I can’t be the only one that actually likes the name Jezebel. It’s has a really nice and cool sound to it. I don’t know how to describe it. I think it really has middle name potential. It’s not that bad in my opinion, but I see why other people don’t like it.
This name is really unpleasant.
Why does this name mean “where is the prince?” I know that the biblical Jezebel was evil (I’ve read the Bible), but if you want to name your child this, then nobody’s stopping you. I personally would use a nickname.
Honestly, disregarding the biblical character, Jezebel is actually a nice sounding name, almost like a mix between, "Jessica" and "Isabel."
The name also means "island of trash" in Hebrew (Je-אי-island, zabel-זבל-trash). What a bad name...
Izebel, Jennabel, Jessabelle, my personal favorites. Don't really luv J names, though. Jessabelle is kinda hard to say, but it sure looks better than Jezebel!
I like this name, but I also don't like it. I prefer Izebel. If you say Jezebel is related to Isabel, then I like the name. But otherwise, no thank u. Jezebel is also kind of hard to say. Try saying JEZEBEL DID A GOOD JOB 3 times fast. But if your name is Jezebel, I will treat you like people named Isabel. So namely wishes, especially if your name is Jezebel, because Jezebel is actually very pretty. My opinion may change, though. Jezebels aren't stupid. They are good.
My cat was named this, I knew it referred to some evil wife but I wasn't expecting that death... oh my... the name's pretty cool though, if you have this name be happy about it!
Beautiful things can be dangerous. Just because it is dangerous, doesn't mean it is good. Certain butterflies or toads are beautiful but they are poisonous.
My name is Jezebel and even some of my family’s friends are saying that I’m evil and a bad person and that people should feel bad for me and that since my mom had my name in a dream that the devil named me. Even my cousin's friend texted her and said I should feel sorry for myself because of my name and she even said that I’m evil. Idk if you can respond to comments but if you can can I get some advice please!
The name is kinda meh to be honest with you. Not bad but not really good either. The Bible story I don’t really care about. I feel like some people here are dragging it.
Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger named their daughter Jade Jezebel.
I have always loved the name. It is so pretty and just because her name is Jezebel doesn’t mean she is going to be evil. You could be named Adolf and be a great, kind person. People need to stop bullying others just because of their name. God won’t care if I name my future daughter Jezebel. He looks at the heart, not the name. And if my mom is going to hate her granddaughter just because of her name, then that’s her problem. I can name my kid whatever I want. I could name her Paper Clip, but I won’t, because that’s stupid. But the point is, I can name my child Jezebel if I want to, and if people have a problem with it, then they can answer to me.
I don’t care if I name my baby Jezebel when I’m old enough to become a parent. I think it’s a gorgeous name and just because the name belonged to an evil queen doesn’t mean my future daughter is meant to be evil. Besides, God doesn’t judge you by your name. You could be named Adolf Hitler and be one of the nicest people anyone would have the pleasure of meeting. The name means nothing to God. It’s the content of your character and whether you love him or not that counts. And if anyone is going to judge her, then they can go suck it. So I don’t care what my mom says, I can name my future daughter Jezebel if I want and she can’t do anything about it. If she decides to hate my future daughter just because of her name then that’s her own issue.
Jezebel is a song by Sade from the album Promise (1985).
Unlike most biblical names, this name was pretty much completely avoided by the Puritans and other colonial Americans, among whom Jezebel's name was a byword for evil women - the term "painted Jezebel" was a derogatory term commonly used at the time for women who were considered immoral. These attitudes reflected a society that enforced rigid gender roles, particularly for women. The Bible's depiction of Jezebel worshiping the Phoenician gods in monotheistic Israel and slaughtering Jewish prophets ensured that Jews would not name their daughters after her. (I realize the Bible isn't very historically accurate, but its influence over history cannot be denied.) The name Jezebel has been reclaimed by some feminists who see Jezebel as a victim of a patriarchal, xenophobic society. Regardless of what Jezebel was actually like, the name is loaded with negative connotations, which explains why it is generally avoided.
Is this name derogatory?
Love this name. What's wrong with immorality?
Hello,So my name is Jezebel but my nickname is Jeze. My parents didn't know the meaning behind the name until we moved to a VERY religious town. I wouldn't say that I got "bullied" for my name, but it definitely didn't help me make friends. I grew up hating my name but now that I'm grown I love it! I personally think that it is a really pretty name and it makes for a beautiful signature! I do get a weird look every now and then whenever I meet someone religious but I have learned to laugh it off. Plus there are so many nicknames such as Jeze, Bell, or Jez. I think that if you are thinking about naming your child this then you should take into consideration a few things. Please don't do it if you have an extremely religious family or live in a religious town, because trust me, the taunting gets exhausting. And be prepared to deal with any backlash that may come with giving your child a "taboo" name. But, to be honest Jezebel is a pretty cool name and most kids will grow up and love it.
Evil woman in the Bible.
Always reminded me of the word ‘jealous.’ The Biblical background and meaning of Jezebel are just awful.
It’s pretty but I hate the meaning.
It sounds pretty, but I'd never use it because of the connotations.
I like this name a lot. I think biblical names are always cool, even if they’re not from such a good person. Jezebel is pretty! And you can use/have it without getting bashed! Period! The fact is it’s a nice name.
Bibles aside, this name is pretty.
The stories behind this name are kinda iffy. She did some pretty gruesome stuff but I don't think she was necessarily evil? She was just a religious person who had too much power. The j is kind of ugly, I would prefer it be pronounced with a ž sound. Doesn't have much meaning but if you're going for unique or let's piss of my religious parents, then I guess it's okay?
I think people make their own name meaning. I would name my little girl Jezebelle just because my name is Jazebelle. :)
I don't believe there is anything wrong with the name Jezebel. Just because someone with the same name in the bible was evil does not mean everyone with that name is. I know people called Joy, etc who are so vicious, malicious and evil in every way possible so how come no one says anything about that. A name is just a name and it does not not portray every individual with the same name. I know Christians like to say every evil is a Jezebel spirit but I do not agree.
Jezebel sounds so pretentious and strange. I picture a promiscuous female or a stripper/Pornstar with this name. This name sounds disgusting.
