Ada is a possible companion in the game Fallout 4. She is a heavily modified robot available in the Automatron DLC.
Much prefer Ida :)
Adorable and short!
In Russian Ada (Ада) means “Hell” (Ад)
Like it better than Ida.
My name is Jada, and I think the name Ada is much more mature and classy compared to that. I would spell it Adda.
Nice name, but I might be biased :D.
First word this name reminded me of was ‘aider’, but that’s not really a bad thing. I’ve grown to this name a lot now and I like it!
I love that so many people like the name Ada! It has always seemed like a beautiful, short and irresistible name to me, but I was sorry that it was considered one of those classic old-fashioned names that have not resurfaced and people only see them as grandmother's names. Why? Ada should have the same popularity and acceptance as other names like Abigail, Amelia, and Charlotte. Also, it can be a lovely nickname of another name that I also adore which is Adelaide.
I love the name Ada, but it is NOT the same thing as Aida! UNLIKE like Ada, its ah-ee-da or eye-yee-da, depending on where you are from. My name is Aida and I am sick of people thinking it is a feminisation of Aidan or variant of Ada. Aida on its own is Arabic, but in French and Russian it is (short for Adelaida/Adelaide). Ada is a gorgeous name, just go with its original spelling, none of this Aida or Ayda as Ada stuff.
Strong name! Simple and beautiful! A lot better than Ana which feels too soft. Ada is a good name!
Love this name! So cute and ages well.
Ada is an ancient Biafran/Igbo name. It simply means first daughter.
Ada Jones (1873-1922) was a popular English-American singer who was one of the first female singers to be recorded.
Our little girl has just been called Ada Esmae and we love it. It's such a pretty name for a beautiful little girl and we have received some lovely comments for our choice.
Also Slovene:
Also Romanian (albeit rare):
Ada is a short, beautiful name. It could be used as a nickname for other names, such as Adelaide or Adeline, but I like it by itself. It ages well, and I like it much better than Ava.
Makes me think of the disease called AIDS.
Good name, but I prefer Aida, which is a spelling variation.
My brother's name is Adrian, nicknamed Ada, I find his name beautiful and I think this name should be male too.
It's an alright name. This is a good alternative to Ava, though. It's more mature, ages better, and is less common.
Also pronounced in English as AD-ə.
In 2017 Ada was given to 131 babies (the highest number since 1999) making it the #198 most used feminine name for newborns that year.
My name is Ada Kathryn, or for short, Ada Kate. I love my name! It fits older and younger people alike, and is short and easy to say. All of my friends and strangers are constantly complimenting me! Ada is German for “Noble”, and Ibo for “firstborn female.” As luck would have it, I’m the oldest of my siblings! It’s a great name, and I recommend it to everyone!
Linux Mint Ada.
Ada Maria Smith is the main character in the books 'The War That Saved my Life' and 'The War I Finally Won'.
If I have a daughter, I will name her this ❤❤❤.
Ada Hegeberg is a Norwegian female football player who plays in l'Olympique lyonnais. She's the first woman to have won the golden ball. She was born on July 10, 1995.
Ada Limon is a contemporary, award-winnng poet, based in CA and KY.
This name is honestly underrated. It should be just as well revered as Ava, or Eva, since they are so similar. This is a gorgeous, short, and simple name and I'm waiting for the boost in popularity.
In 2018, 84 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ada who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 999th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Lady Ada Byron Lovelace (1815-1852). She was an English mathematician and is considered to be the first ever computer programmer.
Ada is a lovely and graceful name. A lot of people use this name where I'm from, only it means something different.
It's also a Turkish name for females, and it means "island".
It's pretty. I think it's a bit short though. But I do think this could be an alternative to Ava. Ada seems like it would age better. Adalia is also pretty.
I like this name a lot but it works best with a long middle name because it's so short, or you can extend to a name with this name included in the beginning so Ada would be a suitable nickname like Adalaide.
This name means fairy in Spanish...
In Poland, Ada is either a diminutive of Adriana/Adrianna or used on its own.
This name is short and simple, and has a great meaning and namesakes. It also is ageless. Overall, a wonderful name.
Ada may remind some Americans of ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act.
My daughter's name is Ada, pronounced "Ay-da". It is short, but she has 4 middle names behind it, gifted at her birth by her older siblings and a friend. I just learned from this thread about the Turkish meaning "Island" and we live on an island, so it's perfect! She is a quirky, creative and brilliant girl like Ada Lovelace. Everyone we meet loves her name.
In Turkish "Ada" means "island".
This name has started to be popular in Turkey recently. Muslim people generally give names to their children which have meaning. And with this context, there is no connection between other countries and Turkish people about the name "Ada". In Turkish language "Ada" means "island" which sounds cool. This name is a new modern female name in Turkey.
This is my name :D
Ada Fidelina
I like it.
This is a nice, old fashioned name. Gorgeous and ages well. Needs to make a comeback. Certainly will fit in just fine with the top names of today. Sophia, Charlotte, Olivia, etc.
Ada means island in Turkish.
Ada is also the German spelling of the Biblical name Adah.
Not the most elegant name there is, but its still nice :) it's loads more classic and original than "Ava", that's for sure! I much prefer Ada to Ava personally (when it's pronounced aid-a, which I think is the more common English pronunciation).
I love this name. It's gorgeous and is used in many languages. It's generally very easy to pronounce, and can work on both a child and an adult. Plus the famous bearers, like computing visionary Ada Lovelace, make this a very respectable name.
Pretty enough, but a bit short and plain as a full name. A wonderful pet form of Adelaide, however.
This is one of my current favorite names. It has an endearingly quirky feel, which I think the similar-sounding and super popular 'Ava' lacks.

