I think this name is absolutely beautiful. It deserves attention. Nice alternative to Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexis, and Alexa. Those names are also very pretty, but Alexia takes the cake.
Alexia is 10x prettier than both Alexa/Alexis. I find Alexis to be extremely boring and uncreative, and Alexa is just plain ugly to me. I wish more people would name their kids Alexia. I still prefer Alexandra out of all the Alex names, though.
Spanish pronunciation: a-LEHK-sya.
Also Spanish (Modern).

There are 8,882 bearers of this name in Spain, and the average age of the bearers is 13 (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
Such a beautiful name...
I think it's cool and much prefer it over Alexandra.
Who cares if it sounds like dyslexia or whatever? It is still a nice name anyway.
Sounds like a name you give to a robot.
Also used in Hungarian:
*WOW* Alexia is amazing. Such a good name. Reminds me of a frog I once knew. :)
Gender: Feminine

Usages: Hungarian

Pronunciation: ahl-LEHKS-siah

Meaning: Variant of ALEXANDRA, Greek origins, meaning "defender of man"

(Information from name #346724 originally submitted by user epresvanilia)
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
One of my names is Alexia. I used to dislike it but now I really do like it, also thanks to the comments in this sections. It kinda suits me and I hope I can grow to really love it.
If I wasn't named Alexia, I'd think it's a real cool name. It's unusual, uncommon, special, short but not too much and it is both strong and elegant. It's not the usual "Alexa" nor the classic "Alexis". I mean, you can hear it comes from that but it's really special and extremely rare. I'm starting to like it a lot and as I said, I hope one day I'll actually be happy to have this name.
I don’t really like the fact that there's a disease with this name - But other than that it’s actually really pretty :). Definitely prettier than Alexa or Alexis.
There is so much hate for this gorgeous name! I love this name! It has the flair that Alexa and Alexis both lack. It is so uncommon and graceful. The X and the Xia sound make it sound exotic and unique. I only know of one, and would maybe consider using this name one day. It is beautiful!
This name makes me think of a young troublemaker, yet that you find cute in a bad-kid way. It also makes me think of a dorky-cool dirty-blonde teenager.
It's okay, better than Alicia.
I'd just like to clarify a few things: yes, Alexia is the inability to read. Dyslexia is related, but it is a different word. Alexias, please relax, I am not saying you are dumb or have a disability. It's a very pretty sounding name. It's simply handy to know if you are considering this name for a child or character because of possible teasing potential.
Honestly I have never liked my name “Alexia”... I have always thought it was an ugly name, and looking at these comments about it makes me feel so helpless. My mom is Russian and I put my name on the Russian translator to see what it would be like in Russian, and it came up “Aleksiya” I use that as my sc and Insta user to this day. It makes me feel terrible looking at these comments.
My name is Alexia, and the name has nothing to do with dyslexia or having some particular brain damage. All my life I’ve always gotten straight A’s and am currently taking all AP classes. The definition of Alexia is man defender - although I am not sure that’s how I’d describe myself, I am a very well rounded person -I do student council, dance, soccer, and much more. I have seen and met a few other Alexia’s in my life, they are very different from me. Most of them for some reason seem to be popular (very unlike me) short (I’m 5’6) Mexican or black which has nothing to do with the name but I thought I should state that I’m white, and they’re not so smart (opposite of me). So what I’m trying to show here is that a definition of a name could have nothing to do with you.
The name has nothing to do with the disease. It comes from the Greek for helper/defender. There are actual names that mean blind and deaf, yet people still use them. And even then, it's not like a name would make your child unable to read. I could read since I was five years old, taught myself English and this is my name.
Alexia Laporte is the sister of French footballer Aymeric Laporte.
I love this name but I could never use it because of the disease association. Such a shame.
Alexia Putellas Segura is Spanish footballer, currently playing in female Primera División for FC Barcelona, with which she has played the Champions League, won three league titles and two Spanish cups. Her goal in the 2013 cup's final made headlines. She previously played for RCD Espanyol and Levante UD.
I think 'Alexia' is the most beautiful name in the world. Its meaning, 'defender of men' sets a high and noble standard for any child or character given this name. It captures both femininity and power and is quite unique!
Alexia is such a beautiful name that I had to name my daughter Alexia. It has a very strong accent and meaning. I love it regardless of whether it used to describe a brain disorder, no matter, enjoy it. Alexia means defender of mankind and that's my daughter's personality.
Although rare, it's also used in Hungary.
The defender of mankind meaning comes from Alexander.

