I prefer Annie as a nickname and Anne as the actual name, but I'm okay with Annie as a name. It's cute without being childish. There's sweetness and dignity in this name.
Annie-Claude, a character in the book series The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier. She is one of Léa's friends, also in the student newspaper club.
I've always loved this name, especially as a full name. It's so timelessly beautiful.
Hee Hee
This name reminds me of Smooth Criminal. A famous song by Michael Jackson.
My name is Annie. Not short for anything - I do like it a lot. The comments I've read are generally positive, besides the person who thinks it reminds them of photocopiers.
Cute name! I like it as a nickname better, but it's nice.It reminds me of Little Einsteins and Orphan Annie which are good associations, imo.
The name Annie is sweet and childish, yet also mature. It's a very nice name.
So cool and so much better than any other related name like Anna, Ann, Annita, Anya. Pretty name.
Very boring, I hear this name everywhere. Even more boring than my name and I’m pretty sure my name is very boring (which is why I am called Amy) Annie is just too long in my opinion, Ann is much better though I dislike Anne.
Looks sweet, soft, feminine, better than boring looking Ann or even Anne, so Annie is still good, but feels little bit too boring. Not of my favorites, but still alright.
There isn't a need for a diminutive for Anne, Anne is already short enough. I guess that this is a cute child's nickname, but otherwise it would be too childish.
I'm an Annie (Annelise for long) and you can pry me using this in my adult life from my cold dead hands. I like the name, I think it's cute and spunky!
I’m a young adult named Annie and I love how classic and cute it is. I’ve never met anybody else that was just “Annie” and I often get asked if it’s short for something. I’ve seen other comments saying it’s not a suitable name for an adult but I have to disagree. I’ve never felt like it was too childish and I’ve never had anyone in real life express that either. The only downside to the name is people constantly asking you “Annie are you okay?” and they think it’s the funniest thing ever.
I think this name is absolutely beautiful! I love it. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t.
Very dated!
Annie Leblanc is a very famous YouTuber.
I HATE this name, it sounds like an old lady's name! And it reminds me of photocopiers.
My daughter's name is this but it’s spelt differently because of her grandma Amy. We spelt her name in a unique way “Any” but as she got older that spelling caused her to be picked on. She told me that she didn’t want to change her spelling to Annie or Anny. She chose to go by Amy for a bit and it was okay. Then one day her friend thought of the perfect spelling for Any, Annie. She didn’t really like that spelling but it suited her well.
I prefer Anna, however if I had to use this, then I would spell it as Anni instead.
Annie and Allie are twins in my family (Their full first names are Annie and Allie), I think they have the most wonderful names. Annie is good as a standalone in my opinion. I also like Allie as a standalone. You should name your daughter Annie.
I don't like it very much. It sounds childish to me. I prefer Anna.
I like my name, it's universal.
My name is Annie yeahhhhhhhh. Please don't call me Ann, it's not my name.
I just like Anna on its own. Or Anne.
I do like the name Annie, because it's my name! It's a simple, and universal name, that most recognize. It's not too common either. I really don't like when people shorten it to Ann, because that's fundamentally not my name.
Even though it's a bit old-fashioned sounding, it's so cute, youthful, and pretty all the way!
Also Scots:
As a Scots name, it is also a diminutive of Agnes (in addition to Anne and Anna)
"Annie" is a name of a song from the band, Safetysuit. Which, in my opinion, is sadly, a very underrated band.
Another way around on the name "Hannah". Pretty cute for a young child but not really a good idea for an older woman.
Annie James is a character in the movie “The Parent Trap” she is from London, England and her twin sister is Hallie.
This is my sister's name, so I may be biased. However, I quite like this name. It's not one that I would say I loved, but it does grow on you.It's happy, cheery, and lovely. Cute on a child. However, I don't feel that it won't go on an older woman either; personally, the name Annie has a vibe of strength and confidence.
