Name Element WALHA

Type Element

Meaning & History

Germanic element meaning "foreigner, Celt" (probably derived from the name of the Celtic tribe of the Volcae).

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Other Languages & Cultureswealh(Anglo-Saxon) waleis(Medieval French) volhu(Medieval Slavic)
Given Name DescendantsWalahfrid, Walchelin, Waldedrudis, Walhberct, Walherich(Ancient Germanic) Jofre(Catalan) Geoffrey, Jefferson, Jeffery, Jeffrey, Jeffry, Wallace, Geffrey, Wallis(English) Geoffroy, Valéry, Geoffrey, Joffrey(French) Waltraud, Waltraut(German) Séafra, Siothrún(Irish) Gualberto(Italian) Geoffroi, Vauquelin(Medieval French) Gualberto(Portuguese) Wallace(Scottish) Gualberto(Spanish (Latin American)) Sieffre(Welsh)
Surname DescendantsVlahović, Vlašić(Croatian) Jeffers, Jefferson, Jeffery, Jeffries, Wallace, Wallis, Walsh, Welch(English) Voclain(French) Oláh, Olasz(Hungarian) Wallace, Walsh(Irish) Wallace, Wallis(Scottish) Vlahović(Serbian) Vlašič(Slovene) Wallach(Yiddish)
Place Name DescendantsWealas(Anglo-Saxon) Wales(Dutch) Gaul, Wales(English) Galles, Gaule(French) Wales(German) Galles(Italian) Gales(Portuguese) Gales(Spanish)
Entry updated January 21, 2022