I was reading all these comments about the name Jezebel, and I had to jump in because of all the misconstrued comments and ideas that are being posted on here. 1. Jezebel is a name originating from the Bible, so that should be where we get our information from... that time period, that translation of the name, and that connotation.2. The meaning of the name Jezebel is translated to “The daughter of Baal”. That sounds pretty cool, being named a daughter of a god, no matter what religion you are. But let’s look at who Baal is defined to be. Baal is defined as a DEMON, ranked as the FIRST AND PRINCIPAL KING IN HELL. He has SIXTY-SIX LEGIONS OF DEMONS UNDER HIS COMMAND. He is compared to SATAN, and considered his MAIN ASSISTANT. Followers of Baal SACRIFICED THEIR CHILDREN, the firstborn of the community, to gain personal prosperity. Baal’s MISTRESS was HIS OWN MOTHER. Because his worshippers believed in “sympathetic magic”, the believed they could influence the gods’ actions by performing the SAME SEXUAL RELATIONS they wished of their gods… engaging in IMMORAL sex. 3. She was an evil woman. Not just by biblical standards, but by human morals as well. She manipulated her husband, King Ahab, to do whatever she wanted. Consider the fact that King Ahab was originally of the Hebrew faith, and then after his marriage to Jezebel, turned to worshiping Baal. She also was manipulative in her personal affairs. In 1 Kings 21:5-16, King Ahab wanted a vineyard that was owned by someone else. Queen Jezebel took it upon herself to FORGE documents with the King’s signature (21:8-9) and send them to the leaders of the city, saying to have the vineyard owner FALSELY charged with blaspheme and sentenced to death (21:10). I think before you start making comments, you need to do your research first. Jezebel is a name that represents evil, and I think it AWFUL to name a new born child after such an EVIL individual. She may have been powerful and persuasive, but don’t forget that ADOLF HITLER was also a powerful and persuasive person. Children try to live up to their name. Do you really want your little girl to try and live up to the name Jezebel?
Not everyone believes in God or the Bible (myself included) so if they so choose to use this name in the future, who is going to stop them? Jezebel is a GORGEOUS name and no amount of Christians misinterpreting my intentions is going to change my mind. I don't care about the associations because they are from a religion that I do not follow, so I will most likely use this name in the future :)
Jezebel is the English take on the Hebrew name ('Izevel) from which we more correctly derive "Isabel". Thus, the names Isabelle and Jezebel bespeak the same evil queen in the Northern Kingdom of Israel c. 850 BC. She was a sorceress and whore whose name can connote the idea of "unhusbanded one". The "bel" in her name is after the Babylonian god Bel (means "possessor/lord/husband) whose name became Ba'al in the west (Phoenicia/Canaan).
My name is Jezebel. I love my name.
To be completely honest, I have a song by Memphis May Fire on my Spotify playlist with that name, and all I can imagine is that a person with that name would either beA) a homewrecker.
B) a promiscuous college student.I wouldn't name my future daughter this at all, in all frigging honesty, not even after looking at the name's history. Sorry, but this is my personal opinion. And yes, this is all coming from a fourteen year old.
The name is just derived partly from Baal. Baal itself means "lord", and in context is the idols those people worshipped, who were incapable of doing anything - but whom they nevertheless did horrible and evil things for. In modern context, it might be making an idol a lord of your life and stubbornly clinging to it, ie "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry" 1 Samuel 15:23. So not a strong name at all. Not a good thing or name.
Remember, you're not the one who will be stuck with the name, your child will have live with it. I wouldn't be too happy if I found out my parents named me after an evil and promiscuous biblical figure. The negativity associated with Jezibel will follow your child for a lifetime. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
I must say Jazebel is a cute name, yes. Okay, because something is cute does it make it good for consumption sometimes? Now the bearer of a name and his doing is a very significant matter you need to consider... can you answer for the name Lucifer? From the bible, we have seen that "names" have a way affecting our lives. You can see from the bible God changed Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Isreal, Sarai to Sarah, Jedidiah to Solomon and many more. I believe the name that you are called is what you become over time and affects our lives positively or otherwise. And the bible isn't just a historical book or some religious book, it was written by inspiration from God, it is the mind of God to man.
As someone who is non-religious, I see this as a beautiful name for a young woman. I really don't care about the 'evil' connotation to the biblical figure.
My name is Jezebel. I've never even murdered one Christian. I do think my pastor is terrified of me. I recommend no sudden movements...
I use the name Jezabel because it defines me and most of what I stand for in the name Jezebel and I love it. I may be changing my name real soon to Jezebel. I love it and use this name everywhere and wear the name proud.
My daughter is 10 years old now. Her name is Jezebel and she is nothing like the bible describes, in fact she is complete opposite. She is a very sweet, quiet little girl with a very big and caring heart. However, we do get strange looks from time to time and have had 1 or 2 harsh remarks about her name. This bothers me a lot but doesn't bother her at all and I have explained to her the biblical meaning of her name. Her response to the strange looks and rude comments is that the person described as Jezebel in the bible says nothing about who she (my daughter) is as a person.
My daughter's name is Jezebel Marie. She is beautiful and everyone loves her and her name.
My daughter is not A Jezebel. Her name is Jezebel. So she is Jezebel. And I'll thank you for correcting poor sentence structure. It's not a word with a definition, it is a name.
I think Jezebel is an absolutely beautiful name. Regardless of other people's comments, I named my daughter Jezebel Angel and all her coworkers/friends love her name and even named their daughter Jezebel. The meaning is only how you see it. But I do agree the name and pronunciation are beautiful.
People's reactions to Jezebel honestly make me quite angry. I think it's an absolutely beautiful name, and I can't stand any alternate spellings, I think it's a shame people are so averse to it.For those saying a Jezebel would be made fun of, I highly doubt it, at least not based on her name. Most kids don't know what Jezebel even means. If they do they'll know her as the queen from the bible. "Jezebel" as a term for "whore" is growing increasingly old fashioned. I never even knew this was the case until I saw people say so on the internet. I've never heard it used in my real life or in any media I've seen. Most of the people with negative associations are, guess what, older people. By the time your little Jezebel is grown up, these people will be even older.
