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Comments for Alexia

Sounds like a name you give to a robot.

Comments for Avi

No, it's masculine. Stop trying to talk about how feminine it is. It's masculine. Ava is feminine.

Comments for Betsy

Being old-fashioned isn't a bad thing. Doesn't change the fact, it's a good name.

Comments for Betty

Stop worrying about how old it is. It is a unique, good name. Quit making problems out of nothing.

Comments for Clancy

It's a surname.

Comments for Constance

It's strong, but feminine names can be strong. Because we don't discriminate with gender, right?

Comments for Constant

It's a good name. I like it. The nickname for this could be 'Con'.

Comments for Elvis

One person is enough to ruin a name.

Nothing against Elvis Presley... Because well, who doesn't like Elvis Presley?

Comments for Humphrey

Don't mind the old names, but this one doesn't work no matter what scenario you use it in. This name is on the blacklist.

Comments for Jean 2

Vintage, and great... And good... And terrific. How about marvelous?

Comments for Julian

Anything old I adore. I'm sick of the people who hate the old names. They can just stop ridiculing names of style and can get a life.

Comments for Karen 1

Are you okay with your daughter becoming a living meme? No problem. Go ahead.

(This name is blacklisted)

Comments for Lacey

Cindy Morgan played Lacey Underall in Caddyshack (1980).

Comments for Lamar

This is a highly stereotypical name. Lamar is mainly a black person's name. I would not call a white boy Lamar.

Comments for Lauren

It's a good name. Vintage, but has a modern sort of feel to it. And don't call your son that - it's a female name.

Comments for Marilyn

One person is enough to ruin a name.

I would have used it, but Norma Baker decided to use it for her stage name. Nothing against MM, because she's amazing.

Comments for Marion 1

I would spell it as Marione. Sounds nice though.

Comments for Patricia

No. It doesn't do it for me. And the nickname, Pat, just makes it worse. Of course, good names are mostly subjective.

Comments for Veronica

One of those names I like but don't want to use. I don't why, but some names are just in that category.

Comments for Wilt

Wilt Chamberlain was an American professional basketball player who is best known for scoring 100 points in a single game, and averaging 50 points per game in a season.

Comments for Ximena

Finally a name that starts with 'X' and actually sounds good.