Alexander is shortened to Alexis.

Alexis is feminized to Alexia.
It's not an American name, but a European name. As I am constantly traveling to Europe I have no problem with this name, and never heard anything negative about it. I know it has Greek roots, but to me it's also sounds Russian. Moreover, my grandfather's name is Alexei and I think in its feminine variation, Alexia is a beautiful name for a girl.
I love this name and wouldn't mind giving it to a child as her first name. All the people comparing it to a learning disability "Alexia" - it's two totally different things. And comparing a name that has a completely different origin and meaning with this just because it's written the same is totally immature. I had a friend with this name and she was usually called Lexi. I love this nickname too. :)
My name is Alexia. It means defender of mankind and I don't care what you guys think, it is a beautiful name and I love it because that's what makes me unique.
I would just like to say that I love my name and I wouldn't change it for anything. I can't be insulted with it, and it's super unique. In my entire life I've only met two other Alexia's so I personally think that's awesome. To those of you who think it's "boring", I would like to point out that its much more unique and expressive than names like Sally or Sara(h) (no offense to people with that name by the way).
Folk, the name Alexia first of all can't derive from illness. There are two Greek words -lexis -meaning talk (and illness comes out of this), and alexi meaning -defend.

The name definitely derives from the second meaning and is with little doupt related to Alexander -defender of people.

(whatever you in person associate it with or whether you like the name or not - tastes differ- it is up to you)

But there is ONE MORE thing that hasn't been said yet. While Alexia is associated with Alexande, these two are NOT similar names. There is one more Greek name - Alexis, which JUST means defender. And for example in Russia it is mainly a man's name, while Alexande is both for boys and girls. And I think Alexia suits a girl more than a boy because it seems rather too tender a name for a boy.
My name is Alexia and I will have you know Alexia is a wonderful name, although it sometimes defines dyslexia... but does that really matter? It naturally means defender of men... a strong & independent woman! Listen to the harmony in the name!
Beautiful name... It does not remind me of a brain disorder. Maybe a sexy stripper, but strippers use all the beautiful names.
My name is Alexia and when people say that Alexia means "the disability to read" they're really wrong. I learned to read and write when I was 3, people always call me Alex as a nickname and everybody compliments me of my beautiful name, these are just stereotypes.
My name is beautiful.
I have been told my name is unique and beautiful. You guys don't have to agree. Fine, I can't change anybody's mind but to let you know I find my name doesn't have anything to do with the way I read or my intelligence. I look on the brighter side, nobody I met has a name like mine. It makes me feel different and I like it and my mom thought of this name when she was glancing at the car name Alexis and tweeked it a little. And it has a little ring to it :-D. Anyway, I feel like it represents me.
My mom was thinking positive when she named me and I'm thinking positive about myself and any other girl's names some of you grown ups are talking down to.
Also used in French. [noted -ed]
I like Alexia and always have. Most people have never heard of the learning disability and that's what happens with names anyhow: the occasional not-so-great association. It's not a deal breaker for me.
All I have to say is this is what dumb people thought in 2005. my name is Alexia and I read way better than the average student at my age and have very good seeing so get dyslexia and Alexia unconfused from your brain, please and thank you. Also, my name is not a bad name because it means defender of mankind and I proudly stand up to that, there's way more good meaning to my name but I'm not going to get into it, you can look it up yourself. Yes my nickname is Lexi, that's why it's my username. Next time you comment Alexia is a dumb or stupid name and people who have problems are born with it, look at this comment and you might change and get the facts that are right.
First off, some of these comments are beyond rude! My name is Alexia and I love it. I think it's very beautiful! It actually means defender of men! Dyslexia is the disease where people read and read words backwards! Two different names with two different meanings! Even if the name had anything to do with it, why be rude about it?!
Choosing a name for your child is a very personal choice. 'Alexia' is the name of my daughter. We chose this name as it was unusual and not over popular at this time. I wanted my daughter to have a sense of individuality.
The meaning of a name does not have any bearing on the child or person holding this name. I wonder what some of the people commenting on here are named and wonder if they would appreciate being compared solely to the "meaning" of their name?
I came to see what my name meant and I'm feeling really attacked right now. No one I have ever met compared me to a brain disorder and I am in a language arts honors class. All my life I loved reading and I have been told that when people hear my name, it sounds powerful and independent. If you want to name your child Alexia, just let me say one thing; the only downside to this name is people mispronouncing it as "Alexis" or the fact that not many souvenirs have the name on them. Yes, there is a brain disorder called Alexia, but I think that it was named after a person who discovered it? In other words, unless something happens, the name "Alexia" will not guarantee that your child will have a disorder.
The exact definition of Alexia, courtesy of "the inability to see words or to read, caused by a defect of the brain."