This name is in use in the Netherlands, but it is extremely rare over there: in 2014, there was a total of 19 bearers (of all ages) in the entire country:- (in Dutch)One of those bearers is the daughter (born in March 2009) of the Dutch soccer player John "Johnny" Heitinga (b. 1983) and his wife Charlotte-Sophie Zenden, whom he married a year after their daughter's birth (in May 2010).- (in English)
- (in Dutch)
- (in English; from the official Twitter account of Heitinga)
- name Jezebel is also in use in other countries, such as Brazil and the United States:-
I LOVE this name. But everyone I ask says it sounds like a gypsy name. And it has some pretty horrible connatations to it. I just have a thing for names that end with "Elle". I'm gonna go with Jessabelle on this one.
Yeah to all the people that think she was a strong, good, fair Persian rulerPersia NEVER had a female ruler.
And Jezebel was a very wicked queen who bullied the people of Israel because their weak king decided to marry a Persian so she forced them to worship Baal, killed all of Israel's God's prophets, tried but failed to kill Elijah and even killed an innocent man to take his farm upon owning just about every other land in Israel.
Not saying "Jezebel" is a bad name but she ruined it.
Sadly, people will judge a Jezebel without meeting her or getting to know her. This is one of those names that will make teachers treat your child differently in school--and they will assume that you are not a great parent. A lot to saddle a little girl with. A name I would avoid.
I just wanted to let you all know--My name is Jezabel. With an A in the middle. I've noticed most of you fear the teasing that a child would encounter in school. I can testify that your fears aren't valid. I'm 24 years old now, and at the time this thread was created, I was 15. None of my classmates ever made fun of me for my name. The worst thing anyone said to me about my name was, "Are you like the evil queen? Cuz you don't look evil, you look nice. Can we be friends?" The only backlash I ever received was from judgmental women over the age of 45 who didn't want help simply because my name tag said Jezabel. Really, how ridiculous is that? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. In fact, knowing the connotations of my name since I was a little girl helped me strive to be the opposite of what Jezebel was in the bible-- it motivated me to be good, to be kind and caring. This thread is actually kind of ridiculous.
I HUGELY dislike the name Jezebel. It's not pretty at all. I don't find the name cool. Isabelle is so much better.
This is a VERY pretty name. However, I would never consider this for a child because of the negative connotations associated with it. It's a shame, because it is rather pretty, but I'd think of my child and what they would have to endure. I'd hate it if my name was Jezebel. Other parents should avoid this one too, because, again, of the negative connotations. You can argue until you are blue in the face about how Jezebel was an example of a strong person or was a good woman or whatever, people are still going to think badly of the parents and the child. I wouldn't want to be burdened with that.
I want to use the name Jezebel in a book that I am writing... What are the pros and cons of using this name. One person told me, that if I used the name, she would not read my book. The biblical version of the name does depict the true nature of my character... the non secular version could assert that she is powerful and has an ability to lead... but not necessarily in a positive direction but none-the-less she can get people to follow her. But once they understand what she has done, and is exposed, she quickly dismisses them from her fold.Make any sense? Looking for all opinions.
The biblical perspective of the name 'Jezebel' is very biased. Jezebel was a strong woman, and the very idea of a strong woman has always been looked down on in most any culture, especially in middle eastern cultures. The biblical account of Jezebel talks only of the negative things about her. If you cast anyone in nothing but a negative light, of course they look evil. There's a book by Leslie Hazelton called "Jezebel, the untold story of the Bibles's harlot queen". I strongly recommend reading that book for some much better insight about Jezebel, and not base assumptions on what I see as a very biased account as seen in the Bible, namely in the Book of Kings. Personally, I think Jezebel got a bum rap. After all, we're all sinners in the eyes of God, we've all done awful things. Who are we to judge her on a lot of one-sided biblical testimony?
Jezebel is a BEAUTIfUL name and just because of the Bible it doesn't mean all Jezebels are evil- just she was!
Oh my word! Please, people... DO NOT NAME YOUR CHILD JEZEBEL. Sure, you think that the name is cute but really think about your kids lives after that. I'm pretty sure you are wise enough to know what your child will go through. Think of the bullying and the snide jokes. It's not your life, but your child's. Do not make your child grow up and resent you. You can't control what people say. The only thing you will be able to say is sorry. I swear, some people don't need to be bearing children.
It's a beautiful name, and I will be naming my child this if it turns out that we are having a girl.
I think most of the ppl on here that have bashed the name Jezebel and keep saying look in the bible are ridiculous.... a name is a name... who are any of you to say it's wrong for someone else to name their baby what they like or want? Why is society so critical? grow up stop trying to live in the past. Everyone is entitled to name their children what they want people shouldn't be judged or ridiculed for your opinion... if you yourself do not like the name don't use it... But you should not judge others either... and for your information I am one of those people who are naming my baby. ( Jezebel ) which will be born in a matter of weeks now... thank you to all of positive open minded and supportive people.. the name is beautiful..
I think this is a beautiful, rather uncommon name, and it's a shame it has several bad connotations. But surely you've heard sayings about something beautiful coming from adversity. I think the darkness (unfortunately) associated with it gives it even more beauty, and to me, gives the impression of a strong-willed, dignified, and confident woman--should they possess it in this day and age.
:) hallo my name is jesebel I thought the name kinda sound the same and maybe a better name if you want to name your child JEZEBEL just saying.
I suspect that a child would be more likely to be ostracized for making Biblical allusions based on stranger's names than for actually being called Jezebel. I mean... Biblical name teasing? Unless the character happens to be someone as well-known as Satan or as embarrassing as Onan I don't see it happening. How many Adams and Eves are teased with apple innuendos? How many Thomases get "Doubting Thomas" chanted at them in the schoolyard? How many Leahs are told their husband prefers their sister? I think Jezebel is an acceptable name - after all, few people have problems with Eve or Delilah, the names of Bible's other bad girls. I'd say a girl named Jezebel is unlikely to be taunted about it, especially in today's increasingly secular world.
Regardless of the debate over this name, I still think people should avoid this name. Jezebel is not a person you'd want to honor. I still don't get why anyone would want to justify Jezebel's actions. She's not bad for being a strong woman. She's bad for being arrogant and trying to destroy what people in Israel treasured the most (their faith in God). After all, Esther and Judith were strong too, and they were always viewed with respect.
You can't name your daughter this, you just can't. It's such a shame though that a biblical villian had to go and ruin it for the rest of us because it's honest to God a really cute sounding name.
