Name Element VLADETI

TYPE: Element
OTHER SCRIPTS: владѣти (Church Slavic)

Meaning & History

Slavic element meaning "to rule, to control", from the root волдѣти (voldeti).
GIVEN NAME DESCENDANTS: Waldomar (Ancient Germanic), Valdimárr (Ancient Scandinavian), Uladzimir (Belarusian), Vladimir, Vladislav (Bulgarian), Ladislav, Vladimir, Vladimira, Vladislav (Croatian), Ladislav, Ladislava, Vladan, Vladimír, Vladimíra, Vladislav, Vladislava (Czech), Valdemar, Waldemar (Danish), Valdemar (Finnish), Vladimer (Georgian), Waldemar (German), Ladislas, Ladislaus (History), László (Hungarian), Ladislao (Italian), Visvaldis, Vladimirs, Voldemārs (Latvian), Valdemaras, Visvaldas, Vladimiras, Voldemaras (Lithuanian), Vladimir (Macedonian), Valdemar, Waldemar (Norwegian), Waldemar, Władysław, Władysława, Włodzimierz, Włodzisław (Polish), Vlad (Romanian), Vladilen, Vladimir, Vladislav, Vladislava, Vladlen, Vsevolod (Russian), Vladan, Vladimir, Vladislav (Serbian), Ladislav, Ladislava, Vladan, Vladimír, Vladimíra, Vladislav (Slovak), Ladislav, Vladimir, Vladimira, Vladislav (Slovene), Valdemar, Waldemar (Swedish), Volodymyr, Vsevolod, Wolodymyr (Ukrainian)
SURNAME DESCENDANT: Vladimirescu (Romanian)

Sources & References

  • Rick Derksen, Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon (2008), page 524
Entry updated December 8, 2017