as her.)

Comments for Publius

I kind of like it, except the fact it sounds like "Pube" lius and my kid would get bullied. Back when this name was used, it was probably less common to speak of pubes, so it's good for an old person's name.

Comments for Quinn

I like the name, but it was ruined for me because of Quinn, the catty closer woman in the Papa's games series (Papa's Pizzeria, Burgeria, etc)

Comments for Rhea

I love the name when it's pronounced like "Rey-ah", but I would name my kid "Reya" instead so my kid doesn't get bullied for being diarRHEA.

Comments for Sextus

Oh Sextus, you poor, poor child.

Comments for Silvia

I don't love it, but it's cute.