The image of Jezebel as an "oversexed harlot" goes back to the Biblical character, but the promiscuous Jezebel Stereotype was often applied by slave-masters to explain away the rape of black women. They used this mentality to explain away their own actions, instead the "Black Jezebel wanted it!" This stereotype continues in Hollywood films since the 1970s... blaxploitation films, hip-hop videos, even Halle Berry's Oscar winning performance in Monster Ball. Young girls already have to deal the negative impact of how sexualized our society has become... I can't imagine what it would be like to go though life with a name that literally means "a woman who is regarded as evil and scheming." -- American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.
In Japanese manga-ka Kaori Yuki’s series “Godchild, ” one of the main characters is a male named “Jizabel” (presumably pronounced “JIHZ-ah-behl”), whose name is a play on Jezebel and Abel (Jizabel’s brother’s name is Cain).
We use plenty of names that are inappropriate for young children and nobody cares I don't see how this name is different. I love this name. I like the name Jessica but it so popular to the point I can't use it. And I also don't see how people use names like Eve and they get mad and go crazy over names like these.
Though not a person, Jezebel is the name of a Gawker Media blog, targeted toward women, which has faced some controversy.
I like this name! I like the nicknames Jez, Jezzie, Jeza, and kind of Belle!
I personally think it's a really pretty name. I don't care about the other stuff. Besides, people who care about a person's name to the point where they would poke fun or discriminate are not the sort of people I would want my hypothetical child hanging around, and I would consider it a blessing for them to show their true colors at the outset.
My name is Jezabelle, and I have always loved my name. Most people who I meet do as well. And I fully support those who have such a devout belief in their religion. However, there are many names in this world that, when looked up, have ridiculous meanings. "Chloe" is a beautiful name, but it means "green shoot." So if we're getting all hyped up about names being bad and horrible because of what they mean, or one person in history who got a bad rap, I'd rather be named for a strong, independent female than a baby plant.
I am another mother that has named her daughter Jezebel. Personally I love the name and never fed into what the writers of the bible made the name out to be. What I believe now about naming my daughter this is, yes I have completely shocked people by naming my daughter Jezebel. There are very old school people that almost or do feel offended because they will not allow the name to pass through their mouth and insist on calling her Jessabel or my old Italian neighbor that has decided to nickname her Bella. Her teachers from the beginning have always been very kind and courteous probably because it's an ethical issue. But, as of lately her friends have asked her if she knows what the name means (slut) obviously because of the movie Easy A but anyway. I wish this wasn't the case and am mortified by the ignorant people that think the name is horrid. I have educated myself and read the book Jezebel by Lesley Hazelton. Which is non-fiction and much more accurate than the bible. The bottom line is I worry about the future when she doesn't get hired for a job because of her legal name or when some psycho acts terrible in whatever way because for whatever reason. You have to be a pretty bold person to name your daughter Jezebel but, with some of the names out their I feel pretty confident that the future will be more excepting. Also, the real queen of Israel was named Itha-Baal. The name has changed over time Jezebel means Noble God not slut. By naming your daughter Jezabel, Jezzebel or even Jessabel isn't going to change anything they all pretty much sound the same, some people will still have the same negative reaction. So like the rest of America you might as well name you daughter Isabel which is just the Spanish version of the name.
There's always the alternative "Jessie-Belle" if you want to use this name! ;) Haha.
Despite this name having a bad association, I do quite like it, though I would use it for a character and not a baby girl. Plus, I'm sure if it didn't leave a bad taste in most people's mouths, it'd be higher in the name popularity charts, perhaps next to names such as Isabelle/Annabelle and the like.
Shame on the bad reputation; it's very pretty. Though to my ear it has a bit of a hillbilly edge.
Okay lets get this straight. I know someone called Jezebel and she's not bullied AT ALL. Why would she be!? She was an evil person in the bible? No. I don't know where YOU live but kids don't get teased because their name originates from someone evil in the bible. Most people don't care where your name comes from. Only if it's something like Bart or old fashioned. Or something like Willy or Dick. Jezebel? No. Most people don't even know about 'evil Jezebel'. Saying she'll get bullied with a name like. Jezebel? Ridiculous. No primary school child would mock her for having a name from the bible which was also the name of an evil woman. They won't know who the hell Jezebel was. Not all children are hardcore Christians.
Hi, I would just like to say that my name is Jezabel and I grew up in the 80's and 90's with this name. I can say first hand that my name was not easy at all to live with. I was teased, harassed and scrutinized because of it. I was surprised at how many kids knew of this name and I can tell that none of them heard anything good of it. I've gotten into many, many, many fights over this name. On one occasion, this girl in my 4th grade class comes up to me and says "You know, your name suits you". I'm not a person of much words so my reaction was to punch her in her face which happened quite often. And it's funny because I was always a shy, quiet tomboy and kept to myself growing up and these girls that would taunt me were mean, selfish, rude.. And their names were Sarah, Mercedes, Jessica, Tiffany. I mean they had beautiful names. So I would ask myself who was really the Jezebel? I told myself the first chance I'd get, I would change my name legally. Well, years later I have 4 kids, I still haven't changed it. In adulthood, I've met many wonderful people that loved the name so much and in a way convinced me to keep it. I've met other women with that name and we'd share stories of what we went through and now I feel better about it. Times have changed as it always does and I've learned to accept it. And I feel especially now that I know there was more to the stories that I heard or read about Jezebel. (which was very little in the bible) Thanks to all those who really did their research on her and posted it on here. I have a sense of proudness at this point in my life so I've chosen to live the remainder of it with my name. You know, this world is full of judgmental people and I try not to be one of those. And to those who do judge this name negatively : It's not a good idea to throw stones in a glass house!
Even without the religious connotations, I think it sounds harsh and ugly.
HORRIBLE. Why would any person name their daughter this after reading the story of Elijah in the bible. She was evil and for punishment was eaten by wild dogs. Isn't this a terrible association to have with a name? I think so. Please don't name your daughter this... it's just cruel.
Ok so I am another proud mother who named her daughter Jezabel... I spelled it differently of course. I heard the name on a tv show while pregnant and fell in love with it. I didn't know there was a meaning behind it so I just used it as my daughter's middle name. When I finally saw what people had to say about it online I still didn't care. Jezabel is a wonderful name! I say if you like the name then use it! It's your child, name them whatever you want!
This is a stunning name, truly, it is very gorgeous. It is something my mother wanted to name me (like Delilah and Lillith) that my father wouldn't allow because a.) they had negative connotations, thanks to religion and b.) They sounded like stripper names.