Julianna “Annie” Grace LeBlanc is a youtuber known for the family YouTube channel “Bratayley” it stars her Dad Billy, her Mom Katie and her younger sister Hayley. Annie is also known for her singing and for starring on the web series “Chicken Girls” as Rhyme.
A pretty, classic name. I like it a lot!
I LOVVVVVVVVE the name. It's such a beautiful and graceful name.
Means prayer.
In 2018, 78 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Annie who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 315th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Apparently on here, it says that Annie is a diminutive of Anne but how? Annie is longer than Anne so how is it a diminutive?
Annie Leonhart is a character from the popular anime Attack On Titan.
Upon reading all this feedback I just can’t help but to add to it and let all of you know that my name is Annie not short for anything, and my last name is Mohr so going through my entire life with “is there anymore Annie Mohr?” now tell me what could be worse than that? I do like Annie now as an adult more so than as a young girl. For some reason I always wanted to change it to Amy.
Full of Grace.
This is my sister's name! (Short for Annalise) she is a tomboy, and prefers Annie over Annalise. We know one other Annie. It is a great name, and if she ever wants to in adult life, she can go by Anna or Annalise.
Reminds me of Annie Banks from Father of the Bride. Sweet.
Cute but rather weak sounding.
It also is related to the name Anna, Hannah, or Channah, like in the Bible. Luke 2:36–38 There was also a prophet, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was very old; she had lived with her husband seven years after her marriage, and then was a widow until she was eighty-four.[*]She never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying.
Coming up to them at that very moment, she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.Footnote: Or then had been a widow for eighty-four years. New International Version.
It means peace (and lucky)-girl if you translate it from Chinese 安妮 (an ni) the an part means peace.So, it means three great things at least: grace, prayer, and peace.
Annie Chen is a Taiwanese model, actress, and endorser. She was the first person to win at the The First Kaiwo "Phantasy Star" CatwalkGirl modelling contest in 2007. A year later, she made her acting debut in Prince + Princess 2, playing the lead role Zhao Ke Rou.
In my family it is a tradition on my mum's side to call your first girl child Annie, so my name is Annie, one of my mum's sisters are called Annie (her oldest) and my grandma and great grandma are both called Annie.
Personally I love the name and would never change it, I am 13 and I never get teased for the name and no, it's not short for anything. When I was 6 I was amazed at the film Annie because I thought it was named after me, but years after I realized it was made before I was born.
My name is Annie. I am 24 as of May, 31, 2017. The name of 'Annie' has been a complicated one for me. During the beginning of my conscious life (keeping in mind that I grew up in late 90's, 911 happened during my 5th grade year), my name was unusual and difficult in comparison with the seemingly more classy, trendy and far more regular names such as: Lydia, Martha, Carlisle, Deanna, Holly, Sarah (in all her disparate forms), Samantha, Alex, etc, etc. And I wish I could give you more names, but honestly, I don't remember or care enough to try.
As I have confessed, 'Annie' is a name both consequently strong and diminutive in equal measure. It is a kind, sweet, gentle-hearted name, and very cute (like all the online derivatives claim); however, an 'Annie' has the potential to be resilient, defiant and self-asserting. After-all the near constant reminders of Annie Oakley, the Orphan, of Michael Jackson fame, Lennox and all other persons not subservient to the status quo and despite any notion of self-fulfilling prophecy, 'Annie' will forge their own route.
The name Annie is really lovely for a child. It's an intelligent, cute, and kind-sounding name. It sounds like the name of someone you'd want to be friends with. But as an adult I don't think Annie would be taken seriously as a name.
I love Angelina and Annelise as long names.
Anne Marie Cancelmi, known professionally as Annie Parisse, is an American actress. She portrayed Alexandra Borgia on the drama series Law & Order. Parisse has also starred as Julia Snyder on the soap opera As the World Turns, for which she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award, and as FBI specialist Debra Parker on the thriller series The Following.
