Strongly dislike, sorry! This will get constantly misspelled and mispronounced!
One of those weird unappealing names and even worse spelling!
Aliyah is a nice name, in my opinion. I wouldn’t perhaps call my future child that, but it’s still pretty nice. The meanings are interesting too, and I don’t see why any bearer of that name would be ridiculed at school. The only issues I see with Aliyah are the following:

- The spelling: there’s just so many ways one could spell "Aliyah". Personally, I’d rather spell it "Aaliyah", with the double a. This spelling of Aliyah is also quite nice to me, but I can see how the name could cause some confusion regarding the spelling of it. There’s just so many variations! On the bright side, it means it has a spontaneous, creative side.

- The pronunciation: I pronounce the name Aliyah "a-ly-ah". Some may disagree, and pronounce it "a-lee-ah" instead. Of course, that confusion is restored as soon as the bearer pronounces their name, but just the written form of Aliyah can be irrelevant to the pronunciation, for some people. As far as I know, the name is mainly pronounced "a-ly-ah".

Overall, I think of Aliyah as a strong, independent and mature name on a girl.
I think this would be pronounced Aa-lee-ah not A-lye-ah..?
This is my middle name! I was named after Aaliyah, a famous singer who, unfortunately, passed away in a plane crash a little more than 12 years ago...
I think it's a beautiful name very feminine. But Aliyah? Basically calling your child "A Liar?"
I can hear people taking the mick, "Aliyah's a Liar!"

Still a good name though.
This is the same root name as the High-Priest ELI, who was the foster father to the prophet, SAMUEL.
This is not a Hebrew name at all. There is a similar name spelled אליה which would be pronounced exactly the same for English speakers. The meaning of the word is the fat part of a sheep's tail.
This is going to be my granddaughter's name and I think it is very beautiful and feminine.
This (name) word is also used now as the term to describe a Jewish person immigrating to Israel.

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