Sadly, although a huge amount of people (myself included) think the theories about Jezebel being an evil temptress are false, there are many more "my-religion-or-die" Christians out there who will refuse to interact with poor Jezebel just because of her name! And also, the term "Jezebel" that has a similar meaning to "jade" is still in use, and it might provoke teasing, and also ridicule from adults toward the parents.
I myself am a liberal atheist 13-year-old girl, and even I know the name limits. Naming a poor girl Jezebel would ensure shunning and teasing, and she'd never be taken seriously by possible employers.I still believe this name is truly and amazingly beautiful, easily one of my favorites, but sadly, it is virtually unusable. I picture a tall, slender, pale girl with long, lush black hair who always has sorrow in her eyes.
Maybe a crazy celebrity will revive it one day, hopefully before my future children are born, so I could use it on a daughter.
For starters, I do think that Jezebel was a powerful, strategic, cold woman who ordered the prophets of Israel murdered (among other things), and adorned herself in all her jewelry/finery before receiving her final judgement. I don't think the historical Jezebel is someone to be admired.However, I don't see nearly so much hatred for the name Ahab. King Ahab was an idiot doormat who went along with what Jezebel did, yet more people associate the name with the "Moby Dick" character than the historic king. In my opinion Ahab is just as detestable, if not more so, than the historical Jezebel. Yet Jezebel is the one constantly criticised for luring the Israelites into worship of Baal (the Phoenician god); "going to her death like a prostitute" (taking her worldly treasures with her, as if that defined her worth and success in the world); etc. Ahab was the idiot who let all of this happen, yet he is not nearly so vehemently despised.Centuries (millenia?) later, "Jezebel" becomes a term which denotes "a wicked, shameless woman"; and you have parents/elders telling young girls, "Don't grow up to be a Jezebel!" (Jade unfortunately gained a similar reputation somehow.) Heck, a movie about such a woman titled "Jezebel" came out in 1938, starring Bette Davis as the "Jezebel." Basically, a woman who leads a good man to go the wrong way is labelled with the name. And a beautiful name becomes tainted by usage as an epithet.You know what I say? To hell with epithets. Seriously, an "evil" namesake can actually be quite beneficial: "I named you Jezebel so you wouldn't do the same things she did; so you would turn the name into something wonderful." It would be a heavy name to bear, true, but it would most definitely help to build character. And it *is* a GORGEOUS name.Like someone stated earlier: people still name their daughters Eve; and she is often looked at as the reason humanity is not still in Eden!All Jezebel needs is a little bit of a revolution, for people to recognize the good qualities over the bad. Apparently (since this might not be wholly accurate), in Biblical Hebrew Jezebel can also mean "there is no nobility." No nobility, no hierarchy--deep down, we are all on the same level in this world. I think that's a great name meaning to have.Wow... I didn't expect my post to be so long! Okay, end rant. :-)
The German form of this name is Isebel.
(Not to be confused with Isabel!)
It has, however, always been rare as a given name and is almost completely forgotten nowadays.
Jizabel may be an alternate version of this name. However, the only time I've ever seen it used was for a male.
I personally like this name quite a bit, even with the Biblical connection. I didn't even know that it was a noun in the dictionary, and I don't think most teens and children know it either. However, the first time I heard this name, it was for a male character in a graphic novel I was reading called Godchild (That translation spelt it Jizabel, not Jezebel though), so it has more of a unisex aspect to me. I don't know if I'd ever use it though.
Even without the cultural taboo surrounding it, it sounds trashy.
Jezebel brings to mind a thieving, murdering, Jew-hating, baby-burning, manipulative promiscuous woman. Who persecuted anyone who didn't worship Ashtoreth (the Madame of Canaan's sex trafficking industry), Molech (the baby burner), and Baal (the egotistical maniac who looks like Cliff Simon). Therefore, I like the name only on villains.
Jezebel (Jez) is the name of the main character in L. J Smith's book Huntress from the Night World series. She is strong and beautiful and I adore this name!
Well first I would like to say I have a 2 year old baby girl named JEZEBEHL! For what is worth no one has ever said anything bad about the name, if anything they love the name, they say it is cute. At first people try to warn me about the meaning and who Jezebel was in the bible. And well just because someone has a certain name don't mean they are gonna be the same. There are a lot of judgmental people and ignorant people out in the world but what can you do? I just love the name and I don't regret it because my Jezebehl makes my day everyday a very happy loving and caring baby! I'm glad there are other girls named Jezebel, it is a beautiful name.
I commented a few months ago about wanting to use the name, with the -ELLE at the end. Well, now almost ten months after my daughter was born I have to admit I couldn't be happier with her name. I've had a few comments here and there, though nothing terrible and nasty - yet. I've actually received more compliments on the name that rude remarks! There are a couple of people who refuse to say Jezebelle, and refer to her only as "Belle" but I'm okay with that and we use the nickname Belle frequently. I'm sad that some do feel discouraged in using this name, but I hope to give some encouragement to it - though I like the uniqueness. Perhaps the connotation isn't great, but my daughter is amazingly wonderful and I know a few other new parents (and old) that are jealous of her good temperament. It's a very strong and bold name, and I think it's perfect.
And her name did not originally mean "not exalted". That's utter nonsense. Even in death, she got another kick in the face. Her original name is a direct link to her prime Phoenician god, Ba'al.
I'm an atheist and even I don't think it a very usable first name. I know I wouldn't want it. If not for its use as a synonym for a wicked/immoral woman (check any dictionary), I'd be less inclined to give a crap about the heavily biased negative Biblical angle.She was a Phoenician princess, a Queen of Israel, wanted to worship her own gods (naturally), speak her mind and conduct business affairs independent of her husband, King Ahab. As a Phoenician royal, that's what she was used to. That didn't fly in patriarchal (and boring old) Israel and she got vilified for it.
I love the name, from beginning to end. I wouldn't, however, call a child this for fear of getting teased or even 'living up to the name that people refer to an evil woman', do you know what I mean? I think Jezebel is a great name, nothing will change its beauty.
If I were to use this name for my daughter I would spell it Jezzebel, Jezebele, or Jezebelle.