Annie Girardot was a three-time César Award winning French actress. She often played strong-willed, independent, hard-working, and often lonely women, imbuing her characters with an earthiness and reality that endeared her to women undergoing similar daily struggles.
My name is Morgan and sometimes I go by Annie (only online, never in real life). I was looking up some nicknames for Morgan, and Annie was one of them, much to my surprise. I guess it comes from the "an" at the end of "Morgan". :P.
Annie is also highly used in France and the Netherlands.In the case for France, the first French Annie that I can find online was that of Annie Berthier, born in 1769. In the 19th century, it came to be more often used but it was still rare.
It wasn't until the 1920s and 30s that Annie began to rise in popularity. Eventually, it overtook its normal form Anne and reached the top 10 in 1943, with the most popular year, by birth count, in 1947 where 11, 492 girls were named Annie, which is almost double the 5, 784 girls named Anne in that same year.
Annie left the top 10 in 1956 and left the top 200 in 1981. Today, it's rarely given in France.In the case for the Netherlands, it began to be used in the middle and latter part of the 19th century. According to Meertens, the name was in the top 100 from 1918 to 1952 but began to drop in popularity after the late 1940s. In 2014, only 11 Annie's were born in the Netherlands according to Sociale Verzekeringsbank. [noted -ed]
Annie Grace LeBlanc is a famous YouTuber on Bratayley! Her real name is Julianna though, so Annie can also be a nickname for Julianna I'm guessing.:)
This name is fabulous as it's easy to say, common but unique, modern but old-fashioned. It's the best name ever.
My name is Anastasia and many people call me Annie for short. I personally like this name very much. It's short, soft sounding, and easy to pronounce. I wouldn't mind having it for my first name if that was the case. I love its sound.
My husband loved the name Annie and wanted to name our daughter this name. I am not at all opposed to the name Annie, I think it is a very sweet girls name. But I wanted to be sure that my daughter had a name that she could grow into and wasn't so dated and stereotyped by previous people and characters. So I made the the compromise with my husband that we would name her Annisten, with her middle name Jo, and shorten it to Anni. She is such a petite, spunky little thing and she makes Anni Jo, the perfect name.
Annie is such a sweet, beautiful, classy name. It can be a great nickname for the beautiful names Annabel and Anne or it can be a great standalone name on the birth certificate. Either choice is a win-win. :D I think anyone called Annie is lucky to be called by this pretty, vintage name! :)
Oh and I just want to add this works great as a nickname for the name Annette too. =D.
My friend's full name is Alexandra, but we all know her as Annie. Personally, I love the name!
"Annie On My Mind" is an 1982 novel by Nancy Garden about two teenage girls who fall in love. It's considered to be a classic of LGBT young adult literature.
A character in the animated TV series Little Einsteins.
I have a friend with this name as well as a cousin, but they are the only 2 I know. I think it's very cute without being childish, and deserves a revival. It can also be used for a lot of longer names if you're unsure of its credibility.
The main character in Bridesmaids is named Annie!
I know one person named Annie, it's her full name. But this could be a nickname for a lot of names, like Danielle, Hannah, or Janet.
Swedish singer Annie (born Anne Lilia Berge Strand).
My name is Annie (it's not a nickname for anything it's literally Annie) and I used to dislike it preferring my middle name Rose although no one called me that. Now I like it a bit more I think it's alright. When I was about 12 I went through a phase and started spelling it 'Anni' to be edgy or something. Anyway it stuck so now I spell it Anni all the time except on official stuff and so do most of my friends. I haven't been scarred for life or anything. Annie is fine as a name goes and obviously my parents love the name!
I really like the name Annie. But only as a nickname. I think it's cute for a child, but once she's an adult I think she needs a more professional name. I like it as a nickname for pretty much any name containing "anne" and others as well. Names like Anne, Anneliese, Julianne or Julianna, Anneke, Anastasia and Johanna.
Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) is the main character in USA Network's Covert Affairs.
Annie is a character in Suzanne Collin's book "Mockingjay" (third book of the Hunger Games trilogy). She is portrayed as Finnick's love interest.
My mum always calls me Annie as a nickname because we once went to a PANTOMIME and one of the characters was called Nanny Fanny Annie!
I hate this name. And think it is overly juvenile and cutesy in a very childish way. My original name was Anne (which I also dislike) and people always called me Annie, which I hated. I went by Anna for most of my teen years, and legally changed my name to Ilana Anne, as it used to be Anne Ilana, as soon as I was old enough. Before you name your child this, please consider the fact that this name is REALLY hard to have if you are over the age of 6, or ever want to be taken seriously. Conversely, Anne/Ann are just too prim, boring, and plain unattractive.
I completely disagree with that. My name is Anneliese, and I have been called Annie by everyone since before I can remember;however, never once do I recall being seriously teased about it. I am currently twelve years old, and I am very well respected by my peers and taken very seriously by adults. I don't think that a name can really affect how one views a person; the personality affects how the person is viewed. To parents maybe contemplating this name- I love my nick-name, and won't ever change it. I've only met one girl in my life who shared it, so it's not one of those extremely common and boring names, and the worst your child could be called is Orphan Annie or Annie Bananie. What's more, I've only gotten positive remarks about my name- Ilana021251's post is the first negative remark about Annie I've ever heard in my life. All in all, I think Annie is a cute name that livens up Anne or other names starting with Anne; this is, of course, a personal bias, however, so is Ilana's post- this is just from a more positive perspective.
Annie Proulx is an American journalist and author.
My great-great x 3 grandmother was called Annie Rose, but it was a nickname for her given name, Johanna (yo-HAH-nah). In honor of her, I'm going to name my daughter Johanna Rosemarie, and call her Annie.
Annie Le was a graduate student at the Yale School of Medicine's Department of Pharmacology; she was murdered on campus on September 8, 2009. A lab technician was later charged with her murder.
Annie can also be used as a diminutive of the following names:
This name is also often used in Dutch and Limburgish. The pronunciation is the same in both languages: AHN-nee.
Annie Lind is one of the characters in the Blog On series by Nancy Rue.
The Annie Awards is the name of an American awards ceremony that honors the best in animated television and film.
Also, there is a musical play entitled "Annie Get Your Gun". It is a fictionalized account of the life of Annie Oakley. It's been produced a number of times on Broadway and the West End beginning in 1946. It was also turned into a 1950 film version with Betty Hutton in the title role.
JamieLee Curtis' daughter's name is Annie.
This is the name of Sandra Bullock's character in the movie "Speed".
She isn't too famous but Annie Lally is a singer.
It is also a pet form of Andrea.
Author Annie Dalton is a famous bearer.
Ani is also cute.
French singer Alizée Jacotey has a daughter Annie-Lee Chatelain born on 29th April 2005.
I used to get called Annie because my name is Annabel and I hated it, I didn't want to be mean and say 'Uh, actually, my name isn't Annie' because my nickname is Bella.
Annie is the girl in the Magic Tree House book series.
The girls Annie James and Hallie Parker are the chief characters of the film "Parents' Trap" (1998).
This name is old fashioned but pretty and also the gun girl Annie Oakly has this name.
This is a good name (it's my name!) but be warned there is some bad stuff that rhymes with it. I'm sure you can work it out...
Annie Leibovitz is an American photographer, most noted for her portraits of rock&roll personalities, including many taken for Rolling Stone.
Annie Hall is a famous Woody Allen film, with Diane Keaton starring as Annie.
There are a Broadway musical and several movies with this name. They are based on the old comic strip, "Orphan Annie." Annie is the one who sings "Tomorrow."
Famous bearer - Annie Lennox, singer with Eurythmics, and also solo artist.

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