I don't know about you but I don't want the word "defect" associated anywhere near my child.
I am so disgusted with the comments on this page. Absolutely disgusted. May I recommend not asking for others' opinions on a possible name choice for your child? It is up to the parents or carer what the child should be named whether that be Apple, Pen or Alexia. Different names appeal to different people- clearly, however do not criticize the name! Remember there are people on this website that have the same one and by the looks of things, some people have been very offended on this page, as have I. I love my name Alexia and I don't need narrow-minded, superficial people on this page saying what a terrible name it is.

Jackitty, how dare you say you don't want the name anywhere near your child. I have never felt such disgust towards a person before your rude and ignorant comment. Shame on you. Do you think a name can dictate the physical or mental condition of a child? I'm unable to comprehend the logic behind that thought pattern.

The name is beautiful and as the person above mentioned, it means defender and protector of mankind.
My name is Alexia and I am currently 14. My name meaning a reading disorder or whatever disorder was mentioned on google ( :) ) does not affect me in any way. My reading and writing is at an A grade so far. While I do have OCD and Asperger's, they have nothing to do with my name. How can a name dictate what that child is/has/develops whatever that name means. Especially if the child is born before they're named.
Alexia is also considered to be a French name. It is the feminine version of the name Alexis and figures on the list of names given to people who gain the French nationality.
When my parents named me Alexia, they thought they made the name up. They based it off of Alexandria, which they found was an aggressive name, and found out a name with an "a" at both ends was passive aggressive, so they thought of naming me Alexa, but craving originality, they added an "i" in it. This is why I don't want to associate my name with the negative meaning, rather the positive. Also, I happen to know several other people named Alexia, and one of them spells her name "Elexia" for originality.
When I was a kid I used to dislike having the name Alexia, but as I grew up I've grown to really like it. My only issue was that people had trouble pronouncing it and would end up just calling me Alex or Alexis which bugged the hell out of me.

Then I figured this issue was not with my name but with these people. If you're not going to bother to learn a name, then I won't bother giving you the time of day.

I have never come across the issue as to which people would tease me about my name meaning a disease. Just the thought of it is ridiculous to be honest. I can recall a moment when I was a child and these kids tried to come up with an insult involving my name but couldn't come up with any! It was hilarious!

I also think it's annoying to assume that your child will have that disease if they're given the name. You might as well assume that every Stacy, Betsy or Kelly will end up being a loose woman. That's not really true, what your name is does not dictate who you are as a person.