All right, I would have responded to the comments above (the really indented ones) but I didn't get here in time. So here's how I see it: Jezebel IN THE BIBLE was not nice- I don't think anyone disputes that. But the bible wasn't meant to be taken as a historical text- for example, not even official Church canon says the earth was created in 7 24-hr periods. Like Lilith, Jezebel has a negative connotation because of a patriarchal society, but that doesn't make her irrevocably evil. I think Jezebel got a bad rap because of events around her time period, but it's time to let old grievances lie. Ranting aside, while I like the name, I would never use it because of those same negative connotations- which is a pity, because I really like it.
Just because you name someone Jezebel, or anything for that matter, doesn't mean that they will grow up to be what a /book's/ /depiction/ of her is.
Jade used to mean 'hussy' too, and that's been reappropriated, so if people like the name, why not use it? Alternatively, if you like the sound but not the connotations, there's Jesahel, which is similar - seems to be a South American name from the examples I can find.
This name has grown on me since I first heard it. I have always loved its sound, but felt a bit uncomfortable because of its meaning or let’s say history and reputation. Now it’s one of my absolute favourites, maybe not as a first name, but never say never. We will never know the truth about the biblical Jezebel’s character and for me personally it’s at least possible, if not likely, that the bible – written by men also in order to contribute to a patriarchal discourse – portrayed a woman in a bad light – not necessarily because she was evil, but strong and independent and thus resisted the contemporary power regime (see discussion above). The reputation that has stuck to this name for the last 2000 odd years doesn’t make it an easy name, but let me put it like this: this name wouldn’t be a gift, it would be something like an assignment. I would wish my future daughter would grow a woman strong enough to stand against a tradition of badmouthing and raised eyebrows when asked after her name. Plus. Iron & wine’s song is beautiful enough to make up for almost everything – even the bible. ;-)
Oh and if you think of the point sophannagh made about Eve, it kinda puts everything into a new perspective. Why is the name of the woman who supposedly led to humans (not to say, well, ‘man’) being thrown out of paradise so popular and even makes it into official ratings, while Jezebel is rejected on grounds of its biblical history? A clear case of double standards in my book.
I find it so funny that someone wouldn't name their kid something because of the bible.
If only there was another way to spell it, I would name my daughter this. Then it wouldn't be so harsh.
Jezebel is beautiful. Just like "Isobel", but even nicer! I might use Jezebel, or Jezebella, when I have a daughter of my own. I AM religious, but then again, people still use Eve, and Eve brought sin into the world!
Also, giving someone a name after someone who was good or bad doesn't make THEM good or bad. I've met many horrible little Marys, Davids, Josephs, etc - so what's to say that little Jezebel won't be a lovely little girl, and a credit to her parents?
If you meet one nice Jezebel, then you might not think of the bad one any more, will you? You're not likely to try to burn someone at the stake because of their name! It's the person that matters, and how they choose to use their name.
Nicknames I would use include Jez, Jess, Jezza and Belle/Bella.
After doing much research on this name (lots of help from above comments as well) I am pleased to say that regardless of English connotations and with a sense of the *true* and originally intended meanings for this name - I am using the variation "Jezebelle" for my first daughter due in October. Many parents are beginning to use "off" names and I've always found this one as beautiful, strong, independent, and rarely used. It also has the "darker" feel to it (probably because of the connotations but oh well) that I like. I really thank those who have done the intense research on why it came to have such a reputation, and I hope that it changes someday. Jezebelle it is. Thank you for reassurance (I was a little scared because of the negativity that usually follows) I feel much better about my choice.
I just thought that if you like the sound but don't want to use the name because of what is written in the Bible you might call her Jessabel or Jessabelle. I'm usually not into alternate spellings but this is pronounced a bit differently and still has the same feel.
This name is child abuse to use on an innocent child. Who wants to carry around the name of a great whore who angered God? I didn't think anyone would want to. It's just plain cruel.
A jezebal is a stripper in France. I'd never name my daughter this!
People only think "Jezebel" means "Shameless" because of the bible story about Jezebel. It's too bad that bible story has ruined this name for people. I think it sounds beautiful. I believe it would be brave to name your daughter this name. But be prepared for your little girl to be taunted by it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bigots in this world.
In English, "jezebel" is also used as a noun to describe a "shameless" woman.
Regardless of the negative historical connotations, the sound of this name is so gorgeous. And I definitely prefer it to the super-popular Isabelle/Isabel/Isabella.
Alright folks, some of y'all need to know your ancient history before one goes negative on a word or meaning of a name. Look at it from this persepctive. Jezebel firstly does mean "Virgin/Daughter of Ba'al". Jezebel was born a princess and apprentice of the Mother Goddess (who has had many names over the centuries Astarte, Isis, Azna, Sophia, Anahita, Diana, Aphrodite, the list goes on) eventually not only did she become Queen but also a high priestess of the Mother Goddess (this title was generalized as a Fertility God/Goddess, Hence "Mother", one who gives birth). Jezebel was persecuted by Elijah for her religious and spiritual beliefs. In Ancient times "virgin" meant something different than it does today. Virgins then were priestesses of different God's or Goddesses of the day (none were necessarily chaste, this was never enforced, always a personal decision, most Priestesses were Mothers themselves). During Jezebel's time the "One God" (which to me has always been Mother & Father God, just interpreted differently by different cultures and different ideas and understandings, which leads to religous and spiritual intolerance) which was being considered patriarichial in nature only rather than the balance of male & female. It was "Man's" way of controlling the masses of what is right and what is wrong but eventually became about greed and control only. Jezebel was no harlot by any means she was a spiritual woman who believed in the Mother and Father God aspects. She was a patroness of women who has been stamped out by "HIStory" such as Lilith, Eve and Mary Magdalena. Jezebel's crime? Worshipping false idols? One interpretation. Technically She was the High Priestess for our "true" Mother but she maintained the balance by her name, meaning the daughter of our Father (daughter of Ba'al *just another name, no bad or evil god). Jezebel was a casualty of the process of squelching out the belief in the feminine aspect. Therefore, she was written in the bible simply as bad and evil, a harlot. Well that simply was not true. Archaeology has already begun proving some of these aspects as to whom Jezebel was. I have always loved the name, personally. I now have a 6 month old beautiful daughter with that name, slightly different spelling. All my daughters have strong namesakes that were once Queens. I think the true story behind Jezebel is an awesome namesake. A strong woman, princess, Queen, High Priestess who was sacrificed for her religious beliefs. Elijah showed no religious tolerance, understanding or acceptance (he is the evil one). God, be it Mother God or Father God, omnipotent and loving would not have had her destroyed. That is mankinds resolve. I hope this has been helpful and enlightening.
