Aisling was a very popular name in Ireland, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. It even made the top 10.

It reached #9 in 1990. Its highest placement was #8 in 1991. It stayed in the top 10 from 1990-1992 and in the top 20 from 1984-1997.
There's a character named Aisling on the show "Derry Girls" (set and filmed in Northern Ireland) and it is pronounced ASH-leen on the show.
AYS-ling can be used too if you wanna abuse the right way.
It's too delicate for me.
Beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. I personally wouldn't use it, though. Might be a bit hard to pronounce for some.
I love this name. It’s got a beautiful meaning and a beautiful sound. Not to mention one of my favorite book characters’ name!
The name is Aisling, or Aislinn.
Originally when Gaelic was written down, it borrowed the Latin alphabet but for some reason there was no letter "h", and I before an s is used to make a "sh" sound as in Inis, pronounced Inish... the word for an island.
"nn" in Gaelic makes the same sound as 'ng' in English.. and the g crept into the language sometime in the middle ages.
In the 17th century the name was used to describe a particular type of poem, best described shortly as "a prophetical, waking vision".. rather than a "dream\". And this is the first instance I have ever found of it.
The name was used in the mid 20th century for houses, hotels and a company that produces school supplies.
I was born and named Aisling in 1965... though I know of one woman older than me with the same name, it didn't become popular until I was in my teens.

The variants are really only Ashling, Aishling, Aislinn.

