Allan McLeod Cormack   (m)   1924-1998  
Nobel Prize Winners   1979   (medicine)
Allan Houston   (m)   1971-  
Olympic Medalists   2000   basketball   (gold)
Allan Lawrence   (m)   1930-  
Olympic Medalists   1956   10000 m   (bronze)
Allan Massie   (m)   1938-  
Notable Journalists
Notable Writers
Allan Nørregaard   (m)   1981-  
Olympic Medalists   2012   sailing   (bronze)
Allan Nyom   (m)   1988-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
A. Q. Shipley   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1986-  
Notable Athletes   (football)
Allan Stanley   (m)   1926-2013  
Hall-of-Famers   1981   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Allan Wells   (m)   1952-  
Olympic Medalists   1980   100 m; 200 m   (gold/silver)
Allan Wood   (m)   1943-  
Olympic Medalists   1964   swimming - 1500 m freestyle; swimming - 400 m freestyle   (bronze)
Allan Woodcourt   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Books   1852   Bleak House
Arno Allan Penzias   (m)   1933-  
Nobel Prize Winners   1978   (physics)
Bob Kiesel   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1911-1993  
Olympic Medalists   1932   4x100 m relay   (gold)
Brinsley Forde   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1953-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Brodie Retallick   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1991-  
Notable Athletes   (rugby)
Bud Selig   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1934-  
Hall-of-Famers   2017   (baseball)
David Grindley   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1972-  
Olympic Medalists   1992   4x400 m relay   (bronze)
Eddie Clarke   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1950-2018  
Notable Musicians  
Edgar Allan Poe   (m)   1809-1849  
Notable Writers
Elian of Brittany   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   ?-4xx  
Harold A. Wilson   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1885-1916  
Olympic Medalists   1908   1500 m   (silver)
Jed Allan   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1935-2019  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Jimmy Ball   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1903-1988  
Olympic Medalists   1928; 1932   400 m; 4x400 m relay   (silver/bronze)
Ma'a Nonu   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1982-  
Notable Athletes   (rugby)
Mathew Leckie   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1991-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Scotty Davidson   (a.k.a. Allan)   (m)   1892-1915  
Hall-of-Famers   1950   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)