People might just take it as a statement of something if you use this name, even though many surely think it sounds cool. I don't. It comes off as a tacky name, and it's the name of a stupid website that arrogant and mean people drop comments on.
Also "Jazibel", Ja- from "Jasmine", -zibel being an alternate spelling of "-ezebel".
I love this name. It sounds so pretty. Unfortunately, because of all the bad connotations that come along with it, I never would. Except, perhaps, for a cat.
Jezebel is a great song by Two Hours Traffic that talks positively about a girl named Jezebel.
Before I came to this site, I have never heard of the Biblical Jezebel, but I didn't like it anyway. Free of all Biblical connections, "Jezebel" makes me think of some especially trampy flapper in a feathered hat and smoking a long cigarette with a Cruella deVil-esque grin.
And as for the Biblical Jezebel, I highly doubt that her REAL name was Jezebel. Why would ANYONE name their child, especially one of high social class, name their child something meaning "Not exhalted"? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense for her name to be some other Phoenician name (let's call her Monica, which according to this site is, in fact a Phoenician name.) Maybe there was a Queen Monica who wasn't well liked by the Ancient Hebrews to the point to where she was nicknamed Jezebel ("Not exhalted") and writen about under that name, and there was, in fact, a good, strong queen at some other time, who had a name meaning "Daughter of Ba'al" or "Virgin of Ba'al" which happpens to sound like Jezebel. And even if both their names WERE Jezebel, or if Abram's wife suffered from Multiple Personaliy Syndrom, it doesn't mean anything. I have a strange name (Colleen) and the only other person with this name is as different from me as can be. So please stop arguing over ancient queens who may or may not have had this name.Over all, I'd say skip it. If you feminist mothers want to name your daughter after a strong woman, I don't think that giving a girl something meaning "Not exhalted" would do any good. How about Minerva, Diana, Athena, Susan, Elizabeth, Florence, Rosalind or even Boudicca if you want to be unique. And for you who like the sound, how about Jessica Isabelle?
I would NEVER EVER EVER name my poor daughter this. She would be teased as all get-out. I recommend other names like Abigail or Hannah. But NOT JEZEBEL. Never ever never. No way. Nope. No sir.
I'm not Christian, or of any religion for that matter, so the meaning of the name is pretty useless to me. Most people don't name their children something because of the meaning anyways. I fully intend to use Jezebel as one of my future daughter's middle or first names. It's got a rather pretty ring to it.
When I hear the name Jezebel, I think of a southern belle with a sassy attitude and free spirit. Regardless of the negative associations with Biblical Jezebel, I still like this name very much. The name may have a bad reputation, but what if a child named Jezebel turned out to be quite the opposite of her "corrupt" namesake? Parents-to-be should not be discouraged by a name's reputation.
I'd rather be a "Jezebel" than an "Eve"! Eve did more harm, according to the Bible anyway, to Mankind in a broad general sense than Jezebel ever did! And yet people name their daughters Eve ALL THE TIME! If you want to stick to your adamant belief that the Bible is the "unerring inspired word of God", then how could you ever honor Eve? According to your very own scripture, she is the CAUSE OF ALL ORIGINAL SIN IN EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME! Whoa! All Jezebel seems to have done is be as brutal as any other ruler back in those days! Do you think her male counterparts were any sweeter?! Sheesh. A man does something and he's just doing what men do. A woman does the same thing and she's evil! Disgusting! I've added Jezebel to my favorites. It deserves reconsidering. As does Eve, for the opposite reason.
I don't like this name, not just because of the negative associations. I don't like the way it sounds more than any other reason.
Personaly, I wouldn't name my Kid after someone who came against one of God's Prophets. And, have you ever heard of a "Jezebel Spirit?" Name your kid Jezebel if you want to, but I'm not going to be naming my kid after a Demon Spirit that's been haunting the churches for years.
If people are so hung up on not naming their daughters Jezebel because of the Biblical connotations, why do people still name their daughters Eve and its variants? Perhaps my Biblical knowledge is dusty, but wasn't Eve the one that got mankind kicked out of the Garden of Eden? Though I like both names, Eve's connotations seem a bit more harsh than Jezebel's.
As for naming a child this, I would constantly worry about the kind of abuse religious-minded people would heap upon her (such as we have seen evidence of here). What little girl deserves such treatment? Although I think the slur "Jezebel" in terms of a morally loose and corrupt woman is fading from use, and you could easily use the nicknames "Jez" or "Belle", I would still worry about religious zealots being rude to the poor child. Poor Jezebel!
I've heard before that the name Jezebel can also mean "joy of Ba'al." Jezebel's niece was actually the founder of Carthage (where Hannibal is from). Jezebel wasn't a Persian queen. She was the Caananite wife of an Israeli king named Ahab. Ahab was a weakling. It was Jezebel who ruled Israel. That's what Elijah confronted Ahab on and that's why Jezebel hated Elijah so much.
Even though it was a long time ago when these comments were written, I still want to say that this is NOT a baby name site, this is a GENERAL name site, so nobody will necessarily name their child this.
If it's pretty, then use it. If you like it, use it. For God's sake, not using it because of the Bible is like not calling a child the same name a celebrity has who has done something "bad."
According to the televison show, The Naked Archaeologist, Jezebel was an altered name. A letter was added to her name which originally meant "Virgin of Baal". The added letter apparently put a negative spin on the name and changed the meaning to "Whore of Baal".
I think that the name is beautiful. Perhaps it is a generational thing, but the negative connotations of the use of the name a term is a bit lost on me. Instead, my impression is someone who is resilient, strong and reliable. From a Bibical perspective, the sexual connotations makes little sense, other than the sad, tired and sexist syllogism of: if she is a woman, and she is "bad", then she must be promiscuous. By the way, I don't know if there was a historical Persian queen named Jezebel, but I believe Kings refers to the princess from the Phoenician kingdom.
I love this name and have ever since I was little and my mom made me listen to a song called "Jezebel" by Sade. Why did her name have to be Jezebel!? Why not something else like, maybe, Hortense - a name that's too ugly for anyone to actually want to use?