Also, Ada Lovelace? Pretty cool.
In the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, especially The Lord of the Rings, the Elvish word for "Father" is "Ada" (ah-dah). Of the dialects of his language, the origin of this word is Sindarin. Most namely it was spoken by Arwen in "The Two Towers" to her father, Elrond.

Elrond: "A I'm ú-'erin veleth lîn?"
(pronounced: Ah eem oo-air-een veh-leth leen?)
Translation: "Do I not also have your love?"

Arwen: "Gerich meleth nîn, Ada."
(pronounced: Gare-ikh mehl-ehth neen, ah-dah.)
Translation: "You have my love, father."

Tolkien's Elvish is not one that is a complete language, which means that in-depth conversations are not a reality. Regardless, I, and others, have learnt enough to speak whatever possible.
Ada is smart and underused.
The name of a character in Vladimir Nabokov's 'Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle' and the name of a song by The National.
The German pronunciation is the same as the Polish one: AH-dah.
Ada is a central character in the novel Ada or Ardor. She is also a heroine in Dan Simmons' sci-fi novels Ilium and Olympos.
Ada is so short, frumpy, and plain - I'd spurn Ada in favour of the beautiful name Adara!
Ada is also an Indian name, more Urdu, I think. It means 'style'.
It was also used in Italy in the first years of the 20th century: it was the 9th most popular name in Rome in 1901, the 8th in 1916. Today it is hardly ever used. [noted -ed]
The Italian pronunciation is AH-dah.
Ada Isaacs Menken (1835-68) was a famous American actress and poet. In some sources her name is spelled Adah.
NO NO NO! Terrible name, I wouldn't enflict it upon a gerbil.
It's short for Adelina.
It sounds quite great-gradmotherly at the moment, but who knows, maybe it will become popular again? It's actually a pretty name, and it suits children and adults alike. I like the fact that it's so short, only three letters, and still doesn't sound too minimalist. It's not one of my favorites, but I sure wouldn't talk you out of using it.
Ada Wong from the "Resident Evil" video games.
Actually, I used to be with a girl called so and all that applied to the name, applied to her: 100% feminine, mature, delicate and strong at once, refined. And sensual, should be added. I love the name, as it contains it all. Pity it's not as popular as it was in the beginning of the XXth century.
One of more famous bearers of the name (at least in Poland) was Polish opera singer, Ada Sari. It was her pseudonym, but still.
I know of a gorgeous 5-year-old named Aderyn-Jane, and Ada is one of her nicknames. Another is Addy, which I think can be a cute pet name for Ada. :)
Also used in Romania. [noted -ed]
Ada is the name of the mute woman played by Holly Hunter in the film "The Piano".
Ada Clare is a character in Charles Dicken's novel "Bleak House."
I love love LOVE this name, but I unfortunately, as the reverse to "Adam and Steve", at anti-lesbian protests and rallies they say "Adam and Eve, not Ada and Eve!", and I don't want to be perceived as anti-gay, though that's probably just me being paranoid and too politically correct.
In Catalonia, we say A-da.
Ada Negri (February 3, 1870, Lodi, Italy - January 11, 1945, Milano) was an Italian poet.

She was born of an artisan family, and became a village school-teacher. Her first book of poems, Tempeste (1891), tells the helpless tragedy of the forsaken poor, in words of vehement beauty.
Ada was one of the wives of Lemeh from Genesis: "Ada and Zila, hear my voice, wives of Lemeh, hear my words".
I believe the similar biblical name is spelt 'Adah'. I may be mistaken though, as I'm not a great reader of the Good Book. ;)
I year ago I would have said 'What an old lady name! I hate it!'. I read a book that had this name on a girl about my age, and I like it a lot now.
Ada means "island" in Turkish.
Ada means "uselessness" in Japanese.
Ada is also a short for Alexandra. I know three Alexandras whose short usage is Ada.
When pronounced 'AH-duh,' the name is Hebrew in origin, meaning 'beautiful ornament.'
My grandmother's name is Ada, which is a short form of Adriana. So it is not only a pet form of Adelaide.
In Old Jewish it means "adornment". The name was popular in Russia in the first half of 20th century. My mother's name (she was born in 1933) is Ada.
Ada means noble, and happiness.
Ada is the name of Nicole Kidman's character in the film Cold Mountain.
Also an ancient Greek name. Ada was the daughter of Ekatomnos from Karia.
According to "The Book of Scottish Names" by Iain Zaczek (ISBN 1 90311620 1), Ada is an ancient name of Germanic routes, stemming from 'adal' - meaning 'noble' which was introduced to Scotland by the Normans. It has been used throughout the centuries, especially during the Middle Ages.

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