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I love this name. I think it suits a young boy as well as a grown man. I prefer this spelling to Steven because I do not like the nickname "Steve" and I think by naming your son "Stephen", people would understand you intended to not use the nickname. I think it sounds like a sophisticated businessman.
gentrygal  9/12/2016
Wonderful, strong, sophisticated name. WAY better than "Steven".
Gregory Woodrow  11/2/2015
This is a great, strong name! Besides being Biblical, it ages well and is unique these days. I prefer Stephen spelling. Steve can still be spelled this way regardless of which spelling you use. It's also my Dad's name!
LV51sfan91  4/11/2015
It's my name and the phonetics of the first E & PH differ from the female Stephanie read as it looks. The male first E is Long and the PH carries F's second pronunciation, contained in the word OF said "uV" Where it gets its "STEEV-en" pronunciation. Men using it properly have often been "heckled" with the improper pronunciation "STEF-en" which is meant for "STEFAN" If you are a man named STEPHEN and need comfort from the hecklings of "STEF-en" I run a Facebook Group called "My name is Stephen NOT Steffan You Moron!" Come and Join us to share your experience and any thoughts you may have or what ever you feel like. Copy and paste this link in the address bar -
Stephen1976  2/16/2015
I love this name! The fact that it only has a 65% approval rating saddens me (especially when Jayden and Julian are far higher). It makes me question the credibility of the users here.
Ali Hassan  11/17/2014
I like this spelling for the name. This spelling is the correct spelling, in that it is the way the saint's name is spelt. If you are concerned with spelling it phonetically, then the same letter shouldn't be used to represent the two different vowel sounds in it, should it.
nametoad  6/29/2014
Well, it is my name after all and I think a good alternate edition of the name is "STEVERINO" coming from the short of the name "STEVE"
Stephen1976  6/25/2014
I like Steven better, but Stephen sounds more classic.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2013
I was reared being called "Stee-vin" but due to the two consonants of "ph" separates the vowel relationship and compel people to say "Ste'ffin". This can be a difficult name to have due to if you say it one way or another they would want to spell it how it sounds. I usually go by the general short name "Steve" for Stephen.
Stephen1976  7/4/2011
I much prefer this spelling to Steven. I'm not sure why.
mrose19  5/11/2011
I honestly feel this spelling should be pronounced "STEF-en". It doesn't look like it should be pronounced "STEEV-en".
Black_X  2/21/2011
I don't like the spelling of this name. If you want to pronounce it STEEV-ən, then it should be spelled Steven. If you want to pronounce it STEF-ən, then it should be spelled Stefan.
Name Rater  3/7/2009
My brothers' name is Stephen and I like it! It IS pronounced Ste-ven if anyone asks. I like this spelling better because that's how it is in the bible and this spelling reminds me of a smart doctor, or an author. The spelling Steven reminds me of a silly boy that picks his nose or something! :-)
Elizabeth A.  6/9/2008
When I hear this name I think of a young king with curly blonde hair.
applemilk  9/1/2007
I prefer Stephen spelled this way because it's the classic spelling and Stephen is a classic name. This name makes me think of a professor or lawyer or doctor. Steven makes me think of Stevie Nicks or Steve Martin or Stevie Wonder.
Fionafabulous  8/12/2007
I think it can be pronounced both ways. By the way, I think Stephen is a nice name in it's own way. It's nothing like "oh don't name your child this." Come on, everyone! Also: it is interesting that its meaning is Greek for "crown" and the writer Stephen King has the last name King relating to a crown! Didn't anyone notice that or am I just being kinda smart here? ;)
Loni_maryrose  6/13/2007
Is this name pronounced ste-fen or ste-ven?
kwebberag  2/7/2007
Don't name your kid Stephen. My dad's name is Stephen, three of my relatives are named Stephen. I know at least nine Stephens (with different spellings granted). It's way too common. Name your kid something not many people have.
ladyknight  7/25/2006
Way too overused for me, I know a lot of guys named Stephen/Steven. I prefer the spelling Steven though.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2006
Stephen is a cool guy.
puck  11/12/2005
Stephen is well known for being a jester. Although not well known by the ladies, gets on exceptionally well with other men as is very capable of making them laugh. Their future leads to loneliness.
― Anonymous User  10/29/2005

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