I really like this name, soundwise. It reminds me of Isabel. Normally, the Bible would not hinder my choosing of a name, but this name is so closely linked with the Biblical Jezebel, and has even become a word in the English language associated purely with her, that it is really quite unusable. It's sad, though. Maybe someday some people will start using it more as a name and then become a more viable option, once it sheds some of its association.
I don't like Jezebel as a name, and if I had never heard of the Jezebel in the Bible I would still not like it.
Getting into a narrow minded discussion about the truth of the Bible and "God says she was evil" I am forced to point out - it's a BOOK. Everyone writes them. They're the VIEWPOINT of the author - in this case, four men. Whether Jezebel was an evil satanic demoness (I highly doubt it) or a feminist symbol (just as erroneous) I am sticking to the facts - It's the name of a Persian Queen. The ONLY fact mentioned at all. It may be a purely atheist rational, but, sue me, I can't be expected to champion a view I don't believe in. I think it's pretty, it's after a Persian Queen, so too bad for judgemental people, I'm using that name.
I've been considering "Jezebel" as well as "Lilith" as names for twin girls. It's classy, strong and feminine. Women can stand up for themselves. (And be on top.)
I absolutely love the name Jezebel and completely agree with poetic_freedom about her views on the bible. And, though the connotations aren't the best, I honestly would not think twice before naming a daughter Jezebel. The name sounds and looks beautiful and anyone who has a problem with it because of some sketchy things written with biased views, will just have to suck it up.
I think Jezebel is a beauiful name, it's a shame that it is tied to the Biblical character. I agree with poetic_freedom, the Bible is a religious document not a historical one. So therefore I would have no problem in naming my daughter this.
Jezebel was the name of a movie starring Bette Davis. Her character was a rebellious and outspoken Southern belle.
"Jezebel" is an incredibly pretty song by Iron and Wine. I also named my dog Jezebel Lynn because she looks like some kind of Southern belle.
I absolutely love this name, but unfortunately I could never use it. I personally don't really have any qualms with the association - people have given kids names with worse associations - but I think my family would, since most of my family is Christian. (I am too, but the association doesn't bug me.) It's a shame, since I really do like the name a lot.
Regardless of the Biblical ties, this is a hideous name.
The name Jezebel reminds me of a hooker from New Orleans around the beginning of the 20th century.
I do not dislike this name. However, I would not name a child that.
Regardless of historical fact behind the bible, Jezebel is a pretty name and you could use a nickname, but I wouldn't name my child thus because of the connotations associated with a Jezebel.
You might as well name your daughter Cruella DeVille as to name her Jezebel.
In the North American dub of the 'Pokemon' anime, Jezebel is the name of James' fiance. James did not want to marry her, however, and in the end of the episode ran away, back to his beloved Jessie and their life of crime. And also Meowth.
Actually, Belldandy, James's fiancée in the Pokémon dub was named Jessiebelle/Jessebelle, a combination of Jessie/Jesse's name plus the term "Southern belle". However, I don't doubt for a moment that Jessiebelle's dub name was also influenced by Jezebel, given her "evil" nature and the fact that she was ultimately defeated by a dog (James's pet Growlithe, Growlie).
Personally, I think Jezebel is a beautiful name. It has a nice ring to it, and leaves the impression of someone fiery and independent (in my opinion).I doubt I would name a child Jezebel however. Even if people don't care or agree with the biblical interpretation of the woman Jezebel, there is the term "jezebel" which is usually a slander toward a woman who is presumably gaudy, trashy, or reprehensible. When I was growing up, I actually heard a lot of people telling women to not be 'jezebels'.
I absolutely love this name, I think it's unique and beautiful.
A beautiful name. A Jezebel would be taunted and ashamed of her namesake, in my opinion. But she is funny, strong, and smart. I really love this name. I'll probably name my daughter it if I have a daughter when I grow older. She isn't the Biblical Jezebel, is she? Still, I don't know.
The stories about Jezebel are completely historically false. Jezebel was a strong leader and Queen of Persia and she was depicted in such a way in the Old Testament because, like most of the Bible, it subjegates women. All recent secular studies on Jezebel have revealed the long held beliefs of her to be completely false and have actually depicted her in quite the opposite way.
No, Jezebelle was a very evil queen. Look in a Bible, and you can read about her. I agree, it IS a VERY pretty name, but it's completely ruined. It's a shame.
You say to 'look in the Bible' you believe everything you read? The Bible is NOT and I repeat NOT a historical document. It is purely religious. Historians who have no religious ties, who have run secular historical studies have all said that Jezebel was in fact a strong and good leader. The Bible is a timely piece of literature in that it was written at a time when women were looked down upon and subjegated. A leader who was not only a women, but also a powerful, capable and successful leader would have been seen as a threat to many men at the time hence they wrote about her negatively. She was not evil.That being said, many people will not know this so unfortunately many people assume Jezebel was evil. However I see no problem as someone using this as a name for their daughter especially in an increasingly secular world.
Jezebel *was* an evil woman. The gods she worshipped, the ones from her culture, required the burning alive of infants as sacrifices. She propogated this horrible religion throughout Israel during her reign. "Strong" does not always mean "good."
As far as the Bible being strictly a religious document, not intended as a historical record, it has been found to be extremely accurate when recording historical events. This has been proven through archaeology and other historical documents.
The Bible also promotes the strength and rights of women. As examples read the stories of Deborah, Esther, and Sarah, for starters.
Claiming Jezebel was an "evil" woman is strictly subject to interpretation, which will be biased if you consider the Bible to be an accurate text. Jezebel was looked down upon by Biblical Israel because she held her own business affairs independent of her husband, King Ahab. It was the prophets of Israel who accused her of misdeeds - with no basis, of course - which led to her death. She was a threat because she was a powerful woman.
Even though Jezebel is a pretty name, I wouldn't name anybody it. Jezebel was a person in the bible who wanted Elija killed. She was wicked and evil, she hated god and all the Christians.
I really like this name but I would be afraid to use it because it just has awful stories to go along with it. Does anyone know of any good stories that go with it? I do know that it was used in the movie Jacob's Ladder (1990). The character is Jacob's girlfriend but I can't tell if she is a good or evil character. It's a crazy movie, you would have to see it to understand what I'm talking about.
It actually does have a pretty ring to it, but it still smacks of corruption and evil. A jezebel (usually left uncapitalized) is usually seen today as a vamp, temptress, or any immoral or corrupt woman.

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