Alec Benjamin, a singer and songwriter born in 1994. He is most known for his song "Let me down slowly" in 2018.
Definitely not a fan of this name, plus Alec Baldwin is a huge jerk, which gives me more reason to hate it.
Not a fan. I've known several bad Alecs and there's Alec Baldwin, who I dislike.
Alec sounds very strong, athletic, attractive and fun.
Alec is a fairly unremarkable cavalier in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Aside from being Naoise/Noish's partner (as the staple red/green cavalier archetype), he's a bit of a flirt and gets along well with the dancer Silvia. Alec's stats prioritises speed rather than defense.
Zander is the perfect middle name for Alec, "Alec Zander". Anyways I'm not too fond of this name (no offense), it just looks incomplete. Thanks for reading :)
I was given the name Alec and I have always hated it. Some people might love this name and feel like it’s the perfect name for them. But it never felt to me like a very feminine name and I’m just a feminine person. It feels too square and ungraceful. I like Alex a lot better.
The term Smart Alec may have come from the word intellectual, because the sound of the name appears in the middle of that word. I may be wrong but it's just a guess.

The name looks kind of strange with a c at the end, even though it's still pronounced that way.
I'm not named Alec, but I wish I was, and I bet there are some Alec's who wished they were named differently. To me, Alec sounds mischievous, funny, and open minded. Plus, I figure that if anyone called me a smart-aleck, that would be a compliment. I like the name most above all others, so far.
Alec Nathan Wildenstein was a French-born American billionaire businessman, art dealer, racehorse owner, and breeder. Born in Marseille, Wildenstein was raised in New York City where his family owned and operated an art gallery. In 1875, his great-grandfather founded a business dealing in art. His father, Daniel Wildenstein, was a distinguished scholar of impressionism whose career and dominant personality overshadowed his son's achievements. Daniel Wildenstein did not think a university education was necessary for his two sons to work in the family business. Daniel Wildenstein had a passion for racehorses, which his son shared.
This is my favorite nickname for Alexander, as Alex is too common and Xander sounds too juvenile to me. I also think it's one of those nicknames that could work well as a first name on its own; it feels strong enough to carry itself.
My personal name is Alec, but everyone wishes to call me by the name of Alex. Alec is not a shortening of Alex, as they have the same number of letters, therefore, they are not synonymous.
I rarely think names are tacky, but this one seems that way. And it doesn't even make sense; If it's from Alexander, where does the C come from?
This is my brother's full name, not a shortened form of Alexander. I like the sound of it, personally, and it looks cooler than Alex. The thing is, though, I haven't ever met another Alec (besides my brother) that wasn't a jerk. Sometimes I wish his name was a short form of Alexander, because, even though I dislike the nickname Alex, I like Alexander better than Alec.
Reminds me of "Alec Eiffel" by the Pixies.
I know a guy named Alec, it's a pretty cool name. It can be a nickname for Alexander or a stand alone name and still sound mature, unlike Alex, which is more of a nickname than a full name.
Alec Hardison is the name of a character on the show Leverage.
I have a friend who's last name is Sanders, so we sometimes jokingly call him Alec.
Alec Lightwood, a character from "Mortal Instruments".
I much prefer this as a nickname for Alexander than Alex, which is getting way too common. But I really like it on it's own, too. I used to know a guy named Alec, and I thought it was short for Alexander at first, but it was just Alec. Cool name.
I don't like this name. It's too short, and the Alec Baldwin association has ruined this name for me.
I like this name, it's cool.
To me, this is a good and strong name and I like it.
I really like this name. It's cute and not as common as Alex or Alexander.
A variant is Alick.
I believe the name Alec is Scottish and the meaning is 'defender of mankind'.
I like this name better than Alex when it's short for Alexander, but when it's a name in itself, uck. It's all around gross sounding alone. Get a better name.
Alec sounds kind of phlegmy.
Alec Empire, an electronic music artist and member of the electrorock band Atari Teenage Riot. I can't say I like his music much, but a couple of his ambient tracks, Low on Ice and The Report, are fantastic.
Alec D'Urberville is a character in Thomas Hardy's novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles, the story of a girl descended from a once-wealthy family who seeks the aid of those bearing her family name, though they are not her kinsmen at all, but merely annexed it. She is a bit of a naive country girl raised in the Vale of Blackamoor.
I love it, named my second son Alec (first son, Jack). Alec is charming yet masculine. Unique but not strange. Short, strong, all American. It's a great name.
This pet form is also used in Russia. Pronounced: AH-lek.
Actor Alec Baldwin is a famous bearer.
The name Alec will seem eternally sexy to you if you ever read the novel Maurice by E. M. Forster (perhaps even more so if you see the film). Alec Scudder is the gamekeeper.
Alec can also be pronounced AL-eek. I knew someone (a girl, for a boy it sounds bad) named Alec and it was their real name, it wasn't a short name and this is how they would pronounce it.
I don't like the name Alec. Sounds like an epithet for "smart-aleck."
Alec was the nickname they used for Tyrone Power's character in the classic film of 1938: "Alexander's Ragtime Band". Nice film but "Alec" sounds silly.
Can also be spelled Alek.
Alec Ramsay is the hero of "The Black Stallion" book series.
Alec Guinness was a famous actor, to a lot of people he is mostly Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.
It's a pretty common shortening of Alexander back home. I never met a female Alec though.
A woman that goes to my church, Angela, has a daughter named Alec in the 5th grade.

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