In conclusion I really like this name and refuse to ever change it.
I always thought Alexia sounded like a learning disability or something: "Sorry to tell you this, but your son has Alexia." Doesn't appeal to me.
Come on don't be so ridiculous, the meaning of your name does not mean anything are all Sarah's princesses? All Sophia's wise? All Taylor's tailors? I personally adore this name and the nickname Lexi. By the way it means defender of mankind.
Alexia Rodriguez is a vocalist in the band Eyes Set to Kill.
Alexia Hagen from the band The High Wire is a famous bearer of this name.
In the dictionary, it says that Alexia is the inability to read. I think this is an awful name.
I do love this a lot but I prefer just Alexa or Alexis.
Sorry, but every time I see or hear the name it reminds me of the word dyslexia. I prefer the names Alexis/Alexus, Alexa, or even Alexi compared to this hideous name!
Sorry, but this name reminds me of the Alexia Brothers hospital.
A famous bearer is English stage actress Alexia Khadime. She is well-known for her performances in various productions in London and throughout Europe. She performed the roles of Nala in "The Lion King" as well as Ronnie Spector in "Leader of the Pack". She is, however, perhaps best-known for performing the role of Elphaba in the London production of "Wicked" from June until November 2008, taking over the role for Kerry Ellis, who was starring in the Broadway production at the time.
Olesya is Russian form of Alexia.
A famous bearer is Alexia Ashford from RE: Code Veronica.
The whole ''inability to read'' thing has put me off this name years ago, but the name is bland, unimaginative, and lazily constructed, so I wouldn't like it anyway. Boring!
I love this name! My best friend's name is Alexia and I have always been so jealous of it! Whenever we have been out and she has to give her name, both the names Alexia and Lexi have been complemented on how beautiful they are!

I understand it is personal opinion, much like I despise basic names, to say that the name "is bland, unimaginative, and lazily constructed" like slight night shiver said is really rude.

Also, in regards to the 'disability' component, you will probably find that not many people will know of the condition as it isn't common. I wouldn't let this put you off the name. It is so much more than 'a brain condition' or 'learning disability'. It means defender of mankind which I believe represents an intelligent and strong girl.
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "Aleksia".
I think it's a beautiful name.
Okay, all thought of inability to read put aside, Alexia is a beautiful name. It sounds gorgeous and Lexa and Lexi are both really cute nicknames to go by. But, really, people named Cecilia aren't blind. Children named Alexia are not going to be illiterate.
The name Alexia derived from Alexus which is another feminine form of Alexander, such as Alexandria and Alexandra for example. It means defender and not the inability to read. It's derived from Ancient Greek. It's a beautiful name. I can see why people would think that because of the spelling of Dyslexia but that is not where the name came from. I think it's pretty and has great roots.
Yes, the meaning of the NAME Alexia does not have anything to do with an 'inability to read' but the truth is (like it or not), the word Alexia does mean "a brain disorder involving the loss of inability to read". Look it up.
This is the name of Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark and of Princess Alexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien of the Netherlands (second daughter of Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife, Máxima).
Well, it's a legit name, but it sounds like when you were a little kid and you'd take a name that maybe ended in no vowel sound or an "a" sound and change it to "ia" because you thought it sounded fancier, and then name your doll that. Plus the whole "brain damage" thing.
German pronunciation: aw-LEG-zee-ah.
Well since it is "Loss of the ability to read, usually caused by brain lesions" I think it is another bad name.
I personally think it is a very good name, I would probably name my daughter this. I like it because it is so short and because the first thing I think of when I hear it is not Alexander the great.
For me it's a beautiful name. It's my daugther's name.
Just a horrible name.
I think it is very nice, unfortunately the word meaning of alexia is to have a sudden loss of reading. On the other hand there is a hotel called "The Alexia Hotel," an Italian singer who changed her name to Alexia, and an Alexia Foods company. So those of you with the name don't have to feel so bad after all, because there is a word meaning and a name meaning of Alexia.
The second daughter of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands bears this name.
I like this name. I'm always hearing short/pet names for this like Lexxi, Lexa, Alexi, but I never heard of Alexia. Sadly, it derives from the word dyslexic, meaning a person who can look at a word and see it backwards. I have two cousins with this problem, but they can read well. :)
It means "helper" or "defender", actually. I've never heard of it having anything to do with an inability to read.
Alexia hasn't got anything to do with dyslexia. Alexia is unability to read, often because of brain damage.

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