Star blanket is such a cool meaning! It's like, wherever you sleep you'll always be safe because the stars care enough to comfort you with a blanket during the night. That is so amazing and beautiful ❤️❤️.
Screw pronunciation y'all. Make it a middle name.
It's a long name, just like the ones I prefer. Its meaning is so poetic. But it would be embarrassing for a real child, because he would be joked about because of this name's sound. But it can work on a pet or on a fictional character.
Too long.
Yeah, this isn't exactly too easy to pronounce...
This is fine if you live in a Native American tribe where everyone knows how to pronounce it anyway. Not so much in a place full of people named "Bill", "Joe", "Alex", and "Bob".
Attendance with a kid named Ahtahkakoop: Alex? Here. Joe? Here. Uhhh... Here.
Ahtahkakoop will be known as "Uhhh..." for eternity.
I like the meaning, but every time I try to pronounce it I wind up saying Ahtahkapoop. I hate it when that happens.
Wow, this name has an awesome meaning, but I could never use it.
Ahtahkakoop 104 is an Indian Reserve in Division No. 15, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Pronounced ah-tuh-KOH-koop. Reminds me of automobiles.
Absolutely adore the meaning. Totally beautiful. But the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

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