Gender Masculine & Feminine
Pronounced Pron. RAHB-in(American English)
RAWB-in(British English)

Meaning & History

Medieval diminutive of ROBERT, now usually regarded as an independent name. Robin Hood was a legendary hero and archer of medieval England who stole from the rich to give to the poor. In modern times it has also been used as a feminine name, and it may sometimes be given in reference to the red-breasted bird.

Related Names

VariantsBob, Rob, Robbie, Robby(English)
DiminutivesBobbie, Bobby(English)
Feminine FormsRoberta, Robyn, Robena, Robina, Robynne(English)
Other Languages & CulturesHrodebert, Robert, Hrodpreht(Ancient Germanic) Roparzh(Breton) Robert(Catalan) Robert(Croatian) Robert(Czech) Robert(Danish) Robert(Estonian) Robert, Pertti, Roope, Roopertti(Finnish) Robert, Rupert, Ruprecht(German) Róbert, Robi(Hungarian) Róbert(Icelandic) Roibeárd(Irish) Roberto, Berto(Italian) Roberts(Latvian) Robertas(Lithuanian) Hob, Hopkin(Medieval English) Robert(Norwegian) Robert(Polish) Roberto(Portuguese) Robert(Romanian) Robert(Russian) Raibeart, Rab, Rabbie(Scottish) Róbert(Slovak) Robert(Slovene) Roberto, Berto, Ruperto(Spanish) Hopcyn(Welsh)
Surname DescendantsRobbins, Robinson(English) Robin(French)


People think this name is

classic   youthful   informal   natural   wholesome   strong   refined   strange   simple   nerdy  

Name Days

Czech Republic: January 30
Finland: June 7
Sweden: June 7


Entry updated December 14, 2019