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I've been visiting this site since around 2003 or 2004, when I was 12-13-14, though I never actually joined until 2013. I've loved names and learning about their origins and meanings my whole life, and have been 'collecting' names I like since I was a little girl. This is just a place where I can keep a list of them all now, lol. I think of myself as a "name junkie", and I always want to know where a name comes from and what it means. ^_^I think names can provide fascinating insight into a particular time in history, or a people and their culture and values. Names hold a particular power and mystery, and you could say they've always held me within their spell! :)I also enjoy making name sets/combinations (which I've done "seriously" since I was 13) for fun, and I always make sets with 2 or 3 middle names. It's more interesting and a bit more challenging than with just one middle name. ;)

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