Gender: Masculine

Usages: Hebrew

Meaning: Diminutive of Avigdor.

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No, it's masculine. Stop trying to talk about how feminine it is. It's masculine. Ava is feminine.
I saw some questions about the meaning/femininity of the name, and seeing that my name is Avi, I thought I would answer them. Like it says, Avi means "our/my father" in Hebrew. In addition, Avi was the nickname of Avraham (also Abram), before he took the name of Abraham in the Torah. To answer another question, Avi is an Indian name as well! It's very common in the south of India, and it means "protector" in Sanskrit. (It also means many more things in Sanskrit). Because of this, it's a very popular name for boys for Jews and Indians.
Can also be used as a nickname for Aviva, Aviana, Avani, and other names beginning with Av/Avi.
Sounds way too feminine for a boy.
I also thought this was a nickname, and feminine. I know an Ava and an Avery (female) who go by this nickname and spelling. USA.
Cute nickname for Aviana :)
The German actress Wolke Hegenbarth named her son Avi in 2019. There is an Indian background of Avi's father, and the given Indian meaning is "Sunshine" or "Sun".
It's okay. Sounds a bit feminine though.
The name Avi was given to 219 boys born in the US in 2016.
Avi Kaplan, a member of Pentatonix.
The name Avi was given to 174 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Also a diminutive of 'Avalon'. Pronounced Ah-VEE.
The author of the "Crispin" triology.
Famous bearer: The digital video file format, ".avi".
I believe it's also a Latin root word meaning "bird," i.e. avian.
Avi mean "my father" and if you add something after it mean "the father of..."
Hebrew name. I think popular in Israel. I think it sounds good and is fairly distinctive.
I know an Avi who is a boy and Indian. Maybe it's an Indian name too? I'm not completely sure.
This would actually make a good female name. I have a puppy named Avi, and she's a girl.
Avi is a famous author. He wrote The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, which won the Newberry Award.
I'd always thought that this was a female name and think it sounds more fitting and pretty that way.
Pronounced ah-vee.

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