It is not the same name as Ashlyn, etc or Islin,
Really precious meaning and precious sound. Yeah, there would be pronunciation issues in English speaking countries, but I've known people with far more complicated names, and while it was annoying to correct all the time, people eventually get used to it. This name is relatively simple, and it shouldn't be hard to people to adjust to, especially given how big the Irish diaspora is. Though the anglicization Ashling is always there in case you're hesitant.
I'm also Aisling, some people call me a-is-ling but a lot call me Ashling... I'm not really fussed. I sometimes ask people just to call me Ais as they struggle saying my name, lol.
This is one of my most favourite names, and is the name of our youngest daughter. Sadly, she has found it hard to cope with in Australia, and mostly calls herself Ash. People have butchered her name horribly, one person even calling her Arse-ling (it was a teacher, and yes, she thought that it was pronounced that way!). Despite my daughter's negativity about her name, I still love it. It is unique, sweet, soft and beautiful. It also looks appealing. (PS: We pronounce it ASH-ling).
I have a friend called Aisling, and since it was through school I witnessed just how often her name was completely butchered in its pronunciation. I think it's a lovely name but if you're going to name your child it then I hope they're prepared for a lot of name correction! This is in Australia anyway, in Ireland I'm sure it's not as commonly mixed up (and I don't mean ash-lin versus ash-ling, I mean 'aye-sling? Ice-ling?')
The name Aisling was given to 48 girls born in the US in 2015.
Aisling is a nice name and suits me fully. I guess people grow to suit the meaning of their name, as I'm a dreamer.
This name just SOUNDS so dreamy and floaty, I love it. As far as pronunciation goes, I prefer ASH-ling or ASH-leen; I don't particularly like ASH-linn.
This name is very popular among my family. When my niece was born, my sister broke with tradition and named her Ashley. My grandmother kept calling her and writing her name Aisling (ash-leen almost swallowing the "n"). When I asked why, I was told that Ashley is the "Englified" version of the name and my grandmother, having a strong Irish accent, was just saying it the Irish way. After looking up both names on this site, I wonder if something else might be going on.
My name is spelled Ashlyn because my mother was afraid that if she spelled it the traditional way then people would call me "Aysling", but little did she know, that is now my dad's favourite nickname for me!
Aisling is my middle name, and I've never pronounced it with the "g" at the end. I say it ASH-leen.
My name is Ashling. It's pronounced as it's spelled - with the G. My friend who lives in Ireland has the same name but spells it - Aisling. Hers is pronounced with the G as well.
It's always going to be pronounced ASH-ling or ASH-leen, with maybe slight variations in accents. It is NEVER EVER going to be pronounced ACE-ling or ACE-linn. No, silly Americans, you cannot pronounce names however you want to. In no way is Juan going to be JOO-an, in no way is Renee going to be REN-ee, Aisling is in no way, ACEling or ACE-lin.
The pronunciation of this name varies throughout Ireland. They are ASH-ling, ASH-lin, and ASH-leen/ash-LEEN. ASH-lin tends to be used around Dublin.
The main character in the book Ash by Malinda Lo.
My name is Aisling and I live in the UK... The name is pronounced ash-LING.
Personally, I think this name is a strong, solid name for a girl, and a great choice! :-) A very professional name!
I love the way this name sounds and its meaning. I called my cat this without knowing it was a real name because I liked the sound!
I would name my daughter Aisling, even though it's what I call my cat...
I happen to really like this name, though I hate the "Ashlyn" pronunciation. I prefer to say it "EYE-el-ing", though I think "ASH-leen" and "ASH-ling" are okay too. I just might consider it as a middle name.
When I first saw this name (with no prior knowledge of it's origin or the like) I though it was pronounced "isle-ling" which I thought was very pretty. I later found out "Ais" makes an "ash" sound, I was slightly disappointed (as a purist, I always prefer the traditional pronunciation and never some weird spin-off, which I think can come across as very ignorant) but I was already hooked on the name and its meaning AND its origin, so I'm heavily considering it for my future daughter. It is a very lovely name.
My name is Aisling and I'm an Irish speaker and different people pronounce it different ways. Some call me "Ash-leen" others call me "Ash-ling". Doesn't bother me. But "Ais" in Irish is "ash"!
I live in Ireland and this is pronounced Ash-ling. Ayz-ling is horrible. I also know people who pronounce it Ash-linn and that way is spelt Aislinn not Aisling.
Aisling is the name of the fairy in "The Secret of Kells" which is an animated movie based on Irish Mythology.
THE pronunciation, regardless of THE spelling is, and always was
I find all Irish names to be hideous, unpronounceable and stupid on Americans, this one included. But it isn't as bad.
My name is Aislinn. It is pronounced Ash-leen. And that is the proper, Irish way. Also, when spelled Aisling, the 'ing' sound isn't usually said it is usually still 'leen'.
I've done a lot of research on this name, and it is NOT rare to pronounce it ASH-ling (with the G), and it is certainly not wrong. This is a misconception caused by the very different phonetics in the English language compared to Irish Gaelic. American/English variants of the name either drop the G in the pronunciation or from the spelling, but this is not the case in Ireland where the name comes from. Just Google "Aisling pronunciation" and then turn on your speakers and listen to the many Irish name sites that provide auditory examples of the name.
An aisling refers to a particular type of dream, you would not use this word for the type of dream you dream every night. It arises from poems, which utilised a poetic device, which came to be known as the aisling, written in the 17th and 18th centuries. In these poems the poet has a dream or vision where a woman appears to him and talks of the plight of Ireland and her future rescue, usually be outside forces.
Aisling O'Sullivan was Dave Evan's first wife and school girlfriend.
People it's not pronounced ASH-ling. The G is silent. It's ASH-lin.
It's a very beautiful name! I have a character in a story I'm writing called this. But it's pronounced Ashlin or Ashleen, not Ashling. It is rare to pronounce the "g" in this name.
Pronounced ASHLIN not ASHLING.
It's the name of a great song by Shane MacGowan and the Popes.
This is such a beautiful name. I love that it means "dream." I would definitely name my daughter this.
Gorgeous name. I like the sound of the G on the end.
This is one of the main characters in To Light a Penny Candle, a wonderful book by Maeve Binchy.
This name is very popular in Ireland; it's usually said Ash-ling or Ash-leen. There are loads of different ways to spell it like: Aisling, Ashling, Aishling, Aisleen.
My cousin has a friend name Aisling and she pronounces it Ays-ling not Ashlyn.
Well your cousin's friend pronounces it wrong. It's ASH-ling, not some other tryndee monstrosity.
Technically, a person could pronounce their name anyway they want.

With that being said, I like this name. It inspires a sense of mysticality that's so pretty. I think it's a great name you should consider if you're an expectant parent.
I really like this name. This is my niece's name. We pronounce it "ASH-lin" and not "